Should I Remove The Plastic On My Bed Box Spring?

Plastic On My Bed Box Spring

Last Updated on July 25, 2023 By Emma W. Thomas

Removing plastic from a bed box spring is generally safe and recommended. The plastic is used for protection during shipping and should be removed to allow proper ventilation. Keeping it on may trap moisture, leading to mold growth. Always check the manufacturer’s guidelines before doing so.

Pros and Cons of Removing The Plastic from the Bed Box Spring

Pros of Removing the PlasticCons of Removing the Plastic
Reduced Noise: Removing the plastic can significantly reduce noise caused by friction between the bed and the plastic.Risk of Stains: Without the plastic cover, the box spring becomes exposed and more susceptible to stains.
Improved Aesthetics: Without the plastic, the bed box spring can feel and look more natural and aesthetically pleasing.Loss of Moisture Protection: The plastic cover provides an extra layer of protection against moisture and dampness that can lead to mold and mildew growth.
Increased Breathability: The removal of plastic allows the material to breathe, improving airflow and potentially aiding in heat regulation for a more comfortable sleeping experience.Increased Dust and Allergen Exposure: Without the plastic cover, the box spring could be more exposed to dust mites and allergens which can affect individuals with allergies.
Enhanced Comfort: Some people find that a box spring without plastic provides a softer and more comfortable sleeping surface.Shortened Lifespan: The plastic provides a protective layer that can increase the durability and lifespan of a box spring. Without it, the lifespan may be shortened due to increased wear and tear.

Why Should You Remove The Plastic From Your Box Spring?

Remove The Plastic From Your Box Spring

While the plastic on your box spring shields it from dust and other unwanted things like bugs, leaving it on has its disadvantages which include;


A packaging plastic on your box spring will make your mattress slide, and be challenging to hold in position while you sleep. Since the plastic is slippery, you will not enjoy your sleep the whole night as you will have to keep adjusting your mattress. 

It Causes Molds

The plastic wrap will prevent your mattress from getting ventilation when it stays in it for long. Lack of proper air circulation in the box spring leads to mold growth which will eventually damage it. Molds result from the dampness in the box spring, leading to a foul smell, making your sleep uncomfortable. 

Harmful To Health

Plastic wrap is usually chemically processed, and inhaling these chemicals may be a health hazard. Since you cannot avoid breathing in these chemicals while you sleep, it is better to remove the plastic cover. 

It Makes The Box Spring Look Cheap.

While plastic wrap will make your box spring remain intact and look new, it also gives it a cheap appearance. Having plastic does not make it trendy or contemporary looking. 

Are There Any Advantages Of Leaving The Plastic Wrap On Your Box Spring?

 Advantages Of Leaving The Plastic Wrap On Your Box Spring

Keeping the plastic wrapping on your box spring has its pros as well, which include;

Ease Of Maintenance

When you leave the plastic on your box spring, it is easy to maintain since it repels dirt. A box spring needs regular maintenance, and keeping the cover will minimize the effort.

Protects The Piece From Mites

Mites creep onto your mattress and bed at night. Keeping the cover on is one sure way of preventing these crawling creatures from getting into your box spring. 

Prevention Of Dust

A covered box spring is easy to keep away from dust. A mattress that is not covered absorbs a lot of dust, which is unhygienic but requires a lot of maintenance. Leaving the plastic on will protect your mattress and make it easy for the sleeper to breathe appropriately. 

It Helps To Retain The Value

Since the plastic wrap protects your box spring from dust, dirt particles, and mites, it will remain to look new for longer. If you want to exchange this piece or sell it to someone, it will give you a reasonable price, unlike when you remove the cover. 

What Is The Purpose Of A Box Spring?

Most mattresses have a foundation, box spring, or a platform between them and the floor to provide firmness. Box springs help minimize wear and tear by absorbing impact on the mattress, especially those with thinner overall profiles. A box spring also helps to raise the mattress’s height. Doing this enables you to get in and out of bed quickly.

A box spring produces a sturdy, flat, and stable structure and surface on which a mattress sits.  The lack of a foundation prevents airflow, which may lead to unhygienic conditions. 

How Do Box Springs And Foundations Compare?





Stable and support for a more extended period. More long-lasting than box spring

More prone to wear and tear, which leads to broken coils. 


Provides more stable support to the mattress. Ideal for those who need firmer beds

It supports the mattress and gives enough bounce.


It isn’t easy to transport since it is pretty heavy.

Less heavy than a solid foundation


Perfect for hybrid, memory foam, latex, and innerspring beds

Ideal for innerspring beds

Average cost (for queen mattress)

Between $200 and $500

From $100 to $300

What Are The Different Designs And Types Of Box Springs?

Box springs have both low and high-profile designs. A standard high-profile box spring is 23cm (9 inches) high, while a low-profile one is 13 and 14cm (5 and 5.5 inches) in height. The different designs include;

Split Box Springs

This type of box spring comes in two different parts for ease of movement through the house. The two halves also make this item fit in tight corners. 

Zero-Deflection Box Springs

This design comprises wooden slats, and the box springs may also have wires for added support. These springs match well with almost all modern mattresses and are also more durable than other types. 

Semi-Flex Box Springs

This kind of box spring has a wooden frame with a metallic grid above the slats. It offers excellent support with a bit of flex. Semi-flex box springs are ideal for denser mattresses like memory foam and latex. 

Coil Box Springs

Coil box springs have coils and wooden frames that are spread out evenly within the structure. Since they are traditional, they may not provide maximum support for most modern mattresses. They are, however, perfect for innerspring mattresses. 


Having a plastic cover on your box spring has its advantages and disadvantages. Whether you need to remove this cover or not depends on your preferences. The plastic film may prevent proper circulation of air between the mattress and the body leading to dampness. The wetness may cause health issues to the person sleeping on the bed and it is advisable to remove the plastic.