Foods That Start With E (29 Food Items Covered With Stats)


Foods that begin with E are egg, eggplant, earthnut, eel, emu apple, eggroll, and so on. If you are arranging an alphabet party and serving delicious foods by playing with alphabets, this is the article for you. We are listing all your favorite foods starting with E. We will provide additional information on the food items about their ingredients and nature. 

In this way, you can get a clear conception of every food listed below. Thus, get your pen and paper ready for filtering out the best food items of your choice.

Why Do We Need To Know The Names Of Foods Alphabetically?

A cook often needs to know the name of various foods before cooking them. So, they opt for checking the food names alphabetically. Even a traveler should know the names and characters of many foods. Thus, he does not get nervous before ordering food in an unknown place or country. A party can become fun with an alphabetical food challenge. This challenge question the knowledge of food names starting with any alphabet. So, everyone better get prepared for a fun challenge and some useful experience of foods.

Before getting the food list ready, we should mention that this list consists of every edible food, either cooked or not. Fruits, fluids, plants, and other edible things are referred to as foods in this list. Here, we present you with the list of cravings.

1. English Muffin

It Falls in the broad category of cupcakes but is a little more delicious. Generally, served with your favorite jam, butter, or even honey. It is easy to make and light to eat.

2. Éclair

An éclair is a type of croissant. It is crispy on the outside and filled with creamy fillings. It is garnished with different sweet sauces nuts of your choice. Eclair can be your most craved breakfast.

3. Egg

What is not there to say about an egg? An egg can serve many purposes and many forms. Be it fried, boiled, cooked, or even as a batter, an egg is always there for you.

4. Ecrevisse

It is lobster-like seafood. Eat it with a dip of your choice after boiling.

5. Eggplant

A perfect tasty eggplant dish is all one needs for lunch or dinner. Eggplant is used in a large variety of cuisines. Besides, a garlic breadstick is good to dig in a gooey mushy eggplant dish.

6. Eggroll

One of the most popular dishes in south-east Asia is a sample of an eggroll. An eggroll is originated from China. The crunchy wrap with a tasty filling inside of the eggroll will make you crave this at any time.

7. Espresso

A shot of the perfect amount of caffeine can boost your energy to the fullest. Espresso is prepared by roasting the coffee beans. It gives a smoky flavor to your cup of coffee. Try any flavor of your choice.

8. Eel

The slimy texture and rich flavor of eel make you love sushi. It is served raw with soy sauce or wasabi.

9. Edam

A plate of crackers is best served with creamy Edam. It is red cheese. One can store it for an extended period. It comes from the Netherlands.

10. Escarole

If you are a vegetarian and love salads, then a bowl of escarole will be perfect for you. The intense flavor and leafy texture of a bowl of escarole give refreshment to the body.

11. Endive

It is a type of salad but boiled. Endive is bitter and pungent when raw but becomes nutty and flavorful when boiled for two minutes. Dig in a pot of endive with crunchy veggies.

12. Eggo Waffles

Here is exciting and easy food for people on the go. Pop the waffles in the toaster and put some butter on it. The butter will melt on the waffle and give a nice texture.

13. Eggnog

Eggnog is a sweet punch made with sweet cream and eggs. It is often served with English yogurt. It is easy to make. You can eat eggnog at any time of the day.

14. Elderberry

A berry-like fruit. A glass of good wine and some elderberries will be perfect for a classy evening. You can eat them with jellies and jams too.

15. Emmentaler

It is Swiss cheese with large holes. An Emmentaler will be perfect for a Sunday brunch. Serve the slices in sandwiches, crackers, and whatnot. 

16. Enchilada

If you crave tortillas, then you will love an enchilada. It is the regular tortilla with a twist. The filling of the enchilada is juicy and tasty meat. It is baked in sauces and served hot with hot seasoning.

17. Escargot

If you love seafood and especially snails, you will crave escargot. It is served uncooked with some butter and garlic.

18. Espagnole

Espagnole is a type of mixed veggie sauce. It is made of caramelizing brown sauce, carrots, sweet onions, tomatoes, and other veggies and served hot with Madeira seasoning. 

19. Escallop

Escallop is a slice of meat fried or broiled in meat stock. It is served hot with seasoning and dips.

20. Entrecote

Entrecote is the slices of meat cut from between the ribs. Different culinary recipes cook it.

21. Edda

A tuberous root. It can be eaten cooked or uncooked. Many people love the starchy flavor.

22. Empanadas

Empanadas can be either dessert or a savory dish. People choose the fillings of empanadas according to their cravings. Besides, it is a folded dough dish filled with sweet or savory items. Fruit fillings are also served in the dough. A scoop of ice cream and sweet empanadas is perfect to end the menu of a lavish dinner party. 

23. Edamame

If you are craving a meaty flavor but don’t want much protein, then edamame will be perfect for you. It is immature soybeans. One can eat edamame uncooked. I prefer edamame for a low-protein diet.

24. English Sole

A delicacy in the fish dish would be English sole. It is considered unique for its taste and low-protein content. English sole will be perfect for people cutting the curb.

25. Enset

The equatorial regions of Africa are enriched with many tropical fruits and vegetables. Enset is one of them. It is mostly eaten in the native cuisines.

26. Elbow macaroni

It is a type of macaroni. It is filled with melted cheese. Elbow macaroni is easy to make but delicious to eat. Moreover, it is comfort food for people all over the world.

27. Emu Apple

It is a type of cranberry found in Australia. It is a bit spicy and has an exotic taste.

28. Earth Nut

An earthnut or peanut is a favorite snack all over the world. It is crunchy, nutty, and makes you addicted to having it more.

29. Emperor

An emperor is a table of grapes. These are mainly found in California. Red in color and juicy to gobble.

I hope you will enjoy this list full of flavors as much as I did. The foods that start with an E have a wide range. I tried to give you as much information as I could. Now, you will not only enjoy the foods as well as know their names and other information. Keep up the food search, and make sure you try every food that starts with E.

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