Ikea Bed Slats Falling Through – How To Fix This?

Last Updated on July 13, 2023 By Emma W. Thomas

If you’re experiencing issues with Ikea bed slats falling through, there are several effective solutions to fix this problem. One solution is to reinforce the slats by adding extra support, such as plywood or additional slats, to distribute the weight more evenly. Another option is to use non-slip pads or rubber grips between the slats and the bed frame to prevent them from sliding. Additionally, you can consider replacing the original slats with stronger or thicker ones that are better suited to support the mattress.

Why Do Bed Slats Keep Falling?

Why Do Bed Slats Keep Falling

There can be several reasons why bed slats keep falling out. Here are some common causes:

  • Incorrect installation: If the slats were not properly installed during assembly or if they were not positioned correctly in their designated slots, they may easily dislodge or fall out.
  • Weak or damaged slats: Over time, bed slats can weaken or become damaged due to excessive weight or wear and tear. This can cause them to bend, warp, or break, leading to slats falling out.
  • Insufficient support: Insufficient support beams or legs in the center of the bed frame can cause excessive flexing and movement, which can lead to slats slipping out of place.
  • Inadequate spacing or alignment: If the slats are spaced too far apart or not aligned properly, they may not provide enough support to hold the mattress securely, resulting in slats slipping or falling out.
  • Movement during sleep: Active movements during sleep, such as rolling or shifting positions, can cause the slats to shift or dislodge, especially if they are not securely positioned or supported.

How Can You Fix Bed Slats To Stop Them From Falling?

Fix Bed Slats To Stop Them From Falling

If your bed slats keep falling through, you can either replace the bed or have it repaired. If you decide to have the bed repaired, here are some of the ways to do it;

Using Velcro Strips

Velcro strips are one of the best ways to fix unstable bed slats. These items effectively prevent floor mats from sliding and slipping, and they can also be used with Ikea beds for the same purpose. The main cause for falling bed slats is shifting your body weight as this will jostle them underneath, making them fall and eventually making the bed sag. 

Here are steps to use the Velcro strips;

1. Remove the bed and the slats first to reach its outer shell. Place a single loop of Velcro for each end of the slat. Make sure to place two strips of Velcro’s fuzzy side on the bed frame (you require two for each end of the slats). 

2. Check where the edge of the slats rests on the bed’s frame, then apply the fuzzy sides (loops). Be sure to use two for each slat. Since the loops have adhesive backings, you need to remove the cover first. You will then need to rub the strip for better adherence to the bed frame

3. The next step is to try resting the slats on the loops but not adding the hooks. Doing this will help establish where the loops go. 

4. Check the rough side of the hooks to uncover the adhesive backing, then apply them to both ends of the slats. 

5. The final step is to put the slats into place together with the bed. Putting the loops and hooks together prevents the slats from moving no matter how much you move on your bed. 

Using A Duct Tape

Duct tape is also effective in keeping your Ikea bed slats stable and preventing them from falling through. This item is readily available in almost every house and can work the same way as Velcro strips. These simple steps are helpful when using duct tape;

1. Begin with removing the bed, and the slats then cut a strip of the tape (you need about 6 inches long). Loop the strip twice for each slat and place it on the bed frame where you put the slats

2. Place the slats where the duct tape is.  

An alternative is to apply the duct tape to the slats directly. You can also wrap the middle of the slats with an entire duct tape after placing them on the bed to prevent them from moving up and down. 

Check If The Slats Have The Pins.

Ikea bed slats come with some pins attached to them. If the pins are missing, it may lead to the slats falling. You need to check both the top and bottom of the slats to ensure that the pins have not fallen off. You can keep checking from time to time and attach any pin that could come out from the slats. 

Support The Slats With Large Containers

You can also place large containers beneath your bed to support the slats. Ensure that the containers are stacked on top of each other to reach the bed slats for proper support. You can put some clothes inside the container to increase its height and make it enough to handle your weight.

Minimize The Weight On The Slats

The amount of weight you subject to your slats will determine whether or not they will fall through. It is necessary to avoid putting too much weight on them to prevent them from falling. 

Fasten The Pins And Bolts Holding The Slats In Place

Most Ikea bed slats come with bolts and pins to hold them in place. Ensure that these items are fastened o the frame enough to keep the slats in place. Having loose bolts and pins can cause the slats to detach from the bed frame when excess weight is added. 

Ensure that you inspect these pins and bolts from time to time to see if they are securing the slats. If you realize that they are coming out, you can use a hammer, a drill, or a screwdriver to fasten them onto the bed frame. You can also add more bolts and pins to secure the slats and enable them to accommodate the weight of the person sleeping on the bed. 

Which Are The Easy Way To Strengthen Bed Slats?

Easy Way To Strengthen Bed Slats

Several easy and quick ways are available to make your bed slats stronger and prevent them from falling through. They include;

Placing Some Plywood Or Box Spring Over The Slats

You can place a piece of thick plywood or box spring between the mattress and the slats. Doing this will help redistribute your weight across the slats and prevent them from slipping or bending. You can nail or screw the plywood to the slats and bed frame for better support. If you want to give your slats adequate strength to withstand a lot of weight, then be sure to use at least 3/4–inch thick plywood. 

Fasten The Slats Onto The Bed Frame

You can also make the slats stronger by securing them onto the bed frame using nails and screws. You can drill two screws into either end of every slat. Ensure that the screws and nails sink into the wood to prevent them from damaging the mattress.

If you don’t want to use nails and screws, you may stick the slats onto the supportive rails of the bed frame using glue. Doing this will help prevent the slats from slipping hence reducing sagging. Another alternative is to add central support.

Use Of Slat Spacers

Slat spacers come in handy when you don’t want to fix the slats permanently to the bed frame. You can get spacers with the same thickness as your slats and install them between each plank. Ensure that the planks are the same width as the side rails that hold them. Cut the planks into pieces whose length is the same as the space you want between the slats. 

Place the slats onto the rails while separating them from the spacers. You can then secure the spacers in place by applying some glue and pressing them back in place.

Reinforcing The Center Beam

If you notice that some of your slats are sagging, you can reinforce them. You can add more support to the central beam by using a strong plank. Get a plank with at least three support legs and 4-inches wide. Be sure to screw one leg in the middle and the other two onto each side of the plank.   

Once you have made the beam, you can extend its legs to your slats’ height and place it in the middle of the bed frame. Doing this makes your bed much firmer in the middle. 

Use Of Metal Slats

While wooden slats are more flexible, you can consider replacing them with metallic ones to make your bed frame stronger. Metal slats are compatible with any bed frame, provided you get the right measurements. Since metal slats are more spaced out and narrower than their wooden counterparts, you will need to add some cushioning if you put the mattress directly on them. You can also consider placing a duvet, plywood board, or both over the metal slats for extra comfort and support. 

What Are The Different Types Of Ikea Bed Slats Available?

The following table summarizes the different Ikea bed slats, their features, and use.

Name of slat

Main features

How to use


Made of birch wood and curved a bit. Provides a soft feel

Use with a mattress only

Use a mattress alone.

Come together with their wood frame. They are adjustable but need assembling. It is plush and gives a great softer feel.

Use with a mattress alone.

How Can I Make My Ikea Bed Stronger?

To make your Ikea bed stronger, there are a few strategies you can consider:

  • Reinforce the frame: Check the joints and connections of the bed frame. If they feel loose or unstable, use sturdy brackets, screws, or corner braces to reinforce the frame and improve stability.
  • Upgrade the slats: Replace the standard Ikea slats with stronger and more durable alternatives. Consider using solid wood slats or plywood boards that provide better support and distribute the weight evenly across the mattress.
  • Add additional support: Consider adding extra support legs or beams to the center of the bed frame. This helps to prevent sagging and provides additional stability.
  • Use supportive accessories: Utilize supportive accessories such as a mattress foundation, box spring, or bed risers to enhance the overall strength and stability of the bed.
  • Follow assembly instructions: Ensure that you have correctly assembled the bed according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Double-check all connections and tighten any loose screws or bolts.

Wrapping up

Ikea bed slats may sometimes fall through, making your bed sag and uncomfortable. Before thinking of how to fix them, it is necessary to find out the cause to use the best method. You can consider adding more support or even replacing them.