What Kind of Employee Discount Does Ralph Lauren Offer?

What Kind of Employee Discount Does Ralph Lauren Offer

Last Updated on July 11, 2023 By Emma W. Thomas

Ralph Lauren offers an employee discount to its staff, allowing them to purchase products from the brand at a reduced price. The exact discount percentage may vary depending on the specific policies and regulations of the company but typically ranges between 30% and 50%. This discount applies to a wide range of Ralph Lauren merchandise, including clothing, accessories, and home goods.

How does Ralph Lauren’s employee discount work?

How does Ralph Lauren's employee discount work

Ralph Lauren restricts its employee discounts to its workers, spouses/partners, and dependent children. These categories of people can access the discounts through the family’s unique promotional code. The family members can also use the employee’s ID number (a six-digit number) and birthday. 

The table below shows examples of items with employee discounts.


Employee discount

Who is eligible

All general clothing

40% off 

All employees

Work uniform

60% off

All employees

All general clothing

30% off

Family and friends

Can one enjoy Ralph Lauren employee discount if you are not their employee?

Can one enjoy Ralph Lauren employee discount if you are not their employee

It may not be easy to enjoy their employee discount if you don’t work at Ralph Lauren. But, if you have a friend who works there, you can request them to buy some items for you. For one to enjoy the discount, you need to present your employee’s ID card in person at a Ralph Lauren store. The cashier may enter the ID number at their online store ralphlauren.com or request you to provide your government ID for verification. 

Employees can only share their work IDs with immediate family members but not with anyone else. Since an employee’s salaries and raises depend on the company’s amount of money, most workers won’t allow others to use their discounts. If one enables many people to use their employee discount to purchase stuff, it will diminish their chances for a raise. 

But, knowing an employee at Ralph Lauren can help you get a ticket to the sample sales that occur a few times per year. The big deals are not open to the public, and one can only access them with a ticket. You can also take advantage of the various coupons that employees get to share with others throughout the year. 

What products does Ralph Lauren deal with?

Ralph Lauren Corporation deals with marketing, designing, and distributing premium lifestyle products. Their products include licensed categories like accessories, apparel, and home furnishings. There is also a collection of fragrances for women, men, and children to wear. 

This global leader in design and marketing reflects a uniquely American perspective by innovating lifestyle branding, making them significantly influence people’s dressing styles. 

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What other benefits do Ralph Lauren employees enjoy?

What other benefits do Ralph Lauren employees enjoy

The employees at Ralph Lauren have several other benefits besides the discounts. Some of these benefits include;

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

EAP is a program at Ralph Lauren that assists employees and immediate families in coping with stressful challenges at home and the workplace. In this program, one can get help with daily tasks, guidance during significant events, or support during tough times. 

After working for one year, an employee is eligible for up to four weeks of paid leave (with 100% pay). During this time, you can take care of an ailing, immediate family member or upon adoption of a child or birth. 

Friendly work schedules

All Ralph Lauren employees are entitled to flexible work arrangements to cater to other life issues. This flexibility helps one manage their life and what they do in the distribution centers, stores, or offices. 

Focus on the balance between life and work

Besides the paid time off that Ralph Lauren employees get during summer, most global offices also offer Fridays offs. This package allows the workers to take an extra four days off between June and September. An eligible worker is also entitled to a day off during their birthday which is also a part of the paid time-off program. 

An eligible employee is also entitled to a two-week or four-week sabbatical leave at 100 percent pay. 

Financial and retirement benefits

Every eligible employee at Ralph Lauren gets access to various programs that help them create financial security. These programs include surrogacy/adoption assistance, retirement benefits, and employee discounts on products and services. 

Scholarship programs and ERF (Employee Relief Fund) enable the employee to get financial aid. Through the ERF, the workers at Ralph Lauren who may have financial hardship due to a natural disaster or personal problem receive financial assistance. With the help of the scholarship programs, the employees get financial support for career development courses.

 Employee incentives

Besides the generous employee discounts on most Ralph Lauren brands, their workers have access to incentives and sample sales throughout the year. Ralph Lauren company provides a lifetime discount to employees who have worked for 25 years and above as a reward for their commitment and loyalty. 

Health insurance

All workers enjoy life insurance and health benefits, but this may vary depending on your location. Ralph Lauren provides their employees with health insurance whereby they foot a certain percentage of the bill. The employees make some tax-free contributions and are entitled to dental and health benefits. 

Polo Ralph Lauren Corp worker is eligible for group life insurance and long-term and short-term disability insurance (for illness or accidents). There are also death benefits that cover a particular kind of death. 

Pension plans

There are various employer-provided pension plans to help employees get a stable income after retirement. Ralph Lauren Corp gives a defined contribution to enable their workers to invest and save for later in life. 

Wrapping up 

Ralph Lauren Corporation offers excellent discounts to all their employees worldwide as a show of gratitude for their loyalty. These discounts may differ depending on one’s location, but they apply across various products and services. The workers, their close family members, and friends are eligible to enjoy the discounts, but they must use the employee’s work ID. 

Besides the discounts, this category of people is also entitled to other benefits such as health insurance, financial assistance, retirement benefits, and scholarship program.