Foods That Start With “N” (List of Fruits, Vegs and Edible Items)


Last Updated on August 6, 2023 By Emma W. Thomas

Foods that Start with N include noodles, nachos, nuggets, nuts, Nutella, and so on. The list of foods starting with the letter “N” is surely bound to make you go NOM NOM.  

List of Fruits, Vegs, and Edible Items That Start With “N”

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1. Naan Bread

If you like food and you don’t like naan, you don’t deserve to call yourself a foodie at all. Naan Bread, or lovingly Naan as we call it, is absolutely a treat for any foodie. It complements almost every single side dish you can think of. 

Don’t believe us? Just try it once. You will fall in love. We recommended you try the ones which are baked in the Tandoori oven and served hot with a generous coating of butter. 

2. Nasi Goreng

Don’t worry; it’s literally another name for fried rice in the native Indonesian and Malay tongue. It’s basically an Indonesian version of fried rice infused with chunks of meat and veggies topped with a side-up egg (to make it look fancy). 

Besides, it is more aromatic, spicy, earthy, and smoky than traditional Chinese fried rice. If you have not tried it ever, you are missing out on life.   

3. Nachos

Who doesn’t like nachos? It’s one of the most popular snacks all over the world. Traditionally it’s a Mexican dish consisting of fried corn tortilla chips covered with melted cheese and topped with a combo of sliced olives and jalapeños. 

There are various different versions of this classic dish available throughout the world. You have to try it to understand why it’s one of the most popular snacks worldwide. We love a dish of nachos; it’s simply comforting. 

4. Noodles

Be it a packet of instant noodles or a bowl of traditional Hakka noodles; we still can’t decide our all-time favorite version of this particular food item. From saving us from starving during long and lonely study nights to treating our loved ones in an exotic restaurant, noodles have been our trusted go-to food item. 

It has been made easily available to us in all shapes and sizes and at all kinds of price range. If you have never depended on noodles to satiate your hunger at some point in your life, then we have to bluntly inform you that you are weird. We absolutely love this particular food item, and we are spoiled for choices.

5. Nuggets

Do we have to say anything more? These golden-brown bite-sized pieces of breaded or battered chicken meat deep-fried or baked are nothing less than heavenly. These magical lumps of chicken meat have been an absolute favorite from the 1950s and can be best enjoyed with a dip of your choice. 

You can find this dish readily at any fast-food restaurant or ready to make a frozen version at any convenience store near you. We love it! 

6. Nankhatai

These are traditional eggless Indian shortbread cookies with a buttery and crumbly texture. Fair warning, these are extremely addictive! These are generally flavored with cardamom and saffron but are available in a wide range of varieties. 

We recommend relishing this particular type of cookie over a cup of hot chai. It’s impossible to stop after having a single piece of this delicious cookie; try taking at least more than four pieces. Thank us later. 

7. Nutella

This famous spread of creamy chocolate hazelnut goodness is absolutely amazing. This makes everything taste better- be it a slice of bread or a pancake. You can put this spread on almost anything, making it an instant hit. 

If you like sweets like us, we recommend having it off a spoon to satisfy your sugar cravings. To put it simply, Nutella is Bliss!

8. Nougat

This particular food belongs to a family of extremely delicious confections. They have a distinct chewy texture and are used in a variety of chocolate and candy bars. Nougat can be made easily at home with a bunch of ingredients comprising of sugar or honey, roasted nuts, and whipped egg whites. 

Nougats are also available in different varieties and can be customized easily. You can relish a piece of nougat on its own or by adding it to a dessert. We recommend not getting carried away and relishing too much nougat as it can cause you serious health issues in the form of diabetes.

Don’t Worry We Have More, Here Is A List Of Fruits Starting With The Letter “N”

Naartjie FruitSeedless citrus fruit of Chinese origin.
Nashi PearAsian Origin, also called apple pear, resembles an apple in both shape and size.
Navel OrangesOranges have little spots on them resembling belly buttons.
NectarineLooks like a peach but has a pit in the middle, comes in colors of orange, red, yellow, and white.
Nutmeg MelonNutmeg-shaped aromatic and green cantaloupe with a netted skin.
Nageia FruitAsian bayberry is native to China and Japan.
Nectacotum FruitHybrid fruit between apricot, plum, and nectarine.
Neem FruitGreen in color found in India.
Nonda Plum FruitEdible fruit harvested in the wild, found in Northern Australia.
Nungu FruitTranslucent jelly-like fruit also known as ice apple.

Here Is A List Of Leafy Greens And/Or Vegetables Starting With The Letter “N”

Napa CabbageA cactus is used in Mexican cuisine.
NeepAnother name for turnips.
NettleLeafy green, not a vegetable, can be used to replace spinach.
New potatoA particular variety of potatoes.
NoriEdible seaweed.
NopalA cactus is used in Mexican Cuisines.

Here Is A List Of Other Edible Items And Foods Starting With The Letter “N”

Honestly, there are a lot of food items available, starting with the letter “N”. We have tried our best to include the names of the same; if we miss out on anything, add it to your list. Here are the rest of the items we could think of-

  • Nantua – A kind of white sauce. 
  • Nutmeg- A very popular spice.
  • Nectar- Source of honey.
  • Negus- A drink made with wine, hot water, lemon juice, sugar, and nutmeg.
  • Nonpareil- A flat disk of chocolate covered with beads of colored sugar. 
  • Nuts – All kinds of nuts. 
  • Nigella Seeds- Also known as black seeds. 
  • Nesselrode- A mixture of different candied fruits, maraschino, and nuts. 
  • Navy Beans- Common, dry, white beans used in many recipes. 
  • Nerds- Hard little sugar candies most commonly used as decoration on a cake. 
  • Neufchatel cheese – A type of French cheese. 
  • Noisette- Another name for hazelnut. 
  • Northern Pike – A type of fish. 
  • Neapolitan Ice cream – A type of ice cream (a combination of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry). 
  • Nesselrode – A type of dessert similar to ice cream. 
  • Navette – A type of cylindrical cookie. 


Even though we have tried naming a few of the food or edible items starting with the letter “N”, there are most definitely more options available. These were a few of the names we could compile and suggest. We have not been able to compile more due to various barriers, i.e., language, country, etc. However, we believe these are plenty to get you started on the challenge. So, what are you waiting for? Start with consuming food items starting with the letter “N” for a day and see where you go from there! We are certain you are bound to discover and stumble upon a few of your favorite future food items.