How To Reset Speed Queen Commercial Washer (Simple Steps To Follow)

Reset Speed Queen Commercial Washer

To reset a Speed Queen commercial washer follow these steps:

  1. Unplug the washer from the power source for 1-2 minutes.
  2. Plug it back in securely.
  3. Turn the washer’s power switch off.
  4. Wait for a few seconds, then turn the power switch back on.
  5. The washer should now be reset and ready for use.

Steps To Reset Speed Queen Commercial Washer

Steps To Reset Speed Queen Commercial Washer

Resetting is a quick way to solve errors in your washing machine. Here are the simple steps to follow to rest the Speed Queen commercial machine successfully:

Step 1: Switch Off The Washing Machine

If you notice your machine is not working normally after switching it on, first switch it off. This means your machine is turned off completely. 

Step 2: Unplug It From The Power Socket

Remove the power plugs from the socket to completely cut off the current. If you do not do this, the washing machine will not restart.

Step 3: Leave The Machine Unplugged For 5-8 Minutes

After unplugging the machine, leave it for 5-8 minutes to ensure its system stops receiving power. The machine will start to reset as it will not have memory for the previous settings. If there is something you need to fix, repair it at this stage.

Step 4: Plug in And Switch On The Washing Machine 

Now plug in your machine to a power source and switch it on. The machine should have reset successfully. If you still experience any issues, repeat the reset process.

When should you reset the Speed Queen washing machine?

You may need to reset a Speed Queen washing machine in the following situations:

  1. Error or Fault: If the washer displays an error code or malfunctions, a reset can help clear the error and restore normal operation.
  2. Power Surge: After a power outage or surge, resetting the washer can reestablish proper functioning.
  3. Calibration: Some models may require a reset after certain maintenance tasks or calibration adjustments.
  4. Troubleshooting: When troubleshooting issues with the washer, a reset can be a step in the diagnostic process.

Issues That May Require You To Reset Your Washing Machine

Issues That May Require You To Reset Your Washing Machine

Once in a while, you may experience a problem with your Speed Queen commercial machine, best dealt with by resetting. These include:

Not Cycling After Turning It On

If you start a washing cycle, but your machine does not start instantly, it would be best to reset it. Also, avoid using an extension instead, plug in the machine to the power outlet directly. Check if the lid has closed well and if there is any clog. Solve the issues after resetting it.

Not Spinning When The Cycle Starts

Programming problems can cause your washing machine not to spin when the cycle starts. To fix the issue, reset the machine so it can go back to its default cycle. If the problem is not resolved, check the belt’s state. When the belt breaks, the washing machine won’t spin. Listen if you can hear the motor running during the wash cycle. If you don’t, the issue could be with the belt. Call in a technician to fix it, but, most importantly, take preventive maintenance of your machine to keep it in good shape.

Other Issues That You May Experience When Using Speed Queen Commercial Washer And How To Fix

You may experience some problems as you use your washing machine that may not resolve through resetting. Here are some of the possible issues and how to fix them:

Bathtub Not Filling With Water

When the bathtub is not filling with water, the water pipes are clogged, the lid does not close well, or there is obstruction of the water outlet. In this case, check the lid and close it well. Check for any hitch, and if there is none, call the plumber to check and fix the pipes.

Another thing to check is the filter screens. If they get clogged, they cannot allow water to fill in the bathtub. You can easily remove the filter screen, and unclog and your machine should normally work again. If in doubt, call an expert technician. 

Machine Not Making Its Drain Cycle

If the water hose is not fitted well or there is some obstruction, the machine can fail to make its drain cycle. Check the installation guide and correct the hose by ensuring they are completely straight. The incorrect placing of clothes can also cause the machine not to drain, and therefore, you should fix it by positioning them well. 

Strange Noise And Possible Leaks

If your Speed Queen Commercial Washer is not installed on leveled ground, it will make a lot of noise during wash cycles. Straighten and balance it to solve the issue, and if you can’t, call an installation expert to do it for you. 

Not leveling the washer can also cause it to vibrate, causing leaks. Waste in the duct can swell, making the machine not work properly. Do not overlook the washer’s vibration, as it can damage the appliance and pose a risk to you. Switch off the washer and call a technician for help. 

Smelly Clothes

After cleaning your clothes, the least you expect is for them to smell. But it happens! Here is what to do to prevent the issue:

Clean Your Washer

Sometimes the smell on your clothes is from the washer itself. The detergent and fabric softener can build up, blocking the filters and harboring bacteria. So, after some time, your clothes will be exposed to bacteria causing them to smell.

To fix the issue, run the sanitizing cycle to wipe out the bacteria. Alternatively, pour 2 cups of vinegar into the washing detergent drawer, and with your washer empty, run the longest hot water cycle. After the cycle, wipe out the washer drum using a sponge and run a hot water cycle to remove vinegar traces completely. 

Wash Hot

If your clothes can handle hot cycles (verify by checking the label), clean them using a hot-water cycle. Hot water will kill all the stinky bacteria, leaving your clothes free of any odor. 

Change Your Washing Detergent

Your washing detergent can be the cause of the smelly clothes. This is especially if the smell does not happen directly after the wash cycle but rather stinks slowly after that. The solution will be to change the washing detergent.

Reduce The Amount Of Detergent 

If your clothes smell, trying to use more detergent can cause more harm than good. Instead, cut down on detergent as the extra may remain in clothes fostering the bacteria and making them smell. 

Dry The Clothes Thoroughly

Clothes can easily smell if they are not dried properly. For clothes that should be air-dried, dry them in a well-lit room. Dark places contribute to fungal growth that causes clothes to smell. For the best result, always dry your clothes outside.

Again, for dirty and wet clothes that you do not intend to wash soon, air-dry them before throwing them in the hamper. Mixing damp and dry dirty clothes can cause them to smell even after washing. 

Kill Mildew By Washing Clothes With a Little Baking Powder Or Vinegar

Traditional home remedies for killing mildew work well even in your washer. Add ½ a cup of baking soda or distilled white vinegar to the detergent drawer when loading your laundry. Run an extra rinse cycle to eliminate vinegar, and your clothes should smell fresh after washing. 

What Makes Speed Queen Machines Stand Out?

Speed Queen washing machine stands out due to its superior construction. The washer is designed to reduce water consumption, extend fabric life, cut service costs, and shorten drying time. Most importantly, the Speed Queen washing machine has been built to last for 25 years. Its durability remains unmatched in the industry. 

Is It Worth Buying A Speed Queen Washing Machine?

Speed Queen Machine comes with a higher price tag, but it is worth buying due to its durability and efficiency. The washer gives reliable performance for 25 years with minimum maintenance cost. Plus, the machine is the only residential washer that can still handle the commercial-grade load.

Why is my Speed Queen Washer blinking wash and rinse?

Fill and no water flow error can cause your Speed, Queen Washer, to blink wash and rinse. This could mean the washer has not filled properly after some time. There could be a limited water flow to the washer, and there is very little chance of water level in 5 minutes. 

To solve the issue, check the hot and cold water faucets and ensure they are both turned on. Ensure the fill hoses are not twisted or kinked. Clean the screens at the end of the fill hoses and in the after-mixing valve to allow proper water flow. If the machine still blinks after doing all, switch off and unplug the appliance for about 1 minute. Start again, and the error should have cleared. 

Final Word

Speed Queen Commercial Washers are one of the best washing machines in the market that guarantees you 25 years of service. However, once in a while, you might experience some minor issues that you can fix by resetting. To reset your washer, you need to disconnect completely from power by unplugging it. Leave it for a few minutes before reconnecting to power, and your washer will be successfully reset. This will allow you to reprogram to suit your needs.



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