Genie Garage Door Sensor Blinking Red- How Do You Troubleshoot this?

Genie Garage Door Sensor Blinking Red

Last Updated on July 16, 2023 By Emma W. Thomas

When a Genie garage door sensor is blinking red, troubleshooting can be done to address the issue. Start by checking if there are any obstructions blocking the sensors’ line of sight. Clean the sensors and ensure they are properly aligned. Inspect the wiring connections to ensure they are secure. Replace the sensor batteries if needed. If the problem persists, try resetting the sensors by unplugging the opener and plugging it back in. 

What Can Cause The Garage Door Sensor To Blink Red?

The garage door sensor blinks red to alert you that there is a problem with the door. And though the indicator’s color depends on the manufacturer, green means that the door is functioning properly, and red indicates a problem.

Some of the reasons your sensor is blinking red include;

1. The Sensor’s Path Has Been Blocked

When an object obstructs the sensor, it automatically reverses the garage door to an open position. Clearing anything obstructing the door or alerting the sensors could fix the issue. 

2. The Sensor’s Eye Is Dirty

After a long period of no repair and maintenance, your sensor’s eye can get dirty. This prevents it from functioning normally, causing it to blink red.

3. There Is Moisture On And Around The Sensor, And It Is Affecting It

Water does not work well with any electronics. If the sensor gets wet, it could malfunction and flash a red light to indicate failure.

4. The Sensors Are Not Aligned

Mostly misaligned sensors are the main reason for the sensor to blink red. Over time the sensors can get misaligned. To fix the issue, ensure that the two sensors are aligned properly. 

5. Damaged Sensor

When the sensor stops working as it should, it blinks red to signal failure. In such a case, you will need to replace the sensor. 

What Can Cause The Garage Door Sensor To Blink Red?

How To Troubleshoot A Red Blinking Sensor

For the common issues that cause blinking on the sensor, you can take the following few measures to fix the problem.

  • Realign your sensors
  • Check the sensor’s lenses and thoroughly clean them
  • Look at the path of the sensors and clear any objects that might be obstructing them
  • Dry out the areas around the sensors

After troubleshooting the issue, you should test the garage sensors. Test it by placing a cardboard box on the garage door path and check its responsiveness when it detects the box. If it responds well, you would have solved the problem, and the sensor should stop blinking red.

How Do I Troubleshoot My Garage Door Genie?

You can easily fix some issues that cause the sensor to blink red without consulting a professional.

Below Are Some Genie Garage Door Sensors Blinking Red And Various Ways To Fix Them: 

Problem descriptionCause of the problemHow to troubleshoot.
The garage door opener functions as it should, but the door does not openIf the emergency cord is pulled, it disengages the chain or belt. When this happens, the door cannot open until the chain or belt is engaged again.-replace the belt or chain if it is broken.-repair the pulley system if it is broken-check the trolley’s condition. If damaged, fix it and if it has been unplugged, plug it back in.-replace any broken part if there is one.
The garage door opens up again after it touches the garage floor when closing.The limit setting is broken, or it neither is nor calibrated well.-adjust your genie limit setting. Consult your manual on how to do so.
The opener does not operate when you use the wall console
Or, The opener does not operate when you use the wall console.
-replace the genie sensor -turn sure lock-off-check on the power source-check the wire connections for any faulty or broken wires-replace the wiring if it is the issue
The garage door opener works as it should, but it does not open.-ensure the trolley is engaged.-check if the motor is running. If not, replace it.-check if the screw inside the railing is moving as it should be.
The garage door works if opened from the wall console but does not function when operated on via remote-replace the battery on the remote.-reprogram your remote.-replace genie remote if need be.-check if all available garage genie remotes have stopped working. If so, the genies circuit board might need replacement.
Safety T beam system malfunction.-check the door arm position.-check and adjust the limit appropriately.-check on the safe T-beam red light.-check the binding on the garage door.-check for interference on garage door sensors.
The door opens halfway or more, but it will not open completely.Check the limit and adjust it appropriately.- Lubricate, adjust and balance all parts.
The door genie randomly opens your garage door without anyone pressing any button.-check if remote and wall console buttons are stuck.

What Is The Meaning Of The Different Garage Door Sensor Blinks?

The sensors can show different rhythms when blinking. This can be counted to help you narrow down the problem with the garage.

What Is The Meaning Of The Different Garage Door Sensor Blinks?

1. Four Red Blinks

The four red continuous blinks mean that your sensors are compromised. It can either be that the sensors are blocked or misaligned or the sensory eye is obstructed by dirt and gunk.

The sensor can also blink twice, pause, and then repeat. This can also symbolize the same issue as the four continuous blinks.

2. Five Red Blinks

This indicates that your garage door engine is faulty. It is either overheating or has an unusual closing and opening speed. After a long period of usage, the electronic parts might start failing. Restarting the genie can be one way to fix it, or you can buy another genie and have it installed.

How Do I Tell If My Garage Door Sensor Is Damaged?

Your door sensor must function as it should. If not, here are some measures you can take to tell if the garage door sensors are working correctly.

1. Measure The Height Of Your Genie Garage Door Sensors

Sensor height is when the sensors will detect an object and react by either closing or opening the garage door. This height ensures that the garage does not detect the floor and considers it an obstruction. 

2. Test The Responsiveness Of The Sensor

Using card boxes, you can see the reaction of your sensors after they have been installed or repaired. The card boxes can act as obstructions.

How Do I Tell If My Garage Door Sensor Is Damaged?

3. Check The Sensors Leads

The LEDs on the sensors communicate via a blinking red light if there is an issue that may be interfering with its functioning. Regularly check on the sensors as the LED lights would help you detect any problems early before they get worse.

How To Bypass Garage Door Sensors?

Bypassing the garage door sensors is not a permanent fix; this is just something you can do to hack the sensors and go on about your day. By-passing only works with your wall console and not with your remote.

To do this, press and hold the wall button down until the door is completely closed, then release it. The sensors kick in and open the door if you let go of the button halfway.

Can I Replace The Garage Door Sensor?

Yes, you can replace a garage door sensor by yourself. Here are the steps you should follow:

1. Unplug The Sensor From The Power Source

Unplug the power cord to cut the electricity flow into the sensors and any parts that need it to function. This is to reduce the risk of electrocution as you fix the sensor. 

2. Removing The Sensors

Remove and separate the case. Identify the wires connecting the sensor to the other garage parts, and cut them, leaving enough length from the safety sensors. Do this for both sensors.

3. Connect The New Safety Sensor Wires

Connect new sensor wires to the wires connected to the other parts of the garage door. Secure the wires and close the case.

4. Reconnect The Power

Once everything is in place, counter-check and ensure that you have reconnected every part as it should be. Then plug in the sensor to a power outlet 

3. Realign The Sensors

As discussed earlier, sensors need to be on the same level. If not, they will fail at their jobs, and your garage door will not close nor open. So, always ensure the sensors are well-aligned after replacing them. 

After The Steps Above, Your Garage Door Should Work Properly.

Final Thought

Garage door sensors are an important piece of technology for your home. Knowing how to fix the small issues that the genie garage door sensor might develop over the years is a handy skill to have. The sensors on the garage door ease your daily activities and should be regularly maintained and repaired.