End Of Lease Cleaning – What It Means

End-of-lease cleaning refers to deep-cleaning and sanitization of a property by a tenant who moves out of the rented home. A tenant moving out of a rented house is responsible for cleaning it up to retrieve their bond (security deposit one pays to the homeowner or agent before the tenancy commences). 

The security deposit (bond) is usually submitted at the beginning of a tenancy. A tenant is entitled to a full refund, but this is subject to cleaning the property and returning it in its best condition to the owner or property agent. 

What Does End-Of-Lease Cleaning Involve?

What Does End-Of Lease Cleaning Involve

end-of-lease cleaning entails more than just the routine cleaning of a property. The property needs to be spotless and in excellent condition before one can get back their bond. A tenant wishing to terminate their tenancy must do the following;

General Cleaning

General cleaning entails;

1. Removing any cobwebs, insect marks, and small nests from the walls

2. Cleaning the walls, light switches, and fittings and leaving them spotless

3. Getting rid of stains from doors and skirting boards. 

4. Washing air conditioners, ceiling & exhaust fans, filters, and cleaning the windows thoroughly.

5. Vacuum cleaning carpets and floors and mopping hard floors.

6. Getting rid of grease from sliding door tracks and washing drawers and cupboards.

Cleaning The Kitchen Space

1. Clean all shelves, drawers, and kitchen cupboards deeply

2. Scrubbing off any stubborn stains around knobs, rings, and stovetops and getting rid of grime and grease from the oven, glass, trays, and doors. Be sure to use water and soap to clean all detachable parts of the grillers and range. You can also use organic cleaners to clean the machines, both inside and outside. 

3. Thorough cleaning of drain holes and sanitization of the sinks

4. Deeply clean the refrigerator, including the inside, outside, and behind. 

5. Clean the dishwasher and microwave if necessary.

6. Clean the drain holes and drainers, not forgetting to sanitize the sinks and polish the faucets

7. Mopping up the floor and eliminating dirt from the exhaust fan filter. 

8. You also need to clean the range hood filter.  But, this is a tedious process that may require the services of a professional. 

Cleaning The Bathroom Area

The bathroom space is sensitive since it can be a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. It can also attract mold and mildew infestations as a result of moisture presence. These areas, therefore, need systematic cleaning. The following steps are necessary;

1. Start by cleaning the ceiling, then proceed to the towel rails, cupboards, soap holders, and shelves. Be sure to throw away all soap residue and remove any hard water stains from the taps and walls. 

2. Ensure that you thoroughly clean the toilet, toilet seat, cistern, tub, basin behind the ‘S’ bend. The showerhead, curtains, and all taps need thorough cleaning too. If there are any white surfaces, make sure that no stains remain on them. 

3. The bathroom floor also needs to be swept and washed deeply, and any water dried up. Make sure that you also clean the tiles and mirrors and remove any noticeable mold. 

Grooming The Outer Space

Cleaning the outdoor area such as the garage, patio, and garden is also crucial since the property managers notice them first. It is, therefore, necessary to make sure that they are spotless. The following practices will help;

1. Sweep the garden and remove all branches and leaves. Make sure that you trim any hedges that have overgrown while removing the weed.

2. Clean the driveway, throw away garbage, and wash the bins, including the inside. Remove all cobwebs from the garage, including the walls. Get rid of all dust from the interior of the garage.

Are There Benefits Of Hiring A Professional To Do Your End-Of-Lease Cleaning?

Benefits Of Hiring A Professional To Do Your End-Of-Lease Cleaning

Professional cleaning has several benefits, including;

1. It saves you money and time to perform other duties

2. It helps to secure 100% of the bond amount

3. Professional cleaning uses environment-friendly cleaning solutions and follows the standards of cleanliness.

4. It helps to make the moving out process easier.

It ensures that your home is free of germs and pests since a professional will be thorough to clean even those areas that may be hard-to-reach

What Are The Factors That Affect The Cost Of Professional Cleaning Services?

Several factors may affect the cost of cleaning services, including;

The Condition Of Your Home

Your home’s current condition dramatically impacts the cost of cleaning. For example, if your house has a lot of clutter or dust build-up, it will take time for the experts to put it back in order. If, on the other hand, you clean your house regularly, there may not be a lot of dirt, and this will take only a few hours of deep cleaning. The more time it will take to clean will mean more cost and vice versa. 

Your Home’s Size

Cleaning experts will charge for the cleaning services depending on the square footage of your home. The number of rooms in your home will also affect the charges.  If your home has a lot of space, you can expect to pay more than when the area is smaller. 

The Table Below Shows A Rough Estimate Of These Costs As Per The Size Of Your Home.

Size of home

Average total cost (in dollars)

A studio flat


Two bedrooms


Three bedrooms


Four bedrooms 


Your Home’s Location

Besides your home’s size, different cleaning companies will charge for cleaning services depending on your region. For example, it will cost more in a big city than in a rural area. It is advisable to get estimates from various cleaning firms before settling for the right one to do the job. 

The Number Of Times To Clean

If you hire a cleaning firm to do a one-time job, you will most likely pay more than when you want them to do it regularly. Frequent sanitization of your home may attract a discount from the professionals, unlike when you do it only at the end of the lease. 

Number Of Cleaners Doing The Job

If you want the cleaning job to be done in a shorter period, you may need to hire more workers. Having more people to do the task means paying more. It is, therefore, necessary to get a quotation from the cleaning firm to know how much they charge per person for you to make an informed decision. 


It is a requirement in most if not all states that a tenant leaves a rented property in the same condition it was at the beginning of the tenancy. A property owner or agent asks for a security deposit (bond) at the beginning of tenancy which they refund at the expiry of this period. 

A tenant is responsible for the end-of-lease cleaning and proper maintenance of the property to get back their deposit. This practice involves deep cleaning of all rooms, including fixtures and fittings, and also getting rid of any stains, molds, or mildew. One can hire the services of cleaning experts to get the job done perfectly and on time. 

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