How To Pick A Schlagle Lock (Things To Consider)

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You can pick the Schlagle lock using a screwdriver, paper clip, or a pin. Insert the tools into the keyhole, moving them back and forth while turning your lock clockwise until it opens. For keyless locks, you can bypass the combination code after six failed attempts. In absence of a bypass key, you can call the manufacturer to provide a new code.  

Despite the many benefits of the Schlagle lock, it can disappoint if you lose the key or forget the combination code. At that moment you will want to do anything possible to access your premises.  Luckily, there are ways you can pick the lock or bypass the combination code in case of an emergency. Picking is not easy, but that shows how the lock guarantees high-level security.

Nonetheless, if you want to learn how to pick in a situation that warrants picking, here is the way out.

Ways Of Picking Schlagle Lock 

Ways Of Picking Schlagle Lock 

Picking A Schlagle Lock With A Screwdriver

1. This method requires a screwdriver. You can buy a screwdriver from any local hardware shop or get it from your neighbor. The screwdriver should fit well without touching the sides of your lock.

2. Insert the screwdriver inside the lock’s keyhole; shake it horizontally while pushing to unlock it. If you are not successful in your first trial, repeat the process until the door opens. 

Picking Schlagle Lock With A Paper Clip

1. Straighten a metallic paper clip and make a small wave at the tip enough to enter the keyhole. 

2. Try to insert the wavy tip to the keyhole and keep modifying until it fits perfectly.

3. Now insert the pin into the keyhole. Keep twisting clockwise until the lock opens. 

Picking With A Pin

1. Get a good pin and sand the sharp end with a nail file. Blunting it a little bit ensures you don’t get hurt. 

2. Insert the sanded tip into the keyhole and try unlocking it.

3. You can as well use a metal safety pin for the process. Move the pin back and forth once inserted until the door unlocks. 

Picking Schlagle Lock By Bypassing The Combination Code 

There are Schlagle locks that operate without keys. Rather they use combination code to keep the door secure and ensure a loss of the keys will never be an issue. To pick the lock by bypassing the combination code, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Try to input the correct code severally on the keypad.

Step 2: After about 4-6 attempts, the keypad will automatically lock.

Step 3:  Now try to find the lock’s bypass key and input it

Step 4: If you cannot find it, contact your lock’s manufacturing firm to provide you with a new code. For this, you will need to provide them all the required documents such as the purchase receipt and warranty papers. 

Step 5: Key in the new code, and the door will unlock.

Things To Consider When Picking Schlagle Lock

Things To Consider When Picking Schlagle Lock

While it is possible to pick a Schlagle lock, some are more difficult than others. Here are the things to consider before you choose a method to pick your lock:

Type Of Schlagle Locks

Your lock can be a smart electrical lock, electrical lock, double cylinder lock, or single cylinder lock. A smart lock cannot be picked using pins, paper clips, or screwdrivers since they do not have a keyhole. If you forget the passcode, you can bypass it or call a locksmith to unlock it. It is the most secure and one that is difficult to pick. 

Unlike the smart electrical locks, the electric ones have an emergency cylinder that can be used if the battery runs low. Therefore, a metal key can help open the door, and the keyhole can be used to pick the lock to unlock it.

On the other hand, the double and single cylinder locks are operated by the use of keys. The double cylinder locks have locks on both sides and are therefore more secure and harder to pick. Single-cylinder locks have one exterior lock, therefore simple and easy to pick. 

So, if you want to learn picking as a hobby, start with single cylinder locks and advance until you can pick the more complicated electrical locks. 

Tolerance Of The Cylinder

It isn’t easy to pick locks with closer tolerance, i.e., the lock’s ease to rotate when locked. This is the case with the Schlagle locks. So, regardless of the method you use to pick them, you will have to be patient before you can open the door successfully.

 The Shape Of The Top Pins

Schlagle locks have four top pins that are spool-shaped. Unlike others with only two pins, Schlagle locks are difficult to pick. Its spool shape thwarts picking as it can easily catch the lip of the tumbler, which binds the process. 

Advantages Of Schlagle Locks

As we have seen above, the Schlagle locks can be picked, but the process is not easy. You are assured of security as the lock picker must be an expert in picking and determined to gain access to your property. 

Here are the benefits of Schlagle locks:

Voice Assistant Feature 

The Schlagle locks give you an option of interconnecting it with your smart home device. As such, you can lock and unlock the door using voice commands. For instance, you can say ‘activate the burglar alarm’ or ‘close the door,’ and the system will respond accordingly. Once you configure your lock with a voice command function, you can choose to synchronize it with Siri, Google Assistant, or Amazon Alexa. 

Easy Home Automation

For smart Schlagle locks, you can easily connect via Wi-F, Bluetooth, Zigbee, and Z-Wave connection. As such, you can utilize smart home technology to automate most of the work, such as opening and closing the door. For instance, a Wi-Fi connection allows you to open your doors for cleaners while in the office. 

A Perfect Wi-Fi Lock

Smart Schlagle locks utilize Wi-Fi technology without necessarily having large frames with biometric and touchscreens. It is classically designed for some elegance yet utilizes modern and digital technology. Electronic code-opening in Schlagle systems transmits encrypted data through Wi-Fi signals. The remote opening can also be done through mobile applications. 

Allow For Monitoring Of The Door From Anywhere

With modern technology that allows remote access, you can easily monitor your door from anywhere. You can easily download the mobile application that alerts you when there is illegal picking of your lock. Apart from monitoring, you can configure, close, and open the door from anywhere. 

Is It Possible To Pick Schlagle Locks?

Yes, it is possible to pick Schlagle locks, but some types can be extremely challenging. So, before you try to pick the lock, know which type you are dealing with, as some can only be picked through bypassing the combination code. However, if you own grade 1 Schlagle locks, you are assured of a high percentage of security. As per stats, one lock is picked in over 78 attempts. 

Is It Hard To Pick Schlagle Locks?

The Schlagle locks keyways are difficult to navigate with different lock picks, making them hard to pick. It is very difficult to manipulate the lock picks and even harder to acquire from the local hardware. 

How Do You Unlock A Schlagle Control Lock That Has A Dead Battery?

You can use the battery jump procedure to unlock your door if the lock has a dead battery. Note: The door will remain open until you change the battery to relock it. Follow the process below:

Step 1: Jumpstart your lock by touching the contact under the bolt throw with a new high-quality alkaline 9-V battery. 

Step 2: Hold on until you see a red light and three green lights accompanied by three peeps below the lock’s logo. 

Step 3: Enter valid combination codes. The door should unlock  

Step 4: Rotate the bold throw towards the opposite side of the door edge.

Step 5: Replace the batteries 

Step 6: Input the valid combination code to relock the door properly.

Final Thought 

Schlagle is a reliable brand when it comes to its locks. They have utilized modern technology to provide door locking solutions that are safe and stylish. It adds more benefits to the user as the lock can be operated through voice commands, can be connected to smart home technology for auto-operation, and you can as well monitor, configure, open, or close the lock from anywhere. 

But, in case you find yourself on the wrong side, the key is lost, or you have forgotten the combination code, the lock can be picked. Though not easy, with some practice or the help of a locksmith, you can gain access to your house. To be safer, connect your lock system with a mobile application. This way, you can always get a mobile alert whenever an unauthorized person wants to pick your lock. 

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