Washing Machine Scrap Metal Value (Part-wise Prices)


The scrap metal value of a washing machine is around $18 to $22. This estimate depends on factors like current metal prices, weight, and metal composition. Recycling centers or scrap yards may offer varying rates, making it essential to check local prices before scrapping.

What is a Washing Machine’s scrap metal?

A washing machine’s scrap metal is the metal that is leftover from the washer and dryer after they are discarded. The scrap metal is often passed onto junkyard or scrap-metal dealers, where it is melted and used to make new appliances and parts for other machines. Prices for a washing machine’s scrap metal can vary depending on where you take it. The best way to find the correct price is to search online databases, which list prices by weight and brand.

Washing Machine Scrap Metal Value

Scrap Values of Different Parts of Washing Machine

1Washing machine’s power cord0.29 Lbs$0.25 – $0.50
2Washing machine’s wire harness  0.46 Lbs$0.50 – $0.95
3Scrap electric motor 12.8 Lbs$0.7 – $0.17
4Shred Steel 136 Lbs$0.04
5Copper Wire Cord 0.29 Lbs$0.375
6Insulated wire$3.00
7Scrap Ampco Bronze
8Scrap Soft Lead (clean)$0.70

Why Should You Scrap Your Washing Machine?

The world is moving towards more environmentally friendly ways. Hence scrapping and recycling are the need of the hour. Most electronic equipment, such as refrigerators or freezers, contains a lot of toxic components and chemicals. A washing machine, on the other hand, does not contain such hazardous chemicals. The metal content of a washing machine is up to 70 percent. Hence, it is easier to recycle a washing machine as compared to other appliances. Also, a larger quantity of metal ensures that you will get a better deal from the junkyard dealer.

Should You Dismantle A Washing Machine Before Taking It To The Scrapyard?

Whether or not you should dismantle your washing machine before taking it to the scrapyard depends on a lot of factors. Most importantly, it depends on the tools you have and the skillset that you possess. However, most scrappers will pay you more for a dismantled machine. Also, carrying a dismantled washing machine is easier than carrying the washing machine in its assembled form.

It is always advisable to have a conversation with your scrapper before making an effort to dismantle the machine. However, in most cases, a scrapper will be willing to pay extra for a dismantled machine. 

This is due to numerous factors, as mentioned below.

1) Buying a washing machine in its assembled form requires the scrapper to bear extra dismantling costs. He will need to hire a laborer to dismantle the machine. This extra cost will reduce his profits and will affect the cash offered by him.

2) A washing machine or any other electronic equipment for that matter contains a variety of metals. Some of these metals are rare and more useful in specialized manufacturing. Naturally, these metals are sold at a higher price. Metals like aluminum are very strong and are used for general purposes. However, they are not intended for specialized uses. Metals like copper are used in electric wires and are used for specialized uses. When a scrap dealer purchases a washing machine as it is, He needs to make an estimate of the weight of different metals. Naturally, the price offered will involve some speculation, and hence it will be lower than a dismantled washing machine. 

Therefore, it is always a good idea to sell the washing machine in its dismantled form as both the speculation expenses and dismantling expenses will be reduced from the price the scrapper would usually offer.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Dismantling A Washing Machine Before Taking It To The Junkyard Can Be Summed Up With A Table Below

Advantages Of Dismantling The MachineDisadvantages Of Dismantling The Machine
1) The better monetary value offered by the scrap dealer1) Requires special tools and expertise
2)Ease in carrying the dismantled parts2) Investment of time and effort in the dismantling process

Some Tips To Get The Most Value From Your Junk Washing Machine

Scrapping a washing machine is always a good idea as you get value from something that was lying around your house and is not adding any value to your life. Also, the metal extracted can be used in making new appliances. 

Getting the most from your washing machine deal is very important. Therefore, we are hereby mentioning a few tips and tricks that can be helpful when scrapping a washing machine.

Washing Machine Scrap Prices.jpg

1) Dismantle The Machine 

Dismantle your washing machine to remove its different parts. You can also take the help of a professional. However, that can be costly, especially considering that the washing machine is one of the simplest machines to dismantle.

2) Segregate The Metals. 

After dismantling the machine, all the metal parts should be extracted from the washing machine. All the extracted metals should be sorted. For example, place all the steel parts together. Similarly, keep different metals separately. This will save a lot of time, effort, and money for your scrap dealer, and that, in turn, will get you a better deal.

3) Organize Your Efforts

The above two steps could be quite daunting, especially if you are doing it for the first time. The best way to do so is by following a specific plan. Dismantle the outer parts or your washing machine entirely before moving on to the inner wires and parts. This way, you will remove the simple parts first and will get space to deal with the internal parts later. However, you can sort the metals simultaneously with the dismantling step. This way, you will not have to dedicate additional time to this step. 

4) Refer To Other Resources

You can refer to online resources if you find yourself stuck at any stage. For example, you can use the instruction manual to educate yourself about various parts of your machine, both internal and external.

If you are aware of the model number of your washing machine, you can search for articles or videos on the internet that will help you with the dismantling process.

You can also use online resources to be informed about the market rates of different scrap metals. This will help you get a fair price for the sorted metals.

5) Take Professional Help.

Do not shy away from taking professional help at any stage of the process. If you feel stuck, it is always better to seek help rather than wasting time and effort, trying to learn something completely new. You can also enquire about the metal prices from your local dealers and scrappers.

What Are The Best Ways to Disassemble a Washing Machine

Disassembling a washing machine can be a complex task due to the multitude of components involved. However, knowing how to correctly disassemble one can prove invaluable for DIY repairs or recycling initiatives. Here are some effective methods for disassembling a washing machine:

1. Preparation

Before starting the disassembly, it’s crucial to disconnect the washing machine from a power source. Electrical safety should be maintained at all times to prevent shocks. Additionally, disconnect the machine from the water source and make sure to drain any residual water before starting.

2. Removal of the Top Panel

Start disassembly from the top panel. Unfasten the screws usually located at the back of the machine. The panel can then be lifted or slid off with ease.

3. Disconnection of the Control Panel

The control panel, normally situated at the front of the machine, can be detached next. Remember to take a picture before disconnecting any wires so they can be correctly reconnected later.

4. Extraction of the Door and Front Panel

Loosen the screws at the hinges of the door, allowing for removal. After this, proceed to dismantle the front panel by unscrewing attachments and unhooking supports.

5. Detachment of the Drum and Motor

The washing machine’s drum and motor can be quite hefty, so appropriate care should be taken while detaching these. Ensure the drum dampers are detached before removing the motor. The motor is typically held in place with screws.

6. Removal of the Pump(s) and Hoses

Depending on your washing machine model, there could be multiple pumps, such as drain pumps or circulation pumps. They are usually affixed with clips and can be removed easily once these are released. Remove hoses by unclipping them too.

7. Disconnection of the Wiring

The machine’s electrical components should be disconnected last, starting with the power cord, and moving on to disconnecting the wiring harness.

2Removal of the Top Panel
3Disconnection of the Control Panel
4Extraction of the Door and Front Panel
5Detachment of the Drum and Motor
6Removal of the Pump(s) and Hoses
7Disconnection of the Wiring

Thoroughly document the disassembly process with pictures or notes, as correct reassembly of a washing machine is a task equal in complexity to its disassembly. In the event of encountering resistance or complexity beyond one’s capabilities, it is advised to consult with professional services. Remember, safety should be the primary concern throughout the disassembly process.

Where to sell Washing Machine’s scrap metal

Many people buy scrap metals to make money, but there are many different places that provide assistance in finding buyers for these items. Some of the best places to sell washing machine scrap metal are on sites such as Craigslist or eBay. These sites can be helpful if you want to get rid of your scrap metals and make some money at the same time. Also, there are a lot of scrap yards near you that will purchase metals from you directly.

If you have a washing machine that is past its prime, don’t just throw it away. You can sell the scrap metal to retailers of such material.

Some places where you can sell your washing machine’s scrap metal include:

  • Scrap Metal Suppliers – They buy any type of metal from people who have a lot of scrap metal to get rid of.
  • Local Metal Recycling Center – They take in any type of scrap metal and will pay you a small amount for it.
  • Your Local Junk Yard – The local junkyard will take in any type of scrap metal.
  • Find a Junkyard Near You – You can find junkyards near your home or work by searching for them on the internet or asking friends and family members if they know about any local junkyards they might know about.
  • Find Junkyards Nearby with Waste Management Site Locator where you can sell your washing machine’s scrap.



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