Which Is Better, Polo Ralph Lauren or US Polo Assn? (Detailed Comparison) 

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Both brands are good depending on what you prefer – fashion or sports. Go for Ralph Lauren if you want a lovely appearance with prestigious clothes. If you care about the sport and not the brand, US Polo Assn is a good choice because the money gained is used to support the sport.

Polo Ralph Lauren and US Polo Assn are both clothing companies, and you can select the better one by considering their differences. They vary in price and purpose, among other factors, and we shall discuss them below to help you make the best choice.

Depending on your needs, either of the two brands can be better. Let’s dig into what you may consider determining the best brand of your choice.

Polo Ralph Lauren vs. US Polo Assn quality

Polo Ralph Lauren has a reputation of being of a higher quality compared to US Polo Assn. However, it all depends on who you want to promote, as the clothing bears each company’s logo, and therefore, you are actively participating in promoting the company. Again, the two brands price their products differently, which can be a good factor in determining the best among the two.

Polo Ralph Lauren and US Polo Assn differences

Polo Ralph Lauren and US Polo Assn differences

Both brands are different and unique. Buying clothing with logos on the outside may help promote the brand and demonstrate enthusiasm for a particular designer. However, considering the following distinct features can help you make a good selection:

Polo Ralph Lauren US Polo Assn 
Handles both men’s and women’s clothes.Mainly focuses on sports and displaying its logo.
Deals with many types of clothes – jeans, jackets, suits and decorations such as perfumes.Mainly deals with colored polos with logos on chests or sleeves to motivate their polo players.
Its attires are costly Sells affordable polo attires.
It is a brand of fashion It is a real polo sports organization 

Despite the differences, you can select your choice because of personal desires such as wearing clothes for luxury. Notably, Ralph Lauren is authentic and offers quality products in what they sell. Its modern designs are also of a real designer. 

Furthermore, Ralph Lauren is more established among the two brands. It is widely spoken for distributing classier clothes which enhances fashion rather than focusing on sports compared to their counterpart, US Polo Assn. 

Is Polo Ralph Lauren worth it?

Many customers will consider Polo Ralph Lauren because of quality rather than price. However, US Polo Assn can be a cheaper alternative for a low-budget fashion for a polo sports enthusiast. Typically, Polo Ralph Lauren is worth it based on customers’ reviews of their product experience. 

Moreover, it is also the best alternative when aiming for prestigious fashions from authentic designers. Contrary, US Polo Assn is not a designer brand and aims to market sports activities with clothing labels. US Polo Assn’s quality is subpar, and you can invest in good quality clothes by purchasing from Polo Ralph Lauren.

Differentiating local and original Polo Ralph Lauren US T-shirts

Polo has acquired a brand name which has led to the production of fake products outside the company. Therefore, being keen to get the difference using these techniques can help you get real t-shirts as you shop.

Check out the logo

All Polo T-Shirts have labels. Fake ones will have a weak label, with a horse looking less healthy. A good t-shirt must have a logo with a horse appearing healthier and should be heavy.

Collar labels

All Ralph Lauren’s t-shirts have a label on the collar at the back but inside. The collar should be divided into two sections- a large one with a logo and a small protruding section on the right to display the size of the t-shirt. A t-shirt without these features is likely to be fake.


Quality clothes have quality stitching, and so are Polo Ralph Lauren wears. You can easily distinguish between poor quality stitches and premium quality stitching by looking at the edges of the t-shirt. This should give you a hint about purchasing genuine wear. 


Polo Ralph Lauren ensures t-shirt buttons are stitched with a cross representing an “X” on all their buttons. In addition, the stitching color of threads always resembles the color of the shirts.

Care label trademark

While fake t-shirts will also have care labels, Polo Ralph Lauren’s labels always have an “R” as part of the label. It should also be near the bottom of the t-shirt with evenly spaced. 

Is US Polo Assn good?

Many prefer Polo Ralph Lauren, but US Polo Assn is an equally good and luxurious brand. First, it is relatively cheaper and produces t-shirts for polo sports enthusiasts. It has 277 stores around the globe dedicated to producing better clothing apparel.

It has also expanded its products from t-shirts to other accessories such as underwear, shoes, leather products, and men’s and women’s clothes. You can get your desired clothes by shopping in their shops, which makes it a good brand.

Polo Ralph Lauren’s T-shirt durability

The brand has been around for many years, but the quality of its t-shirts is inconsistent. Usually, luxury, price, and quality go hand in hand. Many of their t-shirts will last for 5 to 8 years, while others will have an extended lifespan of 10 to 12 years. Some of their t-shirts are currently costly but have short-term durability compared to their ancient types. 

Identifying US Polo Assn original T-Shia from fake T-shirts

Identifying US Polo Assn

US Polo Assn produces quality t-shirts, but fake t-shirts are also in the market bearing their logo. Here are some guidelines when buying their t-shirts:


The t-shirts should bear their logo “US POLO ASSN” and “SINCE 1980.” Both words must be capitalized. The best way to identify a fake t-shirt is to check the thickness of the letters U, N, and A. The first lines of these letters are always thicker, while the subsequent lines are thinner.

Removable label

The label should have the company’s name and logo, but the catch here’s the logo. It should have: the hoof and shoe of the first horse, and the first man should be white, respectively. Any t-shirt missing these features on the removable label is fake.

Is US Polo Assn fake?

Many people say that US Polo Assn is fake, which is not true. The company has continued to produce clothing over time and is licensed to conduct business. Thus clothing brand is under the custody of the United States Polo Association.

All revenue generated from clothes is meant to support polo players, both novices and veterans. It also aims to promote polo sport and deals with animal welfare. It’s worth mentioning that the US Polo Assn is not fake. 

The significance of Ralph Lauren polo colors

It is good to know what each color means as you buy the clothes from your favorite brand – Ralph Lauren Polo. Black emphasizes its core values and characteristics- simplicity, elegance, and classy. However, it may be changed to suit the clothes’ color but remains the logo’s background color.

The horse on the logo signifies the preservation of the original and indigenous American history. In addition, it is also a symbol of courage, willpower, and authority. The white color contrast signifies loyalty, safety, and humility.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ralph Lauren worth?

The company has increasingly become popular and extended its boundaries to over 200 countries. Currently, it’s worth $2 billion but still has an annual increase as it expands its boundaries. Its net worth is expected to increase over the years due to its constant production of clothes with the latest trends and fashion designs.

Why Ralph Lauren is costly while US Polo Assn is cheap?

Ralph Lauren values quality and is more famous than US Polo Assn. They take advantage of this, and you will find that its products tend to be more expensive, but still, many people will love shopping at Ralph Lauren. Ralph Lauren had dominated the market, and US Polo Assn had to reduce the price to fit in. Both brands compete with similar buyers, and US Polo Assn has to cut costs to get more customers.

Are Polo Ralph Lauren and US Polo Assn related?

The two brands are not related. US polo Assn mainly deals with sports while their competitor Polo Ralph Lauren is in business. Although both companies supply clothes of different fashions to different countries, they are not related. Their logos seem to be similar, but there is no relationship between them.

Final Words!

Polo Ralph Lauren and US Polo Assn are good brands. All of them are better but have slight price differences. While Polo Ralph Lauren is better for quality, US Polo Assn is better for low prices and sports enthusiasts. Checking out for quality clothes from both brands is always a good way to avoid getting fake products.




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