Removing Levolor Blinds: Doing It Perfectly In 4 Simple Steps!

Levolor Blinds

To perfectly remove Levolor blinds in 4 simple steps:

  1. First, fully lower blinds
  2. Then, locate the release tabs on the bracket
  3. After that, press the tabs inward while lifting the blinds away from the brackets
  4. Finally, gently pull the blinds off the brackets for complete removal

How To Remove Levolor Blinds In Simple Steps

Remove Levolor Blinds In Simple Steps

To remove Levolor blinds, you’ll need these materials;

  • Ladder
  • Eye protector
  • Flathead screwdriver

You will need a flathead screwdriver and a ladder if you’re talking about a stand that has a small hinged lid.

But you won’t need any specific utility apart from the ladder if the support lacks flaps.

Eye protection is needed in any situation. Pull the rope carrying the slats up and lock them in the up position by pulling the rope either to the right or left. 

Now, once you have the necessary tools follow these simple steps;

Step 1

Use the blind pull cord to pull the slats and the lower track of the blind to the upper side. First, check that the slats and the bottom rail are in place to make removing the blind from the brackets easier. 

Step 2

Hold the small blind by placing one hand on each side of the blind. You may need an assistant if your blind is well over 30 inches wide, as it should be raised in a suit and not hung up if a radical is introduced unevenly.

Make sure you hold the headrail at the front and then top with your palm and fingers enabling your thumbs to sleep well under the bottom rail of your blind. 

Step 3

It would be best if you pulled the bottom of the mini-blind towards your ceiling. Apply the pressure to the top and back of your blind using your fingers—the palm on the bottom of your blind with the thumbs.

The pulling motion should release the support from the top track’s fronts. This lets you remove the blind from the backing while you continue to push up.

Step 4

For Levolor cordless blinds, unscrew the screws on the hidden brackets using a cordless screwdriver with a Philip drill or handheld Philips screwdriver. The blind will come off effortlessly. 

How To Loosen The Blind Support With The Flaps?

  • First, put on your eye protection and climb the ladder. Go up till your head is at least at the heat of the sustenance.
  • Place the flat tip of your screwdriver under the lower edge of the flap, then pull it forward and up.
  • If these flaps were snapped shut during the installation of the louvers, they are “locked” probably.
  • Some more force might be needed to find the flap lock unlocking.
  • After opening one flap by radical, similarly, open the others.

How To Loosen The Brackets Without Flaps?

  • Put on your eye protection and if the holders don’t have flaps, place your hand firmly on the headrail, 
  • You might hear a snap when the spike releases the headrail. If the support has been unblocked, repeat a similar procedure with the opposite side. Hold this support before trying to move the headrail forward and out of the support.

How To Remove Levolor Wireless Ringtones In Brackets

Raise the shade ultimately, then;

  • Step 1: Use a screwdriver to push down on the spring tab and turn the front headrail.
  • Step 2:  Turn the front of the railing upward when pushing back the barrier. The wireless ringtones would come off. 

How Good/Great Are Levolor Blinds? 

The Levolor blinds have an excellent overall rating, i.e., 4.2/5. They use a wide range of materials, colors, fabrics, and patterns to give you various choices.  Plus, extra features like cordless blinds and motorization.

Which Blinds Are Better Between Levolor And Bali?

Better Between Levolor And Bali

Bail blinds give you many things to consider when it comes to style and design options. At the same time, Levolor blinds offer you more coverage than their friendlier warranty terms. Regarding installation, repair, and maintenance, both blinds from the two brands are pretty equal.

The truth of the matter is there’s no superior option between the two blinds, i.e., Levolor and Bail. However, you may find that one company’s blinds fit better inside your home than the other one.

How To Remove Other Types Of Blinds

Old Hunter Douglas Duette Blinds

If you need to send your blinds for cleaning or repair, you can remove them safely without making a costly appointment with a technician. Even removing the most complicated blind, the simple perspective arch Duette blinds, is straightforward and quick when you follow these few simple steps;

  • Step 1: Start by lowering the shadow entirely as you move the handle to the right. Remove your screws at the top cable guide above the shade, using a Philips screwdriver or a power drill installed with a quarter-inch hexagonal screwdriver.
  • Step 2: To remove the blinds from the level installation brackets, loosen the screws without removing the blind. They will hold the blind to the mounting brackets at the basis of the headrail at your rail’s right and left side corners. Longer blinds usually have center support; you can loosen the screws on all supports. Rotate the basis rail up and remove the blinds from the installed brackets.
  • Step 3:  Remove your blinds from swivel mounts by pulling and then pushing tabs to the open position.  Usually, the accounts sit with the installation brackets and others on the outside front of the railing.  Finally, pull the bottom rail of the blind out of your window.
  • Step 4:  Eventually, remove the blind from the end support by lowering the blind ultimately. Then remove the screws from the two-end mounting brackets, plus the blind with the rear mounting brackets attached from the window.

Vertical Blinds

The process of removing vertical blinds is similar to that of eliminating mini-blinds or Venetian ones. The significant difference is that you’ll want to remove the slats before trying to remove the headrail because you may damage the blinds.  

Using a flathead screwdriver or your finger, slightly open the clips that hold the slats in place. Now, remove them from their fastening points or hooks. 

Afterward, take out the blinds by removing the headrail or opening the securing brackets. But, if the headrail is screwed directly into the walls or ceiling, unscrew the apparatus with a Philips head screwdriver. 


Removing most types of blinds is something you can do by yourself without calling a technician. You need to gather the necessary materials needed and get an assistant. Be extra careful not to hurt yourself and to damage the blinds when removing them. For Levolor blinds,  use the simple steps highlighted above and be at peace whenever you want to wash or change them.


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