Foods That Start With The Letter ‘Q’ (10 Items Covered With Stats)

Last Updated on September 3, 2021 By Emma W. Thomas

Foods that Start with Q include Queso, Quavers Crisps, Quince, Quesadilla, and so on. You might be unknowingly enjoying these delicacies on a daily basis without knowing their ‘Q’ names. Here is a list of foods that start with the letter ‘Q’. This list showcases some of the world’s most interesting and mouth-watering ‘Q’ dishes. 

The letter ‘Q’ might not have multiple uses but has certainly given names to multiple delicious dishes. These dishes originate from all around the world and taste wonderful. Without further ado, let’s discuss some of them.

Not-So-Exhausting List Of 10 Interesting Foods That Begin With The Letter ‘Q’

1. Queso

It is a side dish that has become popular over the years by the name Queso. The actual name of this dish is Chile Con Queso. The chefs may say that it is an appetizer or a side dish. However, foodaholics like us simply call it ‘melted cheese’. Queso originally features a blend of unfrosted liquefied cheese together with some chili peppers. 

Foods That Start With The Letter ‘Q’

Restaurants that feature Tex-Mex Cuisine serve Queso. These restaurants can be spotted around the western United States and along the South Western regions. 

This dish is served warm. The cheese type used to make this dish can be any of the following two types. It should either be cream cheese or processed cheese. The initial recipe includes only the use of chili peppers; however, you can also include ingredients as per your taste and preference. 

Ground beef, pork, black beans, or even some guacamole mix can spice things up. You can enjoy Queso with different kinds of chips. Such as pita chips, tortilla chips, or normal chips. For other Tex-Mex dishes such as tacos and fajitas, it serves as a condiment. 

2. Quinine

Quinine is commonly known as tonic water. In fact, most individuals can only identify it by the name tonic water. This features to be a unique one in our list. Quinine mixed with gin makes for an exceptional drink. You can avail of this drink at almost any pub or bar near you. 

This drink comes in handy when you are in the mood for a fun-filled evening or a night out with your group of friends. It is a safe drink. You feel any amount of dementia post gulping it down. This drink does not differentiate. It has the same effects on both men and women, and, hence, both the genders can have this drink and enjoy what follows next. 

Did you know that this tonic water together with gunpowder, complement each other perfectly? Still, having doubts? Well, try it and let me know you.  

3. Quorn

It is a 100% vegan food item. It gets its origin from the UK. For decades now, all throughout the regions of the European Union, individuals consume it. Quorn basically serves as an exceptional substitute for meat. It is separately sold as an ingredient used in cooking. However, you can mostly spot it on pre-packaged meals.

Vegetarians from all around the globe enjoy this food item. Some delicious dishes are made with this cooking item. These include Quorn burgers, mince, Quorn tikka masala, and Quorn lasagne. Being a meat substitute, it shares the enrichment of parallel nutritional contents. Quorn is exceptionally healthy. From kids to adults, everyone can dig into it.  

4. Quahog

Hard Clam or Quahog originates from North and Central America’s Atlantic Coast. It is a consumable marine bivalve mollusc. Hard clam or Quahog dishes are available at restaurants situated around the coastal areas in New Jersey, New York, and New England. Multiple raw bars and clam bars serve some mouth-watering Quahog dishes. This food, when complemented with horseradish, cocktail sauce, and some lemon, tastes heavenly. 

Big Quahog, as well as small Quahog dishes, are available. The big ones are mainly stuffed with some hard meat. It is also used in making some exceptional dishes. These include stuffed clams, clam cakes, and clam chowder. 

5. Quinoa

Pronounced as Keen-wah, it is basically a cereal grain. Speaking in terms of food artists, Quinoa is a seed that is usually prepared and consumed as a grain. Raw Quinoa carries a combination of 6% fat, 64% carbohydrates, 13% water, and 14% protein. This food item is exceptionally rich in magnesium, manganese, and phosphorus. By consuming it regularly, you can also experience the benefits of Vitamin B and dietary fiber.

Quinoa is ideal for daily consumption. Thanks to its premium quality nutritional values. You can enjoy preparing this food item just the way you want to. Mixing it with some spices or simply consuming it with minimalist ingredients is also appropriate. Quinoa serves well as a breakfast meal. Starting your day with this healthy meal gives way to plenty of health benefits whose effects are also felt in the future. 

6. Quail

It is a small wild bird whose meat is delicious. The meat of quail contains good amounts of protein. This is one of the sole reasons why its meat is so famous. Quail meat is a delicacy that is primarily enjoyed by French cuisine. Considering the size of the bird, each piece features one whole bird. The soft bones and the juicy meat enable the eaters to effortlessly feast on it. 

Quail meat is very nutritious. Both adults and kids can eat this meat. The amount of protein each serving offers is simply adequate. This meat type is suitable for consumption on a regular basis. You can experience better digestion as well. 

7. Quark

It is a dairy product. Quark is also commonly known as quarg. The Indians call it paneer. Quark is a pure and fresh dairy product. The technical terminology of this product is fresh acid-set cheese. The nutritional content of Quark is exceptional. It is one of the finest substitutes for milk. 

Vegetarians love this food item. Different kinds of Indian curries can be made with Quark and enjoyed with flatbreads and all kinds of other bread. A variety of rolls are also made with Quark stuffing. This cooking ingredient has universal usage. It does not carry any individual taste. However, adding multiple spices and appetizers as per your preference boosts its taste.   

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8. Quavers Crisps

This is a portion of British-based snack food. The eminent Snackfood Company, known by the name Smiths, was the original producer of Quavers Crisps. Today, this British snack is produced by the Walkers. Earlier Quavers Crisps was available in multiple delicious flavors. The only flavor that is available today is the cheese flavor. 

These crisps are rectangular in shape. The nutritional content of these crisps is also pretty impressive. Each serving carries a calorie content of 88 units. The sodium content is 170g. Kids and adults can enjoy this snack. Quavers Crisp is a healthy snack; however, consuming too much of it would not be good for your health. 

9. Quesadilla

This is a delicious Mexican dish. Some consume it in the form of sandwiches as well. Quesadilla originated from Colonial Mexico. This dish is served hot. Also, the recipe features cheese, tortillas, and sometimes even salsa and meat. Multiple restaurants and food hubs around the United States and Northern Mexico feature this dish.

Quesadilla is a very common Mexican dish. Hence, you can get this dish at any Mexican restaurant. Preparing this dish is not very complicated, either. If you love eating Mexican cuisine, you can effortlessly make it at home as well. You can spice things up and add your preferred ingredients while making Quesadilla. This dish is best suited for meals rather than snacking on it. It is a healthy Mexican dish that you can dig into quite often.

10. Quince

All fruits are nutritious and healthy, and the Quince fruit stands to be no different. It belongs to the same fruit family-like pears and apples. A variety of Quince fruit is available for consumption. Most of the varieties cannot be eaten raw and need cooking. However, the kurganskaya and aromatnaya types are suitable for raw consumption. Quince is also used in making multiple delicious cocktails and mocktails.

A raw quince features a healthy and balanced nutrient content. It has 15% carbohydrates, 84% water, and some negligible amount of protein and fats, which features the remaining one percent. It is a healthy fruit that you can consume daily. When it comes to micronutrients and vitamin C, Quince features optimum levels of these contents. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this list of food and fruits, starting with the letter ‘Q’. Each item presented here contains some good nutritional values. Some of the items only feature specific availability while most of them are easily obtainable almost anywhere in the world.