Air Fryer Vs. Toaster Oven – (7 Difference Between The Toaster Oven And An Air Fryer )

An air fryer and a toaster oven are great kitchen appliances that have many differences including their heating elements and functions. Also, their cooking time and cleaning rituals are different. The difference is also reflected in the price of the appliance. 

Having a detailed discussion of their different features is essential to understand the difference between the two appliances. Let’s discuss this in more detail.

What Is An Air Fryer? 

An air fryer is a kitchen appliance that prepares your food with little or no oil at all. However, it can make your food as crispy and tasty as if it is deep-fried. This makes it a hit among food lovers who like to keep their weight in check. 

It contains a perforated tray where food is placed, and the cooking is done with the help of convection air currents. The heating element is placed at the top, and it contains a large fan. The food is placed inside an air fryer basket, which makes the air circulation better. This basket is removable, and the process is as simple as putting the food inside the basket and then setting the temperature and timer. 

The machine is capable of preheating really fast and the cooking starts instantly, and as a result, the food is prepared really fast. You may need to shake the fryer once in a while for evenly cooked food.

What Is A Toaster Oven?

A toaster oven is a kitchen appliance that can be used for baking, Broiling and toasting small quantities of food. It is smaller in size as compared to a conventional oven and is similar in function in many ways. 

Heating elements are fitted inside on the top and bottom with a tray n which food is placed. The front door opens downward or sideways and is used to put food inside the toaster oven. The cooking is done with the help of radiant heat that is produced by the heating element. This heat warms up the air inside the oven. The baking pan’s conduction is the main source of heat that is responsible for all the cooking to be done from all sides.

Explain The Difference Between The Toaster Oven And An Air Fryer.

The two kitchen appliances are compact and are useful for cooking delicious food. However, it is essential to note the following point of difference.

1. Use Of Oil

One of the best features of an air fryer is its ability to cook food without the use of any oil, which makes the food healthy. The appliance is a kind of product that can also be used for dehydrating. This makes an air fryer a much preferable alternative over a toaster oven.

2. Versatility 

A toaster oven can perform standard functions like baking, grilling, toasting, etc., which provides a very limited alternative in terms of food preparation. Therefore an air fryer with its air frying, even cooking and dehydrating functions, is a more versatile option as compared to a toaster oven.

3. Heating Method.

The heating element in a toaster oven is placed on top and bottom, which warms up the air inside the oven. An air fryer, on the other hand, uses a strong heating element designed in the form of a coil, and it has a strong fan that circulated the hot air. The convection toaster oven also consists of a fan, but it is not as strong as in the case of an air fryer.

4. Heating Time

As discussed above, the heating elements in an air fryer are stronger than compared to a toaster oven. An air fryer gets preheated in lesser time, and the cooking is done really quickly. Hence, the heating time is almost half in the case of an air fryer as compared to a toaster oven. However, this is not true in the case of toasting bread slices. The toaster oven is efficient in delivering perfectly toasted bread slices in half the time as compared to an air fryer. 

The speed of an air fryer can also be attributed to its size, which makes cooking faster. Also, the shape of the bucket makes the circulation of hot air easier.

5. Cleaning Process

We all know that cooking is a messy process. However, in most cases, this mess is caused due to oil that becomes greasy and is very difficult to clean. The air fryer uses no oil in the cooking process. Hence the cleaning process is a lot easier in the case of an air fryer. 

Also, it has a compact size and has an easy-to-clean surface both inside and outside the appliance. A toaster over is also small. However, the oil residue will need to be cleaned with a detergent and sponge. 

Be careful while cleaning the toaster oven, and make sure your skin does not come in contact with the heating element. Do not scrub the insides of a toaster oven or an air fryer with a sharp object as the paint might come off, and it will destroy your appliance as well.

6. Insulated Surface.

The exterior of a toaster oven has very little insulation. Hence you need to be extra careful around your toaster oven, especially if you have been using it for a while. Also, do not place any flammable substance near a toaster oven. Also, remove any substance made of plastic as it may lose shape. Hence if you stay in a place with a warmer climate or if your kitchen space is small and less ventilated, you should opt for an air fryer. An air fryer is properly insulated, and the exterior does not heat up even after hours of usage.

7. Power Usage 

The power usage of an air fryer is slightly higher as compared to a toaster oven. A toaster oven uses 1400 watts of power on average, whereas an air fryer uses an additional 200 watts. This is due to the high-power heating element used in an air fryer. The difference is really small and is well compensated by the reduction in cooking time in the case of an air fryer.

Let’s Understand The Differences With The Help Of A Table.

Point Of DifferenceAir FryerToaster Oven
Use of oilNo oil usedOil is used
VersatilityMore versatileLimited uses
Heating methodstrong heating fansThe heating pan produces radiant heat
Heating timeLesser except in the case of bread toastsHigher
Cleaning processMuch easierDifficult
Insulated surfaceNicely insulatedNo proper insulation.
Power usageSlightly High uses of powerPower usage is slightly low

These are some of the differences between an air fryer and a toaster oven. An air fryer is a much better alternative as compared to a toaster oven in many ways, and it costs more as well. However, you should choose one which meets your needs and preferences.

Air Fryers vs. Convection Ovens: What’s the Difference?

Convection ovens have a fan that blows air around to cook food faster. They also have a convection setting, which cooks the baker without preheating. One question many people ask us is what the difference is between air fryers and convection ovens. Air fryers don’t use any oil to cook food, just hot air.

Is an air fryer the same as a small convection oven?

There has been an increase in sales of these appliances, with many different types available to suit any need. One of the most popular of these is the air fryer because nowadays, we’re all trying to cut back on oil and grease. But what exactly is an air fryer and how does it compare to a convection oven?

Air fryer vs Toaster oven comparison: Which is Best?

Air fryers and toaster ovens offer one easy way to avoid deep frying without sacrificing your favorite foods. Air fryers cook with a very hot air current at a temperature of 170 degrees Fahrenheit, while toaster ovens cook with an average temperature of 350 degrees F.

Air Fryer Vs. Toaster Oven – Which One’s Right for You?

Compared to an air fryer, this is cheaper and more energy-efficient. Toaster ovens are also easy to clean and easier to store than an air fryer because of their size. Air fryers work by circulating hot air around the food on the racks. It cooks with less oil than deep-frying, but it is still more expensive than using a stovetop or countertop model.

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