What Are Some Of The Ways To Replace Garage Doors With French Doors?

Ways To Replace Garage Doors With French Doors

To replace a garage door with French doors, several steps can be followed. First, remove the garage door and tracks, ensuring the opening is structurally sound. Next, frame the opening to accommodate the French doors, ensuring proper measurements and alignment. Install the door frame, hinges, and weatherproofing materials. Choose and install French doors with the desired style and glass options. Finally, add finishing touches like trim, paint, and hardware.

What do you need to replace French garage doors?

You need to file an application for permission from your local city authorities for garage door replacement. The council will inspect the garage door’s condition and grant consent to legalize the installation. It is best to get approval before getting an expert to give you a blueprint. You need a separate electrical wiring system for residential purposes. 

How to replace garage doors with French doors –Step By Step Guide

Though it is always best to hire an expert to facilitate easy working and save time, you can install the French door yourself. 

If you decide to DIY, you will need tools like a power drill, foam sheets, studs, a miter saw, 4d finish nails, and someone to help you with the carrying around of objects. 

Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Disassemble the garage door

Please take off the motor using the chains and tracks to lower it. Remove the screws from top to bottom up to the panels. 

Step 2: Measure the distance

Accurately measure the distance of the base of each garage door and note it down. Subtract the smaller garage door measurements from the larger units and divide the result into two. This will help you create the door frame. 

Step 3: Include studs

Cut a few inches at the top to allow studs and the ceiling to fit properly. Position the studs between the top and still plates, ensuring that both sides of the French door are equal in height. Use the nail screws to hold the studs in place. 

Step 4: Install the header and foam sheets

Install the header at the top of the door frame and lock it using the screws. Use nails to attach the foam sheets below the header and sill plates to insulate the garage. You can cut foam sheets where necessary to make them fit in the wall.

Step 5: Install the French door

Apply a strong adhesive at the base where you plan to install your new French garage door. Depending on the instructions in the user manual, install the door at the center of the door frame. Insert hinges and screws in their correct positions. 

Open and close the door to ensure screws do not interfere with the operation of the door. You may do siding or paint the door to make it aesthetic. 

Other Ways Of Replacing Garage Doors With French Doors

The first and easiest way is to replace the garage door with two or more French doors. These new doors can replace the wall if they are neither open nor closed. However, it would help if you insulated them during winter. If the doors move, construct a support structure at the entrance to your garage to hold the French garage door. 

You may replace a garage door with French doors made of other materials like the use of roll-up screens. However, this method doesn’t guarantee more safety of the garage, but it is a good alternative if you want to minimize the expenditure. It is easy to install, cheap, and better than traditional French doors.

The second alternative is using a sliding door instead of an old garage door. Although this alternative is relatively more expensive than other ways, it offers better security and ease of use. After all, replacing a garage door is a good investment and worth value for money. 

Due to financial constraints, you can convert regular doors to French doors. Reinforce the door frames by substituting the wooden parts with steel or glass. Paint them and hang them at least 3 inches high to support using screws. This is the most expensive way to replace a garage door, mainly if the materials are costly. In some cases, it is cheaper if you have the materials. 

How Much Does It Cost To Install A French Door?

It costs roughly $400 to install a French door, and after including the labor cost, the average cost of installing one such door is about $525. The price depends on whether you want the door interior or exterior. The cost is also determined by the size and the model, like the double-width garage doors. The best way is to have the installing personnel visit your home to assess your needs to get the best estimate.  

Which Is The Best Garage Door Style When Replacing Garage Doors With French Doors? 

French garage doors are architectural with appropriate designs. The side-hinged style is the most popular and best design for a good garage. Inspired by French traditions and culture, it makes the house aesthetic and increases the lifespan of the garage with little maintenance. Lastly, these types of doors leave enough space in the garage, and you can operate them manually. 

Sectional doors are also the best for garage door replacement. They are convenient and comfortable to use, and warm for energy-saving construction types. In addition, they are easy to operate, inexpensive, and less prone to problems. Their availability ranges from aluminum to glass, each with pros and cons. Aluminum becomes easily dented but is cost-effective, while wood has a limited lifespan but can be painted to match the color of your garage. 

Another great deal for a garage door is the tilt-up garage door, also called the up-and-over type. You can run this door manually in a power outage, using both electric and manual operation mechanisms. Depending on different designs, you can get the door at a lower price, from $850 to $3,000. It extends outwards before forming an upward tilt, making it preferred over other types.

Why French Doors Are Preferred When Replacing Garage Doors

French Doors


The doors are generally cheap to purchase and maintain. The low cost can be attributed to the numerous glass panels installed in the doors, which are usually inexpensive, easy to clean, and replace if damaged.

Easy Installation

Generally, French doors are lighter than garage doors and will thus require less effort and time when it comes to installation.


The numerous window panes provide natural light during the day. This saves on the energy used in lighting the room, making them energy efficient during the day.


French doors, especially exterior ones, offer more protection than other all-glass doors or sliding glass doors. This is due to their larger door frames and smaller glass panels. Larger frames and smaller glass panels make it harder to break into the house through the door. You may include an extra layer of translucent material on the glass to avoid unnecessary access to the garage through the door.


French doors come in various sizes, designs, and materials to fit the customers’ demands. Materials include wood, aluminum, steel, and fiberglass. Clear glass is standard, but you can choose frosted glass for more privacy.

Is It Hard To Replace A Garage Door With French Doors?

Replacing a garage door with French doors can be quite challenging, as it involves several considerations and potential complications. This process requires careful planning and execution to ensure a successful outcome. The following factors should be taken into account when contemplating such a conversion:

  • Structural Modifications: Garage doors are designed to bear significant weight and incorporate a different framing system compared to doors meant for residential use. Replacing a garage door with French doors often requires structural modifications to support the new opening. This may involve reinforcing the walls, installing appropriate headers, and ensuring proper load distribution.
  • Space Considerations: Garage doors usually occupy a larger opening than standard doors. Consequently, converting the space to accommodate French doors may require resizing the opening or adjusting the surrounding area. It is essential to assess the available space and make any necessary modifications to ensure seamless installation and functionality.
  • Weatherproofing and Insulation: Garage doors provide better insulation and weatherproofing capabilities compared to regular doors. When replacing the garage door with French doors, it is crucial to ensure that the new doors provide adequate insulation, weather sealing, and security features. This may involve upgrading the doors themselves or implementing additional measures like insulation panels or weatherstripping.
  • Permits and Codes: Any modifications to the structure of a property often require obtaining necessary permits and complying with local building codes. It is important to consult with the local authorities or engage a professional to ensure that the planned changes adhere to the required regulations. Failure to comply can result in fines, delays, or the need to redo the work.
  • Professional Assistance: Given the complexity of replacing a garage door with French doors, it is advisable to seek professional assistance. Hiring a skilled contractor or a specialized garage door installation service can ensure the project is completed efficiently and in compliance with building codes. They can provide expert guidance on feasibility, handle structural modifications, and manage the installation process.

Is A French Door Worth It For A Garage?

French Garage Door

French doors are better than standard double doors for a garage because French doors provide adequate light to your garage. Their nature also makes them efficient in saving power and energy consumption. Generally, these types of doors are also durable to last long. Although they might not guarantee total security, the aluminum-fitted frames are sturdy to offer safety from intruders. 

Why Should You Replace A Garage Door With A French Door?

Many things can make homeowners want to replace their garage doors with French doors. They include changing the garage into a living room or any other room where people can stay. They are more attractive than garage doors since homeowners can paint them the colors of their choice. 

French doors also make the room look and feel more extensive. Since it is more connected to the outside using the transparent glass windows than the garage door, which, when closed, the outside world is also hidden. 

Identifying A Suitable French Door For A Garage Replacement

Since French doors are prominent for being the best to replace a garage door, they have differences. The critical aspect is to identify the strength of garage door panels. High-security ones should have double layers. 

The operation of the door is equally significant. A better door should incorporate manual and electric operating systems, including remote controls. Electrically operated doors are always safer than doors that you can use manually.

Final Thought 

Removing a garage door and replacing it with a French door is a long but easy process when all the steps are followed, and all the necessary tools are present. The presence of a professional is essential because it is a dangerous activity and requires the mind of an expert to achieve desirable results. However, if you are a DIY-er, you can always replace your garage door by following the guidelines we have provided above. 



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