Semi-Truck Bunk Beds: Are They Good? And Where To Buy Them

Semi-Truck Bunk Beds

Last Updated on July 27, 2023 By Emma W. Thomas

Semi-truck bunk beds are practical for long-haul drivers, providing a restful sleep space in the confined truck cabin. They help maximize space and offer comfort during rest breaks. However, individual preferences and comfort levels may vary, so it’s essential to choose a suitable bunk bed setup for one’s needs.

What Are The Various Types Of Semi-Truck Bunk Beds?

The current semi-truck bunk beds range from minimalist metal frames to classy designs: Incorporating trundles, workstations, and other advanced features. The cost of a new bunk bed may range from $200 to $1,000, depending on the style, material composition, and brand. 

Type Of Bed:Description:The Number Of Sleepers:
Twin over twin (standard)Allowing you to remove the top bunk if you need it features two twin-size beds stacked on each other yet detachable.It is for two people with two mattresses on the top and bottom bunks.
Twin over fullIt creates more space than a standard bunk bed by featuring a full-size mattress accommodating two people at the bottom bunk. It is for 2-3 people with one full and two twin-size mattresses.
Triple bunk bedSome may be designed with two adjoining bottom beds and a top bed stacked over the midsection of the bunk where the bottom beds meet. The beds are also detachable to accommodate three people with three twin-size mattresses.
Standard loft Elevated over an open space of at least 40 inches, it features only one bed. The open space is large enough for a working desk with a computer and chair. They can only accommodate one person with a twin mattress.
Triple loftIt is L-shaped and often positioned at the corner of the semi-truck. Attaching at a 90-degree angle, the top bunk features two adjoining beds, while the other top bunk is elevated over an open space. One of the top bunks is stacked over a bottom bunk.Has three twin-size mattresses for three people.
L-shapedIt features a top twin-size bunk stacked over the bottom bunk in a perpendicular design. The two bunk beds form a small L-shape when viewed from above, and a ladder or steps border the bottom bunk on one side. It can sleep 2-3 people in 1 twin or full and another twin mattress. 
Futon Stacked over a futon bed that can be converted into a couch-like sitting surface, this type of bunk bed features a standard mattress. It has either a twin or full-size mattress with one twin and one futon.
TrundleThis semi-truck bunk bed sleeps three people and features two stacked twin-size mattresses like a standard design. For the ease of rolling in and out, the drawer is characteristically equipped with caster wheels. It comes with three twin mattresses for three people.

Features Of A Semi-Truck Bunk Bed:

Semi-truck bunk beds generally share some features and qualities to provide maximum comfort to buyers. They come in a wide range to choose from, as seen earlier in the different types to suit your taste. But before you make that big choice, can we first take a look at the various features of a good bunk bed?

1. The poles or supporting columns:

They are designed with four pillars or poles, one for each corner of the bed for supporting the top bunk properly and prevent it from collapsing.

2. Guardrails:

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the top bunk(s) must feature at least one set of parallel guardrails with one rail on each side. Though not necessary, the bottom bunk may also feature guardrails. 

3. Bunkie Boards:

Bunk beds feature relatively thin wooden planes known as Bunkie Boards underneath the top and bottom bunks. Unlike standard single-person beds featuring a box spring beneath the mattress, a thickness of 2-4 inches is the measurement for most of them. 

4. Access To The Top Bunk:

Standard bunk beds are normally built with gears to enable users to reach the top bunk without harm. These include stairs, slats or rungs, and ladders.

What Are The Common Materials Used In Making Semi-Truck Bunk Beds?

After going through the various bunk beds, I’m sure you can tell the best choice for your semi-truck. But are you aware that they can be made from different materials to function differently and suit your taste? The material used to make the beds greatly influences their prices in different manufacturing stores. Let’s have a look at some of the common materials that can be used to make them in detail;

1. Steel:

Bunk beds made of steel are widely available and the most affordable models in the market. The metal bunk beds can support at least 200-250 pounds and are highly durable.

2. Hardwood:

Bunk beds made of hardwood, including cherry, poplar, ash, and oak, are the most durable and are extensively considered the strongest. On average, they are the most expensive, and this doesn’t come as a surprise.

3. Solid Plastic:

These bunk beds are not particularly heavy and are Incapable of supporting much weight. They are fairly inexpensive and designed mostly for small children. 

4. Softwood:

Softwood bunk beds are a cheaper wood option. But they are more expensive than metal and plastic models; They are strong and fairly durable, made from pine and other softwood varieties.

Factors To Consider When Getting A Semi-Truck Bunk Bed:

Comparing different brands and models, there are a few factors to consider when shopping for a new bunk bed for your semi-truck.

1. Dimensions:

To ensure that the bunk bed will fit, consider the space available before browsing for models. You can take the measurements of your truck and use them to shop for a bed that will fit or have one custom-made for you. Ensure your bed fits well in the space for maximum comfort.

2. Storage:

Some bunk beds also come with storage drawers, and you need to consider your storage needs before getting the bunk bed. You’ll have more options if you have minimal storage needs. You can go for a loft bed or a bunk bed with large drawer space for greater storage capacity.

3. Price:

For a new bunk bed, you’ll spend $300-$500, but you can also get them at less than $300 if you’re on a budget. You can also buy them at $3000-$5000 for the high-end models. Have a set budget in mind to narrow down your search and make it easier. 

4. Warranty:

Manufacturers’ warranties typically run 30 days to a year, with some extending up to 5 years in length. A warranty guarantees durability and ensures the manufacturer bears the cost of repair and replacement in case of damage within the warranty period.

5. Certifications:

Meeting all applicable CPSC guidelines, all bunk beds should be certified for commercial or residential use. Before you spend your money on a bunk bed, ensure it is certified.

6. Weight Capacity:

The capacity of the bottom bunk will be significantly higher compared to the top bunk. When buying a bunk bed, consider its weight vis a vis the total weight your truck can hold.

7. Assembly:

In most cases, you will have to assemble the bunk bed without any assistance though some manufacturers offer assembly services for customers.

8. Return Policy:

With the purchase of any bunk bed, a slumber trial may be included at least for 30 nights. If you’re unsatisfied with the product, you’re allowed to return it for a full refund within that period. 


Semi-truck bunk beds are good for the optimal performance of truck drivers. They ensure maximum rest as the drivers cannot be home every night. They can be on the road for several days or weeks delivering cargo to different destinations and unable to check in hotels due to time. Their sleeping patterns are unpredictable, for they’re always working 70 hours every eight days. 

You can buy the bunk beds at;

  • Walmart – from $200
  • Target – from $350 
  • American Bedding Manufacturers – from $500  
  • Amazon – from $200 

We hope that this information makes your search effortless and smooth. Go ahead and make your purchase after going through all the facts and information provided in this article. We wish you the best of luck in getting the best semi-truck bunk bed for your needs.