Is West Elm Furniture Good Quality?

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West Elm furniture is among those ranked as good quality. The company manufactures most of its pieces with local materials since it is overwhelming trying to get furniture from local manufacturers. West elm is one in a million as they make their pieces in America and retail them at affordable prices.

Where Does West Elm Manufacture Its Furniture?

West elm is one of the top American furniture manufacturers. They made local furniture collections a reality. The few retailers dealing with local furniture sell them at high prices. On the other hand, west elm provides quality and one-of-a-kind designs at reasonable prices. 

West elm also sources furniture from other companies like Williams-Sonoma and pottery barn. They specialize in various household items like beddings, lighting, tabletops, bath stuff, and other home décor items.

The company creates unique pieces since they handcraft them instead of using machines. In this way, they avoid producing common products familiar to everyone. In this way, they create employment for a large American population by avoiding excess reliance on machines. You offer jobs for over 1500 US people by buying furniture from them.

West elm collaborates with local flairs for all their stores to attain handpicked designs for their signature look. They boast of over 500 makers taking part in their production. Since they began the initiative, they have had more than 4,500 different products. 

In addition, west elm is environmentally-conscious. The company recycles materials to create its furniture pieces. For example, they have wood trays from recycled wood. They also manufacture letter spree from reclaimed cotton, creating items that make a nice finishing look to a home. Some stores make prints and arts that add a colorful decorating aspect to your walls.

What Is The Return Policy At West Elm?

There are few return incidences in west elm since they make quality furniture pieces to suit your pocket needs. You get to visit their stores and check on the quality of the item you want. If you dislike what they have, you can get one customized for you at a different price. People who claim their west elm furniture pieces look awful; must be looking for ways to return them. 

There are some ways you can present proof of purchase in wets elm. The first one is by providing any of their electronic receipts. Such are available for online purchases. Another option, especially for online people, is the order number and details. When making an online purchase, there is a message sent to you. It shows the items ordered from the selling company.

 You can also use the original purchase papers and gift receipts you get when you buy items from them. For the gift cards, you must provide the registry number. In most cases, they do not allow gift cards returns. Another document you can use as proof of purchase is the original packing slip. It displays all the details on your purchase, making it easy for them to track it. The document describes the condition of the purchased furniture piece.

West elms policy outlines a list of items that are eligible for returns. You must provide proof of purchase for valuable items. However, many people reported rude customer service from the company. Such things make it difficult for clients to express their dissatisfaction. 

With west elm, you do not have to grasp every bit of their return policy. They have a feature that makes your return request easy without involving customer care services. In this feature, you visit their self-service page and request a chargeback. Here, you find the return my purchase option and give your reasons. It can accept or decline the order depending on their policy. If it declines, it gives you a sense of the response. For example, if the item is not in the return eligible list, it does not agree to your request.

West elm agrees customers return items provided they do so within thirty days of purchase. You must also present proof of purchase. But, some things are excluded from the return list. They include;

Where Does West Elm Manufacture Its Furniture

Personalized Items

It doesn’t make sense to get an object designed to your liking only for you to reject it. People have different tastes and preferences. That is why west elm rejects the return of customized items. They might lack someone who will be interested in the item upon return. Some people request signatures on furniture pieces. For example, they add a photo or their name on the furniture. West elm will disagree with your request to return such items.

Personal Items

Some items are impossible to return. Once opened and used, no one can purchase them. Some of such things include mattresses and other customized items. Not many people would go for a second-hand mattress, no matter how cheap it is.

Clearance Sale Goods

 These are items sold at great discounts, and requesting for a return causes significant losses. During the furniture pieces purchase, customers are aware of the faulty nature. For this reason, they cannot claim or return when they purchase such items knowingly and willingly—most such items in west elm end with $.99 or $.97 on their price tags.

Damaged Items By Wear And Tear 

West elm does not allow the return of damaged items. It is impossible to leave their stores with a damaged piece as they give you enough time to inspect and ensure the items are fit before purchase. Those in the sell-as is comer already have minor faulty cases. Customers buy them at their own risk, and once purchased, they cannot return them. The reason for this policy is to get rid of cunning clients who buy items, stay with them for about a month, and then request a refund. They claim that the furniture piece has been damaged. 

West elm’s extended return and refund policy should not make you compromise staying with an item you don’t like. There are other options like the do-not-pay feature to try your return luck. It is easy and faster to use. However, companies must have such laws to protect themselves from fraudsters out there. They wait for the slightest chance to take advantage of others.

What Makes It Easy To Buy West Elm Furniture?

 Buy West Elm Furniture

West elm ensures you have a smooth furniture shopping experience. They help you see how their couches would look in your living room. They also help you in assembling complex items such as cabinets. Some of the ways which west elm makes it easy buying furniture include;

Allowing Furniture Returns

You may get a new furniture piece, and it fails to serve the purpose in your home. For instance, it might be small or larger than expected. In such a case, you do not have to deal with it just because you have already purchased the item. West elm allows you to return such furniture pieces within thirty days of purchase. You present to them the necessary documents for a smooth return process. Ensure the item is in good shape without any damages. Upon successful return, the company refunds you using the original mode of payment. Those are made with gift receipts, and you get to pick another merchandise from their store. 

Flexible Gift Cards

Wets elm makes your dream come true even with gift cards.  You have great options if you happen to dislike the gift card item from their stores. The best thing is that you can use the gift card at any Williams-Sonoma brand. They include Pottery Barn, BPteen, Mark and Graham, and Pottery Barn Kids. With such a wide range of options, you get to match your furniture collection from different top brands.

In-house Design Consultations

Room design consultation is an upcoming trend for furniture dealers. They assist their customer to decide on color, design texture, and style of furniture pieces to buy. Doing so helps to reduce return cases. With in-house design consultations, they suggest the furniture type based on the paint colors of your walls. They allow you to decide on the fabrics that suit your style.

 You can visit their website and ask any design-related questions for online buyers. In this way, you get will all the help you need when deciding on what piece to buy.

Great Discounts

Most companies offer seasonal discounts. In west elm, their offers tend to be an all-time thing. You find them with regular discounts on items. Some of their sales options include;

Open-box itemsReturned items with all assembly parts going for steep discounts
Floor modelsRegular display of furniture and rugs sold at a discount
Email sign upBy signing up with your email, you get a 15% discount on your first purchase.
Clearance itemsIncludes furniture, home decor, and lighting going for up to 70% discount


West elm furniture is of good quality as they are made from local materials. It is not easy to find affordable and locally made furniture in America. However, west elm has made it a dream come true for most people. Having physical stores allows clients to check on the quality of items before purchase. For this reason, most customers buy after confirming the nature of the product, unlike in online companies.


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