Projector Wattage (Compare Different Watts Of Different Projectors)

Projector Wattage

Projector wattage varies depending on the size, number,  lumen type, and model of the device you have. LED projectors use 30-140W, DLP has an average consumption of 170-350W, Laser consumes up to 250W, while battery-powered types consume 20-90W.

Comparison of Different Watts Of Different Projectors

Projector WattageBrightness (Lumens)Energy Consumption (Watts)PerformanceEnergy Efficiency
1500W30001500Very HighModerate

Different Projectors And Their Estimated Power Consumption

Different Projectors And Their Estimated Power Consumption

Projectors use different mediums, which results in varying performance in image quality and level of brightness. As a result, their power consumption will differ. Here we will discuss the wattage for LED, DLP, Laser, and battery-powered projectors.

LED Projectors

LED projectors use LED for illumination, which consumes less power even though it emits high-quality light. Therefore, these types have relatively lower consumption compared to others. However, the wattage will vary from one model to the other. 

Typically, the LED projectors consume 30-140W, dependent on their features. Fewer features mostly mean less power consumption and vice versa. 

DLP Projectors

DLP is one of the oldest light-projecting techniques though still embraced by some projector manufacturers. Their brightness is 6-7 times that of the LED projector, meaning more power consumption. On average, the DPL projectors use 170-350W. And, still, some people who are not worried about electricity bills use them. 

Laser Projectors

Laser projectors utilize Laser Beams to project light. The technology is the best compared to LED and DPL as it is eco-friendly with low power consumption. When it comes to safety and durability, the Laser projectors are on top of the game.

Their power consumption is around 250W, which is high compared to LED types. However, there is a catch! With Laser projectors, you can safely use them in all circumstances and enjoy a long-lasting improved experience. 

Compared to DPL, Laser types are more energy-efficient and therefore recommended if you want to save your electricity bill

Battery-Powered Projectors

These projectors are also called Pico projectors, and they use a rechargeable battery as a source of power. Apart from the low power consumption, battery-powered projectors are best as they provide backup in case of a blackout. 

The battery-powered projectors use 20-90W of electric power, which is low compared to other types. If your concern is to save your electricity bills, then go for this type of device.

Summary Table Of Power Wattage Of Different Projectors 

Battery powers 20-90 Watts
Laser>250 Watts
DLP140-350 Watts
LED40-150 Watts

How To Know The Exact Power Of A Projector

How To Know The Exact Power Of A Projector

If you have disposed of the packaging and the wattage is not indicated anywhere on the projector, use the following ways to determine power consumption:

1. Use A Watt Measuring Machine

Having a watt machine helps you determine the wattage of your devices at home with ease. You only need to connect the machines to the projector’s electric output and read its power consumption.

2. Call Customer Care

The customer care number is always provided in the warranty documents. Check it out and contact them for assistance. Once you tell them your model, they can guide you on the wattage. If you cannot trace the warranty documents, use the internet to get the contacts.

How To Determine The Electricity Usage Of Your Projector

If you want to determine the actual electric consumption of your projector, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Check The Wattage Of Your Projector

The wattage of your projector will guide you in knowing your exact daily or even monthly electricity consumption. Check the wattage at the backside of the packaging box. If you have already disposed of the package, call customer care or use a watt measuring machine to get the figure. 

You can as well google the exact wattage of your model on the internet. The wattage indicated is the number of watts used per hour. 

Step 2: Estimate Your Usage Per Day

It is pretty simple to estimate the watts you use per day with your projector. First, know the number of hours you use per day and multiply it by the number of watts of your projector. For instance, if you use the projector an average of 4 hours per day and you have 150 watts projector, the consumption will be 4*150W=600W. This implies you consume an average of 600 watts per day.

Step 3: Covert Your Wattage Per Day To Kilowatts

Electric companies calculate power consumption in Kilowatts, and you will have to do the same to get a clear view of your usage. Divide the figure you got in Step 2 by 1000. For example, for 600W, it would be 600/1000=0.6 Kilowatts. 

Step 4: Calculate Your Electricity Cost

Once you know your wattage usage in Kilowatts, it is time to know the real cost you incur per day with your projector. Check your electricity bills to understand how much you are charged for every Kilowatt. For instance, if you are paying $11 for every Kilowatt, you will have to multiply that by your daily usage to get the cost. For example, in step 2, it would be 0.6*11=$6.6.  This means your consumption per day is $6.6.

For monthly consumption, multiply the figure by the number of days in a month, i.e., if you use the projector every day. If not, multiply by the number of days you use the projector per month. 

How To Determine Your Projector Power Consumption Manually

If you want to know your projector power consumption manually, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Read Your Electric Meter Before You Connect Your Projector

Know the number of units you have already used before connecting the projector by reading the meter.

Step 2: Note Down The Reading

Write down the figure so you do not forget.

Step 4: Use The Projector For One Hour

Switch off all other electric devices in your home and connect to the projector. Use it for one hour, then power it off. 

Step 5: Check The Reading On The Meter

After disconnecting the projector, take the reading on your electricity meter. Note it down, then subtract the reading you got before connecting the projector. The difference gives you the projector wattage. 

How Many Watts Is A Small Projector?

There is no specific wattage for a small projector as it varies depending on the type and other features. You will find a small projector of 50W and other than can consume 150-800W. 

How Many Watts Is A Projector Bulb?

Projectors come with different light sources, which also influence the amount of power consumption. They can use Lasers, LEDs, or Lamp bulbs. LEDs are more energy-efficient and use 30W-100W per hour than Lasers which can use up to 200W in the same duration.

Lamp bulbs also vary from one model to another. Old slide projectors illuminate through incandescent lamps that consume about 300W-500W per hour. Cinema projectors use powerful lamps such as Xenon Arc lamps that consume between 6000W-15000W. Halogen bulbs use about 200W or more as it is an improved type of incandescent lamp. 

Therefore, the projector bulb wattage varies based on the type. Your device can use any of the mentioned. If saving power is your priority, projectors that utilize LED for light projection are the best.

Does A Projector Use More Electricity Than A TV?

Electricity consumption of projectors and TV vary based on different models. Some TVs use less power than projectors and vice versa. However, projectors use powerful lamps that are more energy efficient compared to those of TVs. 

The TVs are also power savers, with an average HDTV consuming about 250W per hour, comparable to low power-consuming projectors. The size of the TV also determines its power consumption. For TVs, wider models of about 100″ screen use more than 350W per hour with a medium screen of about 50″consuming below 100W. 

Powerful projectors with high brightness levels consume a lot of power, even up to 800W, which cannot compare with the largest TVs. 

Final Word

Different projectors use different power wattage, which is dependent on the medium of light it uses. There is no common wattage for all projectors. You will have to check in the package, contact customer care, or calculate it yourself. Generally, battery-powered projectors use less power of 20-90W, followed by LED, which uses 30-140W. 

Lasers consume about 250W, and the DPL is less energy efficient as it uses old technology, and you might use 350W per hour. That said, there are sophisticated and powerful projectors like Cinema types that can use up to 15000W. So, depending on the need, you might find yourself paying more bills for using a projector!


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