Can You Put A Drano In A Washing Machine?

Last Updated on August 9, 2023 By Emma W. Thomas

It’s not recommended to put Drano or any drain cleaner in a washing machine. These chemicals can damage the machine’s components and affect its performance. If you encounter drainage issues, it’s better to address the problem with appropriate washing machine maintenance and repair methods.

Pros and Cons of Using Drano In A Washing Machine

Here’s a comprehensive table that outlines the Pros and Cons of using Drano in a washing machine:

Pros of Using Drano in a Washing MachineCons of Using Drano in a Washing Machine
Effective in Dissolving Clogs: Drano is known for its capacity to break down and dissolve most types of clogs in drains.Potentially Harmful for Pipes: While Drano is effective in unclogging, it can also be too harsh and damage the pipes of the washing machine, especially if they are made of PVC.
Easy to Use: Drano is a readily available solution that’s easy to use without any professional help.Risk to Human Health: If not careful during application, Drano can pose risks, such as skin burns or eye injury, due to its strong chemical concentration.
Fast-Acting: Drano often works quickly in breaking down the soap and lint build-up.May Not Solve the Root Issue: If the clog is the result of a large object or a more complex problem, Drano may not offer a long-term solution.
Cost-Effective: Compared to professional plumbing services, Drano provides a more affordable solution to minor clogs.Negative Environmental Impact: The harsh chemicals in Drano can harm the environment when they make their way into the water system.
Convenience: Drano can be a quick fix to unclog and resume the normal functionality of a washing machine.Damage to Machine Parts: Frequent usage of Drano could lead to corrosion, compromising the longevity of the machine.

What is Drano?

Drano is made from bleach, lye, aluminum, and salt. The pieces of aluminum and bleach make heat. It is created more heated with other chemicals that will melt the dirt and the junk in the drains without hurting anything. On Drano’s website, you will see that Drano is a strong chemical to use for clogged drains. When plumbers were asked about Drano’s side effects, they came up with lots of facts and experiences.  

  • Most of the plumbers would not like to work if you have used Drano for clogged drains. Drano burns the skin or lungs if accidentally gets in touch. It puts the plumbers at risk. 
  • If someone does not know Drano’s toughness, then the work with a plunger can cause a much acidic mess. 
  • After putting Drano, if any other harsh chemical is used, it can wake toxic reactions. 
  • Also, Drano damages the plumbing system. It hurts toilet bowls, Pvc pipes get soft and make holes in metal pipes. 

Why Should Drano Never Be Used?

Drano is extraordinarily harmful and can damage your sink and toilet pips. Also, it can melt the glues to set the pips. If any such thing happens, then the repair cost will be high, and most of the plumpers will not agree to work in such situations as it is not suitable for them. 

Can Draino Unplug a Washing Machine?

In addressing the question, “Can Draino unplug a washing machine?”, the short answer is typically no. Draino is a chemical drain cleaner that is designed to remove blockages in relatively small internal household pipelines, not for the multifaceted systems within a washing machine. 

Potential Risks Involved

While some people might consider it as a solution for a clogged washing machine, it is not recommended for several reasons. First, the chemicals in Draino can potentially damage the pipes and internal workings of the machine. This is particularly the case with older models, which may have metal parts that can corrode due to the harsh nature of the chemicals.

Secondly, using Draino improperly can lead to health hazards including burns, blindness, and harmful vapors. These chemicals are hazardous and should be used cautiously to prevent personal injury.

Proper Ways to Clear a Clogged Washing Machine

Instead of using Draino, it is advised to seek more suitable solutions to unclog a washing machine. These often involve manual methods, such as using a plunger or a plumber’s snake. If the clog is stubborn and cannot be removed manually, then it may be worth investing in professional help. Expert plumbers possess the tools and skills to efficiently and safely clear blockages without damaging the appliance or causing personal injury.

What Can Happen If Drano Is Left Too Long? 

We should be cautious about using Drano. Please wait for 15 minutes before we put water. If the clog in the pipe is too severe, then you can make the Drano sit for the whole night. Besides, it is recommended not to use too much Drano as it may destroy your toilet pipes. 

What Is The Substitute For Drano? 

If you want, you can create a homemade Drano, which can be useful and less harmful. You can start using boiling water through the pipes. It will be more helpful if you can use baking soda along with one cup of lemon juice. It would help if you used a dishtowel in the pipes and then leave it for 30 minutes. 

Can Drano Make A Clog More Challenging?

Sometimes, a chemical can make the clog more challenging, and it will not be easy to remove it. So, any chemical for the clog should have exact measures. If used more than required, it can make the situation worse and even cause eye damage. 

What Is The Difference Between Drano And Other Cleaners?

                          Drano           Other Normal Cleaners
 It can be harmful and can damage your pipes   It is not so harmful and does not damage any pipes. 
 It can damage your skin and eye permanently.  Other ordinary cleaners do not harm the skin. 
 Drano can harden the junk in the pipe and will make it impossible to remove the clog.  Other non-chemical cleaners will not harden the junk, and it would be easy to clean the trash. 
 You have to be cautious while using Drano or other chemicals.  With other non-chemical cleaners, you do not have to be so cautious. 

Can Drano And Bleach Be Mixed?

 Mixing Drano and Bleach means you are mixing Ammonia + Bleach creating harmful Chloramine vapors. 

We will recommend you not use any such cleaners which are harmful. You should always check the ingredients list to determine what chemical is present. Certain formations of Drano are incredibly toxic to use. Let us tell you in taking the toxic vapors can cause severe throat burning and respiratory problems if you are wondering why. 

Which Is Better For The Washing Machine? Liquid Plumr Or Drano?

Honestly, you won’t be able to distinguish much between Drano and Liquid Plumr. Both are best for applying in the washing machine, kitchen, bathroom, and garbage disposal.

Liquid Plumr has many features like PipeGuard formulation. On the other hand, Drano has a quality of advanced Septic treatment. 

As both are chemicals, the usage should be minimal and careful. 

Apart From Drano, What Else Should We Use To Clean The Clogged Drains?

Using Drano or any other chemicals will destroy the washing machine parts and the pipes. You can add two cups of vinegar to the detergent dispenser. 

While you have added the vinegar, run the washing machine with the hottest water at the peak temperature. At this point, add half a cup of baking soda. When the cycle is completed, clean the area with a damp cloth. A microfiber cloth will be ideal. 

Bottom Line

Drano is useful for clearing clogged drains or pipes for the washing machine. But as per the consequences after the usage, it is not recommended to use Drano. If you can be extra careful and know the exact measurement to use Drano, you can go for it. Also, you have to be extra cautious while using the chemical. It will be best if you use gloves when touching Drano as it can burn your skin. 

If you have used Drano, then do not forget to use another water set once the Drano has done the job. If the chemical is not washed correctly, it can damage the pipes.

You can use other cleaners or home remedies to remove the clogged drains than dealing with harmful chemicals. Today, we have covered all the doubts that you may have about Drano. You can also share this article with someone who is not aware of Drano but curious to use it. We hope it helps you with all the information you need.