10 Bad Cleaning Habits You Need to Break

Last Updated on June 1, 2022 by Emma W. Thomas

Cleaning is a great virtue but sometimes we look for a shortcut to make cleaning faster and easier. Trust me, taking certain shortcuts actually makes cleaning harder for you, and there is a chance you will make cleaning mistakes. Some of these mistakes may seem simple to you and become a bad habit. These mistakes or bad cleaning habit render our cleaning effort ineffective. So it’s important to learn from our mistakes that is why I talk over some common bad cleaning habits that you should break.     

10 Bad Cleaning Habits You Need to Break

It’s time to start breaking these habits so you can make your cleaning effective and faster. The best practice is to pick one or two bad cleaning habits to change each week. Momentarily, you’ll have a cleaner home and more free time for things you enjoy!

Using Harsh Products

Many people things that harsher cleaning products are equal to more effective cleaning products. But the truth is many cleaning products are damaging to the environment and your health. You can use natural DIY cleaning solutions that are safe and environmentally friendly. In fact, most cleaning situations can be addressed by DIY cleaning solutions.   

Using Too Much Product

Many people think using plentiful cleaning product will make the cleaning job easier. Actually it’s not true; indeed a common bad cleaning habit. Using too much cleaning product need you to wash the clothes again and again to remove the excess detergent. The same goes with wood floors. We wax them

Ignoring Product Directions

While cleaning we think of ourselves as an expert and ignore product directions. This is another bad cleaning habit. In the product direction, it has a guideline about how to use the product, how much you need, and where it should be used. So the best practice is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to prevent electrocution, injury, or worse.

Cleaning With Dirty Tools

It may seem funny to hear but we’ve all been guilty of this bad cleaning habit. Cleaning with dirty tools will not only be ineffective, but you also risk cross-contamination by spreading germs and bacteria.  So make sure you clean your cleaning tools after using them to get rid of dirt and make it ready for the next cleaning job.       

Relying on Bleach

Bleach has been the main cleaning solutions for decades but the reality is it isn’t as good a cleaner as we once thought. Moreover, bleach is intensely harsh and can cause damage to the house. So it’s good for you to skip the bleach next time you clean your house. There are many DIY cleaning solutions that are guaranteed to get the job done without harming you or your environmental buzz.

Storing Cleaning Products Incorrectly

This is another bad cleaning habit you need to get reed of if you have it. People spent hours to find the proper cleaners and tools because they don’t store cleaning products properly after the last cleaning job. You can divide your cleaning products and store them close to each cleaning area. For example, you can keep bathroom cleaners in a small plastic carryall and store them on a shelf or under the sink.      

Letting the Dishes Pile Up

Sometimes it is hard to clean all the dishes for lack of time, so there may grow a huge pile of dishes. If it happens then cleaning dishes may take ages as food grime hardens over time and make it harder to clean the dishes. The best practice is to hand wash dishes as soon as you can and avoid the pileup.     

Hoarding Unnecessary Stuff

Many people are guilty of this bad habit. Hoarding unnecessary stuff here and there can add up quickly and take up considerable space in your homes. So go through the entire house and find out items you don’t use or have any need of anymore and dispose of them.     

Dusting Last When Cleaning

Many experts say dusting before you vacuum can save both your effort and time. So make sure you clean from the top down so the dust lands on the floor and you can vacuum clean it. Try to use a clean duster if your duster turns a solid grey because with a dirty duster you are no longer trapping dust.       

Hoarding Food in the Refrigerator

How come you stash food in the refrigerator when you know that your families hate leftovers? Hoarding food in the refrigerator promotes mold and bacteria growth and makes cleaning out the refrigerator a much bigger task than it is. So toss the food if you don’t eat leftovers and keep your fridge clean.    

Bottom Line

These are just some common bad cleaning habits that we’ve all committed at least once in our lives. Let’s learn from our mistakes so we can clean the house more efficiently!

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