How to Recognize Good Feng Shui in a Home (5 Tips and Tricks)

Feng Shui in a Home

If we give a little review of the history of  Feng Shui in a Home, from the perspective of the Chinese, when we practice certain actions our energy can be revived. If this work is directed to our vital spaces, we can transfer it to our house with the intention of seeking or improving good energy.

This art will provide us with greater well-being from all aspects; be it health, order in our lives, the mental aspect, or even the perspective of improving in abundance and wealth.

It is actually a science that studies the relationship between people and the physical environment over space and its objects (Everything connects and affects our well-being).

It is a multidisciplinary study that covers architecture, decoration with minimalist style in homes, health, geography, astrology, electromagnetism, landscape design, environmental psychology, and much more.

What is Feng Shui in a Home

It is an ancient Chinese discipline that has been defined as the art of harmonizing the environment to favor the individual’s own well-being and its harmony, which means wind (Feng) and water (Shui).

This art is based on the Chinese cosmogony (In theories about the evolution of the universe). From the perspective of home decoration or architecture, the arrangement of furniture in its orientation in a dining room or bedroom, for example, or the choice of materials and colors, can help us to favor this harmonization.

Is feng shui in the home a superstition? It is a discipline based on the understanding of the laws of nature, in a system of natural theories. Therefore, we must first understand how his theory works so as not to place it in the realm of magic.

It is important to understand its mechanism, the reasons why it is applied, or the necessary adjustments so that it does not fall into an element of superstition.

Before getting into this art to decorate we need to know some basic concepts to not get lost if we want to improve the energy of our home.

What is chi

The Chi is one of the key factors of this art (also written as “qi”), we must remember that the main objective is to generate positive energy in our lives, so the Chi represents the energy of objects or a person. It is mainly divided into two key elements: The Yin & Yang and the five elements.

So we have a good Chi and bad Chi. As this Chinese word describes the invisible, the vital energy of the universe, and as such it can be auspicious or adverse.

Good Chi :

Chi is considered good when it flows smoothly and long and when the space it occupies is clean, well lit, and tidy. Good chi brings good luck, happiness and prosperity.

Bad Chi 

Bad chi brings bad luck and financial difficulties if it stagnates or moves so quickly that it vanishes immediately. The bad chi tends to appear in dark and humid, dirty or messy spaces, or also long and narrow spaces.

Bad chi can also be generated by objects with pointed and threatening angles. Such objects reflect and amplify chi, which creates poisoned arrows or a sharp chi.

The 5 elements of feng shui

In feng shui, you can highlight 5 elements that are 5 ways in which energy manifests. The 5 natural elements are the following:

  • Wood: It’s spring, the movement out, it’s cozy and hugs.
  • Fire: It is related to the energy that rises, with the summer.
  • Land: It represents the circular movement, the cycle changes.
  • Metal: It refers to the movement inwards, to autumn.
  • Water: It is related to the energy that descends, with the winter.

In reality, it is not about elements but rather different phases of energy. There should always be a balance between these 5 elements, for example, a home with a lot of wood although it can be cozy, can also drown in an excessive hug.

Feng shui checklist for your home

The central idea of ​​feng shui is to find a balance, a harmony between the 5 basic natural elements: earth, water, wood, metal, and fire.

so we will see how to introduce this element in your house and how to decorate by applying feng shui to attract love or money in the year that begins:

You can place photos of deserts or flowers, or use elements related to the earth such as clay vases.

The colors of feng shui for 2019 are brown, yellow, beige, brown, orange or red.

In the bedroom, a place of rest par excellence, it is better to avoid red and choose colors such as white that represent peace and purity.

Feng shui for love. If you want to attract love with feng shui in 2019 you can follow these tips:

Order your house and clean it. Do not leave things on the ground or if the disorder invades you, it means imbalance.

Prepare your room for love. Use beautiful bedding, place two bedside tables, two pillows, two carpets, and perfume with a pleasant smell. Avoid having too much furniture.

Avoid excess memories of the past. If your desire is to move on and attract love, avoid having too many memories of other people (photos or objects).

Feng shui for money in 2019. The year 2019 is the year of prosperity, so if you want to attract the money you can follow the following keys:

Keep your kitchen clean and in order. The kitchen in feng shui is related to the ability to attract money, so keeping it in order and perfectly clean helps the money flow.

Use red, violet, or green in the decoration. Combine walls, plants, textiles, carpets, and furniture of these colors in your home.

The door of your house must be accessible and attractive. The doorbell must work properly and you can place a good doormat to welcome.

Get rid of what you don’t use. We tend to store thousands of things we never use, it’s time to throw them away and make space.

Eliminates water leaks. Water means prosperity and if the water is lost somewhere in your home, you will be losing money.

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