Best Meat Grinders In 2021 | Important Features To Consider & Reviews

Why lie! Even if all the best meat grinders are put in front of you, if you don’t know the essential features to consider when buying them, you will get confused. Actually, the probability of making the wrong choice will be high. Unless you have invested in one previously or dealt with a meat mincer before, then you need some guidance. If you haven’t dealt with the steak grinders before, there is no need to worry.  We are here to help.

We have done research that is based on trustworthy and genuine sources and compiled essential features one can use as a reference when choosing the right steak grinder. The top-rated products are also presented so that you can choose without worrying about the performance. Read through and pick one that suits your needs and preferences.

Top 6 Meat Grinders In 2021 (Best Picks)

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What Makes Up Great Meat Grinder?

What Makes Up Great Meat Grinder

Here are some basic features to keep in mind to get the best product from the market:


The motor is an essential part when it comes to meat grinders. Depending on what you are planning to grind will enable one to get the right mill. Powerful electric motor ranges between 800W to 1500W, and they do an efficient job though their prices are little high than the casual ones. If you lack money, consider the manual one. It will suit your needs.

Size and Weight

The bulkiness of the grinder determines its portability. Heavy meat mincers are generally of high quality and are durable.  The use of metals limits plastic usage. So before making a decision, consider the weight since it might be too heavy for you to use, and you may need to set aside some space for it.For home, find the lightweights as it may prove to be convenient to move quickly.

Size also matters as these grinders come in different designs and models. Check their photos first to know the exact style to determine if you will need some adjustment in your kitchen arrangement for it to fit perfectly.


Grinders come with different materials, and each one of them offers something unique. Stuffs that used include; stainless steel, aluminum, and plastic, thus making them reliable. A grinder that has all of its internal gears made of metal is durable, and the best to invest Plastic grinders can be moved easily from one place to another mill can be move quickly from one place to another.


Various companies have different warranties on their product based on some factors. When it comes, meat mincers companies offer 1 to 2 years while others offer warranty up to 5years. Pay attention to the warranty if you are investing in a high-quality meat mincer that costs a lot. As they say, the more extended the warranty, the more peace of mind one will get. At least get one which has a year warranty for protection. But go for a more extended warranty if you are getting a meat mincer with lots of accessories since they can replace those parts if they break.


Yes, a meat mincer meant to grind meat for burgers, sausage, or even cutting meat into cubes. But nowadays we have a grinder model which can do other things apart from meat grinding. The differentiating factor is versatility if you need the grinder with more than a Uni-tasker. Versatility includes even the meat one can grind, grinding levels, and types of food the machine can grind.


Now that you have the idea of what your ideal grinder should have, it’s also necessary to consider the accessories that you might need. Mills from various companies differ when it comes to accessories attached to the machines and other factors. You might be shocked to learn that other steak grinders have no accessories at all while others have accessories that one may never even use. So choose what you want.

Ease of Cleaning and Maintenance

Another thing to consider is the ease of maintaining and cleans your steak grinder. It’s the ability to disassemble grinder parts to clean and maintain properly. Depending also on your preference, would you want a hand wash or safe dishwasher grinder? Some are both while others can either be hand wash or dishwasher safe.


As much as we want you to get the best steak grinder in the world, your budget will be the determining factor in the end. People have different needs, and you need to keep these in mind before purchasing. Are you planning to use your grinder more often or not? And what’s your budget. These will guide one what they want. Remember, heavy metal grinders will cost you more than this other lightweight plastic, but it does not mean it will not give you the best results. It’s just about the durability and warranty.

Types of Meat Grinders

Types of Meat Grinders

Well, we have different types of steak grinders offered in the market, but it doesn’t mean the other one is better. Your needs and standards will lead you to choose a perfect mill that is suitable.


Its convenience and performance make them the most popular grinders in the market. These types of mills cost more, may take more space, and require maintenance often. Electric grinders are suitable for people who need to finish their tasks quickly, plus those who don’t want to crank the machine by hand.

  • Hand-crank

These are typically referred to as manual meat mincers. They are the oldest grinder still available in the market. Its availability is associated with its effectiveness, cost, and durability. So if you want your job done, but the budget is tight, consider hand-crank grinders it will not disappoint.

  • Attachment Grinders

This kind of meat mincers only works when you have the device to attach it to, just like the ones for KitchenAid.So, if you do have one in your home, then there is no need to spend more money on a meat mincer while you can buy an attachment.

These types of mills are easy to set up and don’t require one to buy the entire device. The blender, though, is not recommended for those planning to grind more often.         

Top Six Meat Grinders To Buy In 2021

Top Six Meat Grinders

Now that you understand what to look for when choosing the best meat grinder, let us check products that are a great pick. These machines are straightforward to operate, so there is no need for special skills or expertise as well as cleaning them.Since the market has flooded with different varieties, it’s wise for us to write reviews of the top brands available for your quick perusal. So, without wasting time, here are our top six meat grinder reviews that will suit your needs.

1. Gourmia Electric Meat Grinder [ GMG 525]

Gourmia is a reputable company in the industry; known for its customer satisfaction, safety. Quality, just to mention a few. So, when we talk about Gourmia, GMG525 is no exception. The Electric grinder is fast and efficient when grinding meat. It’s a cost-effective and straightforward brand yet prevalent in the market, perfect for kitchen counter considering its sleek looking.

The machine comes with all necessary attachments and accessories, including three stainless steel blades, which are durable. These blades are of different sizes and enable one to use them for medium, coarse and elegant cuts. Sausage horn, food pusher, and kibbeh are the attachment the machines has. The device with a reliable food tray, not to mention a 3-way on/off reverse switch making its operation come easy. Dual safety switch gives one peace of mind.


  • 1000W cooper motor
  • Made of sturdy and robust material
  • Recipe book included
  • Quality and cost-effective machine with three different size blade
  • Easy to use and clean


  • Some people find it difficult to assemble

Here are the specs:

Weight6.85 pounds
Dimension(5.5 x 13.5  11.8)  
Item model numberGMG525

2. Sunmile SM-G31 ETL Electric Meat Grinder

Sunmile is a popular company that has been producing quality products for over two decades now. The company emphasizes the use of quality parts only when assembling their product by their qualified technician. The manufacturing techniques and equipment used by the technicians are the most modern in the market, thus making their product unique and exceptional. An SM-G31 steak grinder is ETL approved for quality and safety hence making their sales in the market high. The grinder has basic features to use, yet it can grind up to 150 pounds of meat in an hour.

This grinder is an upgrade of the hand grinders, thus allowing the user to grind meat efficiently with its powerful 800W motor. The machine .is made with copper wire; the grinder can withstand peerless meat grinding every day at home. The durable machine is easy to operate thanks to its on/off switch. Assembling, dissembling, and cleaning if this machine has been made easier by the screw type-locking knob.

The three stainless steel cutting plates that this machine has made your cooking even more interesting, not to mention the sausage stuff maker that comes with it. The cuts plates include fine, medium, and coarse, giving you the best result that one can ask. You can grind soft bones with this incredible machine. 


  • 800W cooper motor
  • Affordable and ETL certified machine
  • Quality machine with three different size blade and one sausage stuff maker
  • Easy to use, clean and assemble


  • Not suitable for dishwasher safe

Here are the specs:

Weight7.9 pounds
Dimension(19.3 x 10.4 x 8.4)²
Item model numberSM-G31

3. LEM Stainless Steel Big Bite Electric Meat Grinder

LEM is a family-owned business that has been gracing our market with the latest innovation and technology by its skilled and experienced technicians. The performance and speed this grinder delivers is an unquestionable grinding experience to both our home and professional users. No more time wastage, while preparing meatballs, making sausage, minced meat, or even pets foods, among others, as this product can do all these in a few minutes. Its modernized brushed steel finish makes it beautiful in your kitchen, together with the top-notch performance.

This grinder has stainless steel, which makes it durable and dependable. The gears with roller bearings and grinding plates are also made with stainless steel, also making them last for long. LEM stainless steel big bite grinders have a 5year warranty giving their customers peace of mind. Having 1metal stomper, two stainless steel plates, one stainless steel knife, three stuffing tubes, and stuffing plates makes this product unique on its own.

The different parts can. More interestingly, the machine is ETL certified to UL standards, and the built-in circuit breaker gives its customers safety for use. The motor for this grinder is permanently lubricated, and grease formulation ensures the machines don’t make a lot of noise, unlike other steak grinders in the market.


  • Five-year warranty
  • Built-in circuit breaker for safe use
  • Permanently lubricated motor
  • All metal parts making it durable
  • Grind soft bones quickly without clogging them even the meat
  • Easy to clean, assemble and dissemble


Here are the specs:

Item model number17771

4. KitchenAid FGA Food Grinder Attachment

If someone is familiar with kitchen supplies, then they will be familiar with this kind of KitchenAid brand. It’s the most versatile and trustworthy brand with affordable prices that work well with KitchenAid stand mixer you could ever lay your hon. Suitable for making a simple breakfast or a batch of sausage for yourself. Its durability is due to the steel that the product is made of and enables one reliable yet straightforward performance. The item comes with three different dies, 3blades, two sausage tubes, and a brush for cleaning.

Other accessories that come with it include; meat pusher, long feeding tube large metal loading tray, among others. This item cannot be put in the dishwasher though its part can since one can disassemble without any difficulties.


  • Attaches straight to your KitchenAid stand mixer
  • Pocket friendly
  • Quality machine with three different dies,3bladesand two sausage tubes
  • Easy to use, clean and assemble


  • Works only with a KitchenAid stand mixer

Here are the specs:

Dimension(4 x 7 x 7)²
ManufacturerKitchenAid Kitchen Electrics
Item model numberFGA

5. Gideon Hand Crank Manual Meat Grinder

Gideon hand crank is the best manual steak grinder that has the best combination of old school design and the best modern materials there is in the market. I know you must be wondering as to why one goes for a hand-crank machine that has the same price as the electric one? But you know what! Just because we have multiple electric steak grinders out there doesn’t me hand-grinders have gone out of style. Guess what! These machines have the same features or even better than that of electric meat mincers. Well, the key differentiator for this machine is the satisfaction one gets from grinding own meat by your hand, and that feeling has been felt by many customers, thanks to Gideon.

This grinder made well enough to enable one to use less effort; the stable base allows one to place anywhere in the kitchen surface without worrying about its stability.

The two stainless steel plates that the grinder comes with enables you to minced fine and coarse meat of your own choice. The blades of these machines are kept safe and hidden in a safe place to avoid an accident that might arise while using the grinder.


  • Easy to use, clean and uses no electricity
  • Budget-friendly with low maintenance
  • Comes with a warranty to assure clients its quality
  • Dishwasher friendly


  • Prices are very similar to Electric meat mincers
  • Require one to use effort

Here are the specs:

Dimension(10.9 x 6.7x 6.1)²
Item model numberGD-MT-MCER-02

6. STX International STX-3OOO-TF Turboforce 3 Electric Meat Grinder

This meat grinder is one of its kinds, and it’s the top on our list due to many factors we are going to check right now. The machine comes with a potent locked motor with 3000 Watts, but when grinding, it uses 800W to 1200W, meaning it’s under load usage of Watts. Hence, it allows you to grind around 300 to 360 pounds of meat within an hour, making it suitable for someone with a busy lifestyle or commercial use.

STX turbo force electric grinder has a size 12 grinder head, which is more significant in the market, unlike the usual ones with size 5 or 6. The durable grinder parts such as meat pan, grinding head, Auger, among others, are one hundred percent aluminum cast. With its 3-speed setting features, you can be able to set the machine to low, medium, or high settings depending on the results you want. Circuit breaker ensures your safety in mind.

The device has a three-year warranty to cover for any defects or damages one might incur.Also, the grinder comes with various accessories like sausage tubes, kubbe makers, meat claws used for cutting and shredding multiple grinding plates, just to mention a few.


  • Easy to use, clean and assemble
  • Durable and quality machine
  • Powerful electric motor suitable for heavy-duty
  • Three grinding plates to choose
  • Three-year warranty


  • Grinder cant grind tendons

Here are the specs:

Weight13 pounds
Dimension(17 x 8 x 12)²
ManufacturerSTX international
Item model numberSTX-4000-TB2-PD-BL


Q. What is the use of a meat grinder?

Well, both the manual, electric, or attachment grinder is for processing different kinds of foods. Apart from minced meat, these appliances make sausages, cheese, nuts, and vegetables. They are more plenty of things one can do with the meat mincer; let your imagination guide there is more to discover.

Q.Can I go for a Manual or Electric grinder?

Probably this is the most significant decision you need to decide on since both can do the same functions correctly. To make a wise decision consider the quantity you are planning to grind and how often will be the grinder be in use. Also, find the speed you need to finish the job and the budget you have. Electric mills can grind large quantities, even bones within the shortest time possible, and one can use more often while the manual one needs more energy and comes with a lower cost than Electric ones.

Q. Can you put bones in a steak grinder?

You can grind small bones like that of chicken or rabbit though generally it is not recommended to put bones in a meat mincer. So avoid crushing large animal’s bones in the mill even if the motor is powerful.

Q. Is it suitable to use cooked meat in a grinder?

Yes, though it’s not advisable. Since cooked meat has a soft texture when cooked and might turn mushier when you grind. If it’s necessary then change the settings of the grinder and use plates for cooked meat only.

Q. How will you clean a steak grinder?

Some machines can be hand wash, dishwasher safe, or both. If you are hand washing, use hot water and soap. First, you should remove and recover meat that clogged in the feeder tube before you start cleaning the grinder. For that, Use the reverse function to push out all the beef stuck inside the mill. Disassemble all the grinder parts and clean them thoroughly before assembling them again after they are dry.

Q. How can one get the rust out of a steak grinder?

If your meat minceris made of stainless steel parts, then it’s likely prone to frequent rusting. For such a case, one needs to soak all the grinder parts into hot water before scrubbing the grinder parts gently. Use a wire brush as this helps get rid of the rust eventually. Spray oil later after the existing rust comes out to prevent this from coming up again.

Final Thoughts

There is a meat grinder suitable for your needs out there. Just read in between the lines. Save time and enjoy yourself when preparing your mouth-watering delicacy by ensuring you have the best meat grinder.  All the meat mincers discussed above are great, but as you know, we all have different taste and preference, choose yours. This article will help you spot your dream grinder of all time. With your budget, you will surely find something that will serve your needs perfectly.

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