Where Can I Buy Empty Toilet Paper Rolls?

Empty Toilet Paper Rolls

Last Updated on August 10, 2023 By Emma W. Thomas

You can purchase empty toilet paper rolls from various sources, such as online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, as well as craft supply stores. Prices typically range from $5 to $15 for packs of 24 to 36 rolls.

Where Can I Buy Empty Toilet Paper Rolls?

1. Amazon

Arguably the most popular online marketplace, Amazon boasts a variety of empty toilet paper rolls from various sellers worldwide. Both individuals and companies with a need for bulk purchases can find a range of options to suit their needs. They offer different quantities, sizes, and types of empty toilet paper rolls.

2. eBay

eBay is another global online market platform where empty toilet paper rolls can be bought. Buyers can bid on lots or directly purchase them at a fixed price. Additionally, eBay’s advanced filtering options help narrow down options by price range, location, delivery options among other factors.

3. AliExpress

AliExpress, the online retail service owned by the Alibaba Group, is yet another platform to purchase empty toilet paper rolls. They offer international shipping and a wide range of quantities. Buyers can find products directly from manufacturers, which typically means lower prices.

4. Etsy

Etsy is famous for its unique handcrafted and vintage items. Here you can find empty toilet paper rolls which are often sold for crafting purposes. Some sellers also offer colored or decorated rolls.

5. Local Craft Stores

Check out local craft stores, as many of them carry empty toilet paper rolls. These are usually sold in bulk and are ideal for crafting projects.

6. Wholesale Websites

Various wholesale websites, such as Alibaba and DollarDays, sell empty toilet paper rolls. Typically, they sell in large quantities, suitable for businesses or schools.

7. Office Supply Stores

Office supply stores also sell empty toilet paper rolls, especially those that offer craft supplies. Stores such as Staples or Office Depot may carry them.

8. Walmart

Walmart, both in-store and online, offers a selection of empty toilet paper rolls. As a major retailer, it provides a variety of quantities to cater to different consumer needs.

9. Direct From Paper Companies

Paper companies like Georgia Pacific sell empty toilet paper rolls directly to consumers or businesses. This option is likely more suitable for bulk purchases.

What Do People Do with Empty Toilet Paper Rolls?

Empty toilet paper rolls are often tossed into the recycling bin or, regrettably, the garbage bin, without a second thought. However, with a bit of ingenuity, these so-called ‘waste’ can be transformed into useful or creative household items. Here are 10 innovative uses of empty toilet paper rolls. 

1. Bird Feeder

An empty toilet paper roll can be converted into a simple yet effective bird feeder. All that is required is a smear of peanut butter on the roll and a roll in bird seeds. The finished product can be slipped over a tree branch.

2. Cord Organizer

Toilet paper roll can also be employed for cord organization. Folded cords can fit snugly inside the roll, preventing them from tangling. This is an inexpensive solution to cluttered cloth drawers and workspaces.

3. Seed Starter

Use empty toilet paper rolls as seed starters. Cut each into halves, place them in a large tray, fill each one with soil, and plant seeds.

4. Art Supplies Organiser

Store brushes, markers, and colored pencils in individual toilet paper rolls. Collect them in a box for a neat and easy-to-access art supplies organizer.

5. DIY Speaker

Cut a slot in a toilet paper roll large enough to fit a phone. Insert the phone, and instantaneously it adds some amplification to your device’s speakers. This makes for a fun and quick DIY project.

6. Napkin Rings

Decorate toilet paper rolls with paint, glitter, or fabric, and transform them into stylish napkin rings for dining. A simple DIY activity that can be carried out with kids.

7. Gift Box

Create a unique ‘pillow box’ gift holder by flattening the roll and adding a bit of decorative craft paper. Perfect for small gifts, these are cost-effective and environmentally friendly compared to store-bought versions.

8. Yarn Holder

Thread the start of a yarn ball through the tube to prevent it from moving all over the place while crocheting or knitting. It doesn’t take up extra space and provides a neat solution for knitters.

9. Christmas Decorations

Cut toilet paper rolls into thin discs, paint them and string them with pipe cleaners. You can construct inventive garlands or tree decorations from these.

10. Plant Protector

Place an empty roll around young plants in the garden to shield them from insects and pests. A simple and eco-friendly way to protect your sprouts.

What Can I Do With Empty Toilet Paper Rolls?

Toilet paper rolls make great organizers for your desk or even kids’ toy and can be used for craft projects to come up with creative items.  These ideas are useful, functional, and fun. You will need readily available materials, and you don’t need any complicated skills to start. Making crafts out of empty rolls is a great way to stay engaged and creative. Here are some ideas of what to do with empty toilet paper rolls and how to make them. 

1. Use As A Holder For Your Electric Cords

Instead of using rubber bands to wrap cords, you can use a toilet paper roll. These rolls hold the cables in place without being too tight to damage the cables. To do this, wrap the cords together and insert the paper roll to keep them at the center.

2. Making A Desk Organizer For Your Stationery Or Office Supplies

Making your desk organizer is fun and easy: you only need toilet paper rolls, spray paint, cardboard, and glue. You can cut some rolls into two for storing smaller items such as erasers and sharpeners. To make an organizer, glue the toilet paper rolls onto your cardboard using glue, with the hollow side sitting on the cardboard. Spray paint the outside of the rolls to enhance their appearance. And you now have your cheap but beautiful desk organizer to accentuate your space and organize your stationery.

3. Starting Seedlings Indoors

If you have seeds you want to start indoors, use empty paper rolls and fill them with soil then plant. These rolls make affordable and biodegradable planters that are safe for your plants and the environment. To use empty rolls as planters, seal one end, then fill with soil and plant your seeds. After the seedlings are grown, you can transfer them outside, and the rolls will act as compost.

4. Making Napkin Rings

Are you trying to teach your kids proper dining etiquette or you want a fancy table set up at your dinner table? Then napkin rings are something you can make out of empty toilet paper rolls. Cut the rolls into three round pieces and use them to hold napkins in place. You can spray paint or make embroidered patterns for extra elegance. 

5. Make A Bird Feeder

Did you know that you can feed birds from an empty toilet paper roll? Well, now, you know. To use the roll as a feeder, apply peanut butter on it then coat with bird seeds. Hang this roll on a branch or use a string to suspend it somewhere birds can reach then wait for them to come and have a feast.

6. Make Fun Wall Art And Kids Party Hats

Empty toilet paper rolls can be used to make lots of fun crafts for kids to encourage their creativity and keep them engaged. Cut the rolls into fun shapes and decorate them to your kid’s preference and liking. Make wall art and flowers or party hats for kids. You can find lots of tutorials on YouTube and Pinterest on what to make. Here are some ideas on fun crafts for kids that you can make using empty toilet paper rolls:

1. Princess crown

2. Honeycomb craft

3. Colorful Ladybug crafts

4. Paint stamps

5. Princess bracelets

6. Paper flower wreath

7. Candy poppers

8. Butterflies

7. Create Fire Starters For Camping

We all know how stressful starting a fire can be when you are camping in the woods. You can stuff empty toilet paper rolls with lint from your dryer and use them to start a bonfire or campfire. These fire starters are inexpensive and work like a charm making your camping adventures warm and fun-filled.

8. Organizing Tangled Yarn

Store leftover yarn neatly to avoid tangling, wrap them on these rolls. Cut a small strip at the edge to secure yarn and keep it from unwinding. You can also use tissue rolls as yarn winders to make your work easier and storage neater.

9. For Organizing Your Scarfs And Ties

Organizing your scarves and ties can be such a task when you are working with limited space. You can stick empty tissue rolls to a hanger using glue to hold your scarves in place. This method ensures you store your scarfs neatly and securely in the smallest space. You can also put the rolls in the drawer and organize the scarves with each in their own roll.


Now that you have ideas on how you can use empty toilet paper rolls, you can go ahead and buy as many as you like. These rolls are hygienic and biodegradable, and that’s more reason why you should use them for your crafts. If you have kids, these rolls will keep them engaged in lots of fun activities, and they will let out their creative juices without having to spend a fortune. 

Toilet paper rolls are affordable and readily available everywhere, making them an excellent choice for craft materials. Using these rolls for crafts is a great way to recycle and keep the environment clean. We hope you enjoyed reading this guide, and that you will try out some of the fun crafts during your free time. From now on, do not throw away any of your tissue rolls.