The Best Moka Pot In 2021 | Preparing Mouth-Watering Coffee Quick And Easy!

Moka pot is the necessary equipment to keep in your kitchen. It not only makes your kitchen look elegant but helps you prepare tasty coffee. Having one of the leading coffee pots will facilitate you with ease of brewing coffee so you will be able to enjoy a cup regularly. Coffeemaker not only saves you the burden of going to the coffee shop but also the cost of buying coffee. Coffee pots give you several benefits that never cross your mind without appreciation. It is easy and straightforward to operate, it helps you produce strong coffee, and it is quite affordable.

On acquiring the best Moka pot, there are essential factors you have to look into to purchase the ideal model for a mouth-watering cup. These factors include; the material used to design the pot, the features of the pot’s handle, and the size of the container. Selecting the best pot can be a little tricky, particularly when you have never used one.  As a result, we have taken a step of highlighting for you all the details you will require to make a conversant choice of a high-quality coffee pot. Keep reading for stress-free choosing of a remarkable coffeemaker.

Top 6 Moka Pot In 2021 (Best Picks)

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Benefits Of Using A Moka Pot

Benefits Of Using A Moka Pot

Strong Coffee

Coffeepots usually have three compartments. The first one is for water, the second one is for ground coffee, and the third part is for brewed coffee. The finely ground coffee is usually positioned at the middle chamber, and water is placed in the lower compartment. As the pot starts to brew, steam is generated from the water.

The steam is then passed through the fine coffee into the upper chamber. This procedure yields a strong coffee with a distinctive and pleasant smell. Whenever you use a coffee pot, you reduce the amount of coffee you prepare because its product is quite strong and you will require little to feel the effect

Easy To Use

Given that the coffee pots have three distinct compartments, they are easy to use. You will never waste time figuring out what to put where since the device is straightforward.

You first start by filling in the water. Secondly, you put the ground coffee in the middle compartment, and finally, you close the pot. Upon placing everything in its correct place, your only concern then remains to be temperature control.

It’s Affordable

Coffee pots are quite cheap, especially if you consider the benefits it will bring into your kitchen. It saves you the cost of buying coffee regularly. Coffee pot also doesn’t cost much because you can use it over stovetops and hence safe on electricity cost

What Constitute A Perfect Moka Pot?

What Constitute A Perfect Moka Pot

When it comes to choosing an ideal coffeemaker, you should assess a few things here and there to be sure that you are paying for the best model. Some of the prime things you should determine are as follows:


Coffeemakers majorly come in two forms of fabrication, either aluminum or stainless steel. Both materials are suitable for preparing tasty coffee. However, the materials differ significantly, as discussed below.

Aluminum Moka Pots

Coffeemakers constructed of aluminum are generally cheap. Aluminum, to some extent, is a porous metal, so it has tiny holes. Coffee pots made up of aluminum tend to allow small coffee particles to build up in the container over time. Moreover, the build-up increases because you cannot clean your pot with any abrasive cloth.

Cleaning by coarse material results in scratching of the aluminum particles; this will eventually influence your coffee taste by incorporating a metallic taste. To clean an aluminum pot efficiently, you have to use hot water to rinse and gently wipe with a towel to dry.

An aluminum pot is moderately durable, and it can prepare great espresso as long as you clean it properly. On the other hand, it is susceptible to rust. So you should always consider drying it well to avoid exposing it to rust agents.

Stainless Steel Moka Pots                                                                                     

Nowadays, coffee pots made up of stainless steel are very popular. Their fame originates from the benefits they give their users, as opposed to aluminum pots. The benefits are as follows;

  • Non-porous – Stainless steel coffee pots are free of holes because they consist of hard-wearing chrome. This feature allows you as a user to effortlessly clean the tool and eliminate the chances of dirt impacting your coffee flavor.
  • Non-corrosive – Stainless steel is rust-resistant; therefore, you will never have to worry about rust in your coffee pot.
  • Durability – When you compare stainless steel coffeemakers to aluminum ones, stainless steel ones last longer because they are less susceptible to scratches. 
  • Stove compatibility – With stainless steel coffee pots, you can use any type of stovetop without minding of stove compatibility. However, if you are to buy aluminum coffee markers, you always have to consider its stove compatibility because it affects the pot over time.
  • Manual Vs. Electric

Coffee pots are a bit difficult to master and use, but as soon as you use them regularly, you become used to them. You automatically have to learn because there are two key features to be monitored when brewing your coffee; these are temperature and grind size.

If you buy an electric coffeemaker, your learning will be more comfortable. The electric coffee pots come with temperature regulators; they work like electric kettles. The temperature controller will solve one of the elements, and you will only have to focus on achieving the right grind size.

Some electric coffee pots have timers that permit you to set them to brew your coffee, for example, when you are out doing some chores. However, they are expensive when you compare them to manual coffeemakers.


Before settling to paying for a specific model, you should be aware of the quantity you so wish to make each session you set out to brewing coffee. Coffee pots come in different sizes, for instance, 3 cups or 6 cups. You should go for the right size, which will give you enough coffee at one brew because preparing is quite involving.

Reviews Of The Leading Moka Pots

Reviews Of The Leading Moka Pots

We have considered highlighting for you the top-rated coffee pots in detail to ease your search for premium coffeemakers.

Here are the top reviews for the coffee pots that are currently available in the market.

1. Bialetti 06800 Express Moka Pot: Best Moka Pot Brand

You can easily use the Bialetti 06800 Express Moka Pot to make one to six cups of coffee. Its octagonal shape permits heat from the stovetop to circulate entirely over the pot as your coffee brews. Consequently, it allows you to take a minimum time of five minutes or even less to get your coffee ready to serve. This model is a perfect set, particularly when you have guests who do not mind taking lots of coffee.

This model is made up of high-quality aluminum; hence it is durable. Each time you finish serving coffee, you can effortlessly clean the pot as it can disassemble quickly. As a result, you will never complain of coffee stains since you can easily reach out for every part of your washing material.


  • It is made up of high-quality aluminum hence long-lasting.
  • It makes coffee fast.
  • Easily disassemble hence simple to hand wash.
  • It has a patented safety valve that prevents the bottom of the coffee maker from exploding when you accidentally put excess coffee.


  • It cannot be used over electric stoves
  • It is not dishwasher safe 

Below is a summary of the specifications of model 06800:

Weight1.54 pounds
Dimension4 x 4 x 9 inches

2. Bialetti 4942 Moka Express Espresso Maker: Best Pot Coffee Maker

With Bialetti 4942 Moka Express Espresso Maker, your kitchen cabinet looks lovely as it has a classic design, attributed mostly to elegance. Moreover, it has technological ease, which is simple for you to utilize in making rich coffee within minutes.  This aluminum pot has a distinct eight-sided shape, which allows heat to distribute entirely in the coffee maker. Heat distribution is essential for aroma enhancement in your coffee. Therefore, you will keep enjoying tasty coffee all through.

This model permits you to make either three cups of coffee or less depending on the quantity you so wish to prepare. Besides, it is best suited for all types of cookers, so you will never have to worry about buying a specific stove.


  • It makes coffee fast
  • It produces tasty coffee
  • It is appropriate for all types of cookers
  • Has an elegant design


  • It is not suitable for induction

Here is a summary of the specifications of model 4942:

Weight1.01 pounds
Dimension9.8 x 7.9 x 5.9 inches
MaterialAluminum and Plastic

3. Bonvivo Intenca Stovetop Espresso Maker: Best Affordable Moka Pot

With high-quality ground coffee and the right amount of water, you can quickly fill the pot and leave it on the cooker to boil. It is straightforward to utilize in producing flavorful coffee, which you will enjoy with your family.  This model understands and values the significance of good coffee by providing high-quality coffee that has pleasant tastes.

The design of this Stovetop Espresso is quite luxurious; hence it will transform your kitchenware by adding elegance. Moreover, you can always consider it as a gift to your friends because of its fantastic appearance. It is made up of not only stainless steel but also hard-wearing chrome; these guarantee the durability of this model. Apart from utilizing it as an espresso coffee pot, you can use it as a percolator. The latter will earn your coffee the archaic taste of sweetness, which will please your tongue.


·         It is durable

·         It makes high-quality coffee, which tastes best as long as one uses the right coffee ingredients.

·         It is easy and straightforward to utilize in preparing coffee

·         It is inexpensive hence you can easily acquire


·         Its handle can quickly melt if you leave your pot unattended when it is boiling.

Here is a summary of the specifications of model MAX-W-2:

Weight1.7 pounds
Dimension9.2 x 5.4 x 4.4 inches
MaterialStainless steel and hard-wearing chrome

4. Vremi Stovetop Espresso Maker: Best Moka Pot for Both Gas and Electric Stove

The Vremi model is quite versatile as it allows coffee preparation, either over a gas cooker or an electric stovetop. It always meets your schedule when you are preparing in haste to get to work because it makes your espresso in less than five minutes. You will find it simple to use in the making up to six cups of coffee; this will automatically keep you from going to the cafes to buy coffee since you can prepare a cup or more at home.

Nonetheless, this model comes with an easy-to-grip handle, which facilitates secure handling while serving coffee. Moreover, it is small in size, so you can comfortably sit it in your kitchen without worrying about space.


·         Made up of durable aluminum, so it is long-lasting

·         It is simple and easy to use in preparing coffee

·         Has an ergonomic handle which permits easy gripping

·         It is appropriate for both gas and electric stovetops


·         It is ideal for large induction stovetops

·         It burns quickly, so you have to keep an eye over your pot when it is boiling.

Below is a summary of the specifications of model VRM010010N:

Weight1.5 pounds
Dimension8.4 x 4.3 x 6.3 inches

5. IMUSA USA B120-42V Aluminum Espresso: Best Espresso Moka Pot

The IMUSA brand product always gives first designs when it comes to coffeemakers. Therefore with this model, you are assured of a perfect style which you will use to make the most exceptional espresso. Using this model, you can make up to three cups of coffee. With it, you can brew traditional espresso in minutes and end up with coffee that tastes and smells good.

The B120-42V is fabricated by durable aluminum that ensures your coffee stays warm for long. It is small in size, so you easily carry it around. Nevertheless, it has a cool-touch handle and a knob that allows secure handling while serving the coffee.


·         Made up of durable aluminum

·         Has a cool-touch handle that makes it easy to handle

·         It is small in size hence portable

·         Has a side pour spout which allows easy serving

·         Perfect for preparing espresso


·         Its handle is made up of aluminum, so it can easily break

·         It is not dishwasher safe

Here is a summary of the specifications of model B00164U4DC:

Weight10.4 ounces
Dimension4 x 5.2 x 7 inches

6. Bialetti Venus Induction Espresso Maker: Best Portable Moka Pot

The Bialetti Venus is ideal for producing rich and real espresso within minutes. The aluminum pot is characterized byBialetti’sunique eight-sided shape, which permits it to disseminate heat wholly and hence boost the smell of your coffee. With it, you are sure to enjoy tasty coffee. It is constructed of stainless steel, which renders the pot fit for induction stovetops.

The handle of this particular model has been insulted to withstand high heat, so you can easily hold the pot while serving without worrying about burning yourself. On the other hand, you should keep watch of the coffeemaker while boiling to avoid melting the handle. This coffee maker is very portable, as it is small in size. Therefore, you can take it along with you when on a trip or to your store.


  • High-temperature resistant handle
  • Anti-drop pouring
  • Portable
  • Has a compact and stylish design
  • Durable
  • It makes excellent coffee


  • Not dishwasher safe 

Below is a summary of the specifications of model1683:

Weight1 pound
Dimension6.3 x 4.1 x 8.1 inches
MaterialStainless steel


Q: How do you make coffee in a Moka pot?

To make coffee, you have to follow several steps,as highlighted below:

Step one

Allow the water in the kettle to boil then remove from the heat. This procedure is crucial as it prevents the pot from getting too hot and releasing a metallic taste to the coffee.

Step two

Pound the coffee to achieve a texture that is similar to table salt. You will require grinding off enough coffee, depending on the size of your pot, to fill up your pot’s filter basket.

Step three

At this stage, add the preheated water. Then bring the water to the mark at the bottom of the pot.

Step four

At this point, introduce the filter basket into the pot’s base.

Step five

This phase involves filling up the brewer’s basket with coffee. Be sure to brush off the excess that is not finely grounded from the edge of the filter basket.  

Step six

After adding the right amount of water and coffee, then at this point, you are required to use hot pads to screw the top and bottom of the pot together.

Step seven

Proceed to put the brewer on the stovetop and using moderate heat, watch your pot as it boils. Always ensure that the handle is not burning much as you heat. Also, leave the pot uncovered as it cooks.

Step eight

As you heat, the coffee will start spilling out, and you will hear a puffing noise and see the richly brown stream that gets brighter in color as it cooks. Upon taking note of a yellow-colored stream, remove the pot from heat and close the lid.

Step nine

Cool the brewer either by using a chilling bar towel or by cold water from the tap. This step is significant as it prevents your coffee from getting a metallic taste.  You will end up with a moderate amount of coffee that is incredibly concentrated and rich.

Step ten

Wait until your coffee stops bubbling out, then you can carefully pour it into your mug. You may take it as it is or dilute it with hot water.

Q: Can you use regular coffee in a Moka pot?

You should always use the ideal coffee for your coffeemaker. Every day you should consider using the finely grounded coffee granules to enjoy concentrated coffee.

Q: How does a Moka pot work?

When you place the coffeemaker over the heat, water heats up and produces steam. The generated steam raises the pressure in the bottom compartment, which in turn pushes the water up through the coffee granules and into the top bay. When the water reaches the top chamber, it is then ready to be poured.

Q: Can you get crema from a Moka pot?

Espresso devices occasionally make crema. Espresso utilizes the pressure that builds up inside the machine to form fantastic foam. Nevertheless, it is also achievable to build it using a coffee pot.

Q: Can a coffeemaker pot explode?

Coffee pots can explode under some circumstances. You should watch out to never tamp the grounds in a coffeemaker since they are not 100% durable. When releasing the valve, be careful not to exert too much pressure as it can result in an explosion in the pot and cause you serious accidents either by being burnt by hot water or hit by the broken flying pieces.

Final word

When you consider buying one of the above top-ranked coffee tools, your brewing sessions turn out to be more comfortable, and the yields will please your tongue. The design of a specific pot extensively influences its utility. As a result, you should check out a coffee device that has enhanced features in terms of handles and stove base.

Always consider pots that have ergonomic handles that are heat-insulated to allow you to serve coffee efficiently. You should also consider those that have a stove base that is suitable for all cookers. The latter aspect will permit you to brew coffee comfortably in whichever cooker you desire to use.

You are free to choose from the ones we have highlighted above, and we guarantee you to have the best Moka pot that will see you enjoy brewing strong coffee at all times.

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