What Is The Best Way To Lock A Bedroom Door From Outside?

To lock your bedroom door from the outside, you will be required to remove the existing lock. You can install a new lock that can fit in the existing interim that allows you to key lock the door from outside. You can also opt for a smart lock that uses your phone’s Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to lock the door from both sides. 

How Can You Lock Your Bedroom Door From The Outside?

You can use several options to lock the bedroom from the outside, depending on the purpose. For example, if the purpose of locking the door is to keep kids and pets away from your bedroom, you can go for something as simple as a doorknob or handle. Most kids are not likely to reach the handle and open the door. If you want to lock in valuables in your room, high-security lock options are the best option. 

Some of them may include the august smart lock, which helps you connect your bedroom lock with your phone’s Bluetooth device. The smart lock enables you to control your door lock using your phone effortlessly. Another option would involve going old school and opt for a padlock that is easy to install above or below your bedroom door lock handle. It is also easy to use as locking, and opening a padlock has no specific process.

Why Are Outside Locks Important?

It is normal for any person to lock their bedroom from the inside, for example, the need for privacy. On many occasions, bedroom doors lock from the inside. Some of the reasons why people lock their bedroom doors from the outside include security. Bedrooms are the most private and secure places for people to store their valuables, and it is only natural to want to leave the room closed when you are away. 

Another reason is when you have someone who is not in their right state of mind and requires to be locked in a room. Pets and kids are also among the reasons you want to leave your bedroom closed from the outside to prevent them from messing it up.

Should Bedroom Doors Have Locks?

Installing a lock on bedroom doors helps you afford some privacy. Bedroom doors should have locks if necessary, but it is better to avoid keyed locks for safety purposes. Doors leading inside the home should be the only ones that require keys. However, some rooms may require outside locks, such as when you live with someone who is not in their right state of mind and is likely to be dangerous when let out. 

Some people wonder whether their children’s bedrooms should have locks on their doors or not. When the kids are older, especially when they get to their teenage years, they will need some privacy too. Having a locked door at a younger age can be a safety issue. For this reason, you should consider installing door handles with no locks until they are old enough to get their bedroom doors locked. When installing, it is better to go for keyless locks that allow you to open the door from the outside with minimal effort. Such locks will get the kids the privacy they need, and you will have access to the room in case of an emergency. 

How Can You Secure Your Bedroom Door Without A Lock?

Sometimes you want to secure your bedroom door and have no locks to provide that option. In some cases, you may want safety in your bedroom or to prevent your roommates from tresspassing in your bedroom, but the door locks do not work. In such a scenario, different ways could work out for you, but, some  wil give you a false sense of door lock. They include;

Using A Fork

Forks can come in handy in emergencies, whereby you repurpose them to work as a lock. Using it as a lock involves you getting a fork. Shut the bedroom door and slip the fork into the gap. Some forks may fit, while others tend to stick out too far. For those that stick out, bend the prongs using either pliers or a knife. Break off the fork handle, stick it between the prongs, and close the door. 

You can test to see if the fork holds by pulling the door towards it. If the fork handle is slippery, use a rubber band to hold it in position. Using this method is only applicable in smaller ones like bedroom doors as they are not strong enough for the main doors.

Use A Barricade

Using a barricade is the most common method of locking doors without a door lock. This method requires no installation effort, and you do not have to buy anything. It requires you to put a heavy object in front of the door. It is labor-intensive as you have to remove the heavy barricade every time you want to leave the bedroom. Using a barricade can only be used internally as an outside opening bedroom door will be impervious and also beats the purpose. Some of the items you can use as a barricade include couches, fridges, and tables.

Jam Shutting The Door

For people who have kids at home, this is the best option which provides a steady supply of doorstoppers. They are in different designs, with molded felt and wedges being the most commonly used. Molded felt doorstops are brightly dyed and have playful patterns. These doorstops are U-shaped, and they function by slipping on the gap between the thick side of the door. 

On the other hand, door wedges come in acute angles design such that they sit on the door hence prevent it from slipping backward. They serve as temporary locks when placed at the top of the bedroom door instead of the bottom. 

What Factors Do You Consider When Buying Locks For Your Bedroom Doors?

Door handle locks come at various designs and prices. Some factors you should consider when buying door locks for bedroom doors are;

Your House Style

 Buy door locks the same way you would when deciding on furniture pieces of your home. They should go in line with the design to match the style of your home. To do this, you have to consider the theme used, the architecture of the room, and most importantly, the door type used. Some door designs are incompatible with other door locks, while others do not just match.


Handle door locks are among the best security options, even for the main entrance doors. They tend to offer a better security level than a tubular latch. If you are thinking of using door locks for your bedroom to provide security, then handle locks are the way to go. Tubular systems may be popular, but locks are safer, making them most people’s choice for their homes and businesses. Tubular locks are preferred because they are easy to install and do not require special training or tools, unlike handle locks, making them offer greater security. 

Which Are The Best Outside Bedroom Door Locks?

Like any other item, door locks vary depending on the quality, which translates to their availability at different prices. The following are some of the best locks you can consider;

Defender Security Lock

It is considered the best lock, judging from customer’s reviews. They are small and discreet but very effective. They usually work as door blockers. When locked, they rest in their slots with the ability to withstand heavy weights of up to 800lbs. opening it involves sliding it upwards and swinging it out. They provide maximum security since their keyholes cannot be and do not allow the door to open even a crack. 

Defender security locks fit in most outside door locks, but they are not the best option in cases where the door fits snugly in its frame. Among the advantages of using these locks is that they are cheap and affordable. They are also easy to install and their ability to withstand force rates up to 800lbs. However, they are associated with some cons, such as their sharp edges, losing their grip and functionality. It makes them less durable.

August Smart Lock

It is a keyless lock that locks the bedroom door from both the inside and outside. It serves on specific door locks such as a single-cylinder deadbolt which you have to upgrade. It involves replacing the standard thumb turn with a battery-operated device that helps you lock and unlock the bedroom door using your phone’s Bluetooth device. The main disadvantage of the August smart lock is that they are not compatible with many door locks.


It is not the best idea to lock a bedroom from the outside, especially when someone inside. Doing so is illegal and is considered a violation. Some instances, such as security or preventing kids and pets from going into the bedroom, may require you to lock the door from outside. The best option to lock the door from the outside is using a smart lock, padlock, or install a keyed lock.

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