Foods That Start With U (6 Items To Check Tonight)

Foods That Start With U

Have you ever wondered that any foods start with U? if not, let me make this task a bit easier for you! Yes, there are foods that start with U! Some foods you might have heard of, but others might be altogether new names for you. Some foods start U that you can’t even pronounce properly! But I can assure you even if you can’t spell them right, you will be spellbound after having those lip-smacking dishes. So, here’s a little about the foods that start with U.

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1. Ugli Fruit

Ugli/ugly, you can call it whatever you want because this fruit is not as pleasant looking as it tastes.  Apart from its unique name, it has got a proper name that is Jamaican tangelo. Anyway, by the name, I’m sure you guys have figured that this fruit is grown on the island of Jamaica. Ugli is a citrus fruit tasting somewhat sweet and tangy, so making it a rich source of Vitamin C. Many of you might not know an interesting fact about the Jamaican Tangelo is that a crossover of grapefruit & orange, giving it’s its peculiar taste. So, if you want to have it, you can look for it in the supermarket.

2. U-No Bar

Wanna try something sweet? And wouldn’t it be nice if that turned out to be chocolate? So one of the foods that start with U is the U-no bar. The Annabelle Candy Company makes this chocolatey delicacy. This is a truffle almond chocolate bar that comes in a silver foil wrapper. So if you want to give yourself in a little high-calorie, you can surely go for these U-no bars. A single bar can give you 235 calories.

3. Udon

Are you a noodle lover? Then this U worded dish is just for you! Udon is a Korean dish. If you ask me how Udon is made well, this particular noodle is made by mixing water, salt & wheat flour. You can have this noodle anyway you like it; you can either make normal Hakka noodles with it or go to the manchow.  Traditionally Udon is eaten in Japan or Korea, either hot or cold with some broth.

4. Upma

If you are Indian and living in South Indian, then upma is your staple food. This dish is made by dry roasting semolina, veggies, curry leaves. If you want to make it, then it is very easy to prepare.

First, you have to roast the semolina (Rava) & keep it aside. Now add oil in the pan & add julienned ginger, black mustard seeds & curry leaves, after cooking them for few seconds add chopped onion & veggies like French beans, blanched cauliflower, carrot, peas, tomatoes & salt as per your taste now cook until the veggies are cooked all well & nice. Once the veggies are cooked, add a little bit of turmeric powder & red chili powder, and cook until the raw smell is gone. Now you can add the roasted semolina & add water to cook the entire food. Once all the water is absorbed, you can have your upma.

5. Unagi

I’m sure many of you have heard this name if you have watched FRIENDS! Instead of some mind-reading stuff like Ross said, Unagi is an eel & it is a Japanese delicacy. Generally, Unagi is an eel that lives in freshwater & is used as a spicy food cut up into small pieces & marinated using rich spices. Once thoroughly grilled or fried, it is served with rice or sushi, but one thing you must bear in mind is that you can’t have uncooked eel as it can be highly poisonous & cause serious trouble.

6. Upside Down Cake

Haven’t heard of upside-down cake? In this case, unlike the others of its kind, the toppings are placed at the bottom of the mold & then the batter is put. Once the cake is baked, the contents are flipped in an upside-down manner, as a result of which the pineapple & cherry toppings that were placed at the bottom come upfront. So, if you have got a sweet tooth or craving for something sweet, you can surely go for this delicious cake if you don’t mind putting in some calories.

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