Can You Wash Converse In The Washing Machine?

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The answer to this question is both yes and no. Yes, you can add a few cups of detergent to the washing machine and then wash it. However, if you are one of those top-notch cleanliness freaks, the results won’t be that satisfactory. On the other hand, with some cloth and detergent mix, you can clean it efficiently, focusing more on the areas that require special attention. This procedure also helps in maintaining the fabric of your converse pretty well.

This preference is entirely personal. For some individuals, washing their converse in the washing machine can be the only way to clean them. Other individuals would instead opt for cleaning them manually. Considering the busy schedule that our generation lives in, the washing machine option features to be the most reliable one, though. This procedure saves a lot of time and can additionally offer optimum cleanliness. To this date, multiple detergent formulas can be easily availed of from the market that can effortlessly tidy up any stubborn dirt.

Individuals who do not own a washing machine can keep their converse spotless and parallelly maintain it by cleaning it manually. This option stands to be a more reliable one. The fabric of the converse varies from model to model and brand to brand. The formula that you use to clean it may or may not have a chemical reaction on the fabric. The wise remedy here is to try using the formula on a small part of the converse and observe its results patiently. It will provide you with assurance and enable you to sustain the fabric of the converse.

Things To Take Into Consideration When Cleaning Your Converse:

1. The Material/ The Fabric:

This particular trait also vividly gives the user the idea regarding the longevity of the converse. This type of footwear is mainly available in four different types of fabric. It includes mesh, leather, suede, and canvas. They all feature premium quality fabrics. The best way to protect and elongate your converse’s life is by using an extra layer of protection to it.

Multiple sneaker protectors are readily available in the market today. For instance, you can use the Crep sneaker protector to dually protect and keep your converse white and clean for as long as possible. When you use a sneaker protector, the procedure to clean it enjoys a level down. All sorts of marks, stains, and scuffs can get erased quite easily. Another advantage of using a sneaker protector is, the time is taken to clean; it also gets impressively reduced.

2. Yes, The Day You Clean It Matters:

Have you piled up on plenty of sneakers/ converse to get them cleaned? If the answer is a ‘Yes,’ make sure you become pretty aware of the day you clean it. With the number of sneakers, the weather of the day you intend to clean it matters equally. For instance, if you own converse pairs that carry the fabric of mesh or canvas, it would be a sensible choice to clean them on dry and sunny days. On the other hand, if the converse fabric flaunts a leather material, it dries off more quickly and is more repellent to water.

3. Let’s Washing Machine Clean It:

After a long day after work, you would not want to wash your converse at all, but you can always machine wash them. When you have worn your converse for a week or two, it’s time you get them cleaned. Tossing them into the washing machine can get the job done pretty well.  There exist some important points that you should be aware of before incorporating this procedure.

a) Firstly, make sure that you wash your converse separately.

b) Secondly, do not forget to air dry it.

c) Thirdly, make sure that you get them machine washed on a dry, sunny day as you would not want to cause the mildew effect on them.

Multiple experts advise that placing your converse/ sneaker beside a heater in the winters and on the window during the summers boosts the drying effect by 50% more.

4. Be Aware Before You Pour In the Chemicals:

Plenty of harsh detergent powders, as well as liquid washes, are available in the market that can make your converse look spotless within seconds. But, the question that lingers is, how sound are their effects on the converse’s fabric? Be cautious enough to the back of these washes thoroughly.

If you intend to wash a pair of white converse, ascertain that the chemical composition you will dip it into does not contain any amount of bleach in it. Why? Well, bleach will turn your white canvas converse or mesh converse into an undesirable and dingy yellow color. This effect can have a doubling effect if this fabric type converse is left to dry directly under the sun.

5. The Magic Of Creativity:

Cleaning and maintaining products can be done more efficiently if backed by a certain level of creativity. Instead of always following the ordinary procedure of cleaning your converse, why not clean it with a toothbrush after it was dipped in some dish soap or hand liquid soap.

Trust me when I say that the results were pretty satisfactory. The efforts were a bare minimum and the time taken to make it look spotless was also significantly less. This iota of creativity also fits your pocket pinch pretty well as you would not have to shop for an expensive cleaner any longer.

Is Washing Your Converse In The Washing Machine Beneficial?

Let’s Discuss Its Pros And Cons At A Glance:

It will save you a lot of time and effort.If the settings are not right, it can ruin the fabric of the converse.
When those dirty converse shoes are put inside a washing machine, it can wash off even the most stubborn marks it carries.Make sure to put your converse in a pillowcase or any similar case; the cleaning process can damage the washing machine’s drum.
Today most washing machines can clean and dry your converse shoes with just the press of a button, leading to hassle-free cleaning.After the cleaning and the drying procedure, if the converse is not left to dry out in the sun, it can lead to a mildew effect.

How To Hand Wash Your Converse Shoes?

Follow this guide step-by-step:

1. Do not forget to remove the laces from the converse first.

2. Use a protector when you put it inside the washing machine. You can put your converse inside a pillowcase or a mesh bag before inserting it in the washing machine drum.

3. Ensure that you always opt for a low temperature, and the cycle you choose is gentle.

4. If you want to avoid using fabric conditioners, choose a mild to gentle detergent powder/ liquid.

5. When the washing machine enters the spinning stage, it is advisable to cushion the drum out using some cloth or, even better, some cotton towels.

6. Once the procedure is over, please do not leave your converse in the washing machine to dry it. Keep it outside and let the natural air get the drying process done.

How To Hand Wash Your Converse Shoes:

1. Get rid of the shoelaces.

2. Soak your converse in some cold water. It prepares the converse for getting washing. This step also exclusively protects the fabric of the converse.

3. Make your wash mix. Add a proportionate ratio of white vinegar, baking soda, and detergent. You can even use laundry detergent in place of the white vinegar. Do whatever suits you best.

4. Now, using a gentle brush, spread the wash mix all over and clean it efficiently without missing a single spot.

5. Use cold water again to rinse off the wash mix.

6. Air-dry it in the dry, sunny weather.

7. Resultant: You got a fresh smelling, clean, and tidy converse shoe by spending a bare minimum on it.

When you purchase a shoe, you need to keep it clean and maintain it well too. Some care mixed with the right amount of maintenance can impressively extend the life of your favorite pair of converse.

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