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Have you been experiencing difficulties in obtaining a full-flavored coffee? Here we feature a powerful kitchen appliance, the coffee percolator, which will bring your problems to an end. It is used to brew coffee, and it results in a vibrant and strong flavor. Owning this device delivers the convenience of determining the amounts of ingredients that you will end up consuming in your coffee mug. 

In most cases, the coffee shops may be closed at certain hours or maybe far from reach, therefore, limiting you from access to a cup of coffee. However, the coffee brewer becomes significant in giving you the perfect espresso at any time. You can use it in the comfort of your house or anywhere you travel to thus saving on the expenses that you would otherwise use to buy coffee. This write-up will help you perceive the relevance of acquiring a coffee maker. Keep reading to determine the exact features that make up the best coffee percolator and get to pick one with ease.

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Benefits Of Using A Coffee Percolator

Benefits Of Using A Coffee Percolator

They are highly beneficial because of the frequent cycling of the boiling or nearly boiling brew through the coffee grounds until desired flavored is acquired. This makes it to be unmatched and different from all other conventional coffee brewing methods that are commonly used at home. Below are some key benefits which you will derive from owning a coffee device.

1. Convenience

Most of them come with signal indicators that alert when the coffee is ready to serve. Moreover, some come in large sizes that are capable of brewing up to fourteen cups of coffee at a go; hence if you have guests, you will save time and effort that you would otherwise use to make other cups of coffee.

2. Economical

When you compare the cost of buying coffee for you and your family and the cost of brewing your coffee at home, it is cheap to make coffee at home. Owning a coffee pot facilitates you to brew full-flavored coffee at home; therefore, it helps you cut down on costs.

3. Portable

Coffee makers come in various sizes. As a result, you have to select based on your taste and preferences; however, if you wish to carry it along when going to the office or when traveling, buy the small-sized ones.

4. Good For Health

Coffee itself has health benefits, but besides that, having a coffee maker at home keeps you away from unwanted calories, which you can quickly ingest whenever you buy a cup of coffee. You will be surprised to realize the amount of excess sugar you regularly consume whenever you go to the coffeehouse. Therefore, it is proper for you to have your device, which you can efficiently utilize to prepare a cup of coffee and control your calorie intake.

What To Look For In A Coffee Percolator

What To Look For In A Coffee Percolator

Having discussed the potential benefits, there are several factors you have to consider for you to purchase a quality device.  Keep reading to familiarize yourself with them.

1. Quantity

Coffee pots are packaged in different sizes. The large sizes have the capability of high brewing volumes of coffee while the small sizes are designed to brew small amounts. You need to check the number of people in your house who take coffee and the amount they usually drink on average. If you buy a single-serve coffee maker, and five people drink coffee, then it will mean that you go through the tedious process of making a cup of coffee five times. Therefore, buying a coffee pot that produces many cups is suitable for a household with many people. However, if -you are all by yourself, you can opt for a single-server tool.

2. Cost

On a regular occurrence, it is right for you to purchase a kitchen appliance that is within your budget. But it is beneficial to spend a little more on quality models that come with proper features that enhance coffee brewing. Therefore, you should be flexible when it comes to buying a coffee device.

3. Convenience.

Given that coffee devices come either as automated or manual, it is prudent to buy an automated one.  The one that is automated brews coffee within a short time; thus, it allows you to enjoy a cup of coffee whenever you decide to make coffee. Consider paying for a device that comes with programmable features; for instance, the signal indicators that notify you once the coffee is ready to serve.

4. Size And Space.

Having in mind the size of your kitchen cabinet, you should set out to buy a coffee device that comfortably fits it. Some of the appliances take up more space because them being large-sized. As a result, you should carefully look at the dimensions of the model you wish to buy and find out if it will fit your cabinet.

The small percolators are excellent since they save on space. On the other hand, the big percolators are multifunctional and fast, so in as much as they would occupy a larger area, you are sure of 100% convenience.

5. Popular Brands.                                                                       

You should equally consider the reputation of the brand that you want to buy. There are very many brands there in the market that you can choose from. However, you may find a few major brands that are towering high above the others. They have a reputation for creating extraordinary, quality products even though they are expensive. Most unpopular brands have a reputation for producing the right products but less quality making them relatively less costly hence affordable.

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Reviews Of The High Rated Coffee Percolators

The current coffee percolators are carefully designed to perform at the optimum to produce the best rich-flavored coffee. Having highlighted the several factors that you ought to consider when choosing a suitable percolator, we have gone ahead to give a highlight of the top-rated devices that are currently trending in the market. These highlights are meant to simplify your work on choosing the prime quality coffee percolators. They are listed here below that you may identify and familiarize yourself with them.

1. Farberware Coffee Percolator: The Best Stovetop Coffee Percolator

Farberware is one of the best kitchen appliances when it comes to the extraction of a better and richer flavor. It has been in use for over a century and has proved to be the best in fine-tuning the entire process of making a cup of delicious coffee. If you want to brew up to a dozen cups of coffee, then this unbeatable gadget becomes the right choice.

This stovetop coffee brewer has a permanent percolator filter basket, hence no need for one to use a paper filter, which at times becomes messy. It is made up of stainless steel that facilitates easy cleaning for proper maintenance of the device. Also, the stainless steel material is heavy-duty; thus, it enhances durability. For use flexibility, it comes with a comfortable handle that provides a balanced grip while serving coffee, and hence it prevents the occurrence of accidents. Furthermore, it has a tight-fitting lid that seals heat from escaping.


1. It is durable.

2. Easy to clean

3. Easy to use.

4. Non-reactive interior

5. It comes with a transparent glass knob for ease of monitoring the brew session.


1. No replacement spring available in case it gets damaged

Below Are The Specifications Of The Farberware Coffeemaker:

Weight2.9 lbs.
Dimensions8.86 x 7.28 x 10.83 inches
Item model number47053
MaterialStainless steel

2. Presto Coffee Maker: Best Percolator Coffee Automatic

When it comes to design, the Presto presents a prime tool with a classic, hotel-style design. It can brew between four to twelve cups of rich, flavored coffee automatically. A beautiful traditional look makes it suitable to fit in with any kitchen décor. Efficiency in this gadget is easily noted due to the ability to brew coffee very fast, a cup a minute, after which it maintains a piping-hot temperature.

For convenience, when utilizing it, it has a signal light, which indicates when the coffee is ready to serve. The sturdy and magnificent stainless steel which has been used to construct it allows ease during cleaning and gives a lasting beauty. Furthermore, its filter basket and perk tube are also made of stainless steel, therefore guaranteeing easy maintenance and durability of the gadget.


1. It is durable

2. Easy to clean.

3. Convenient for use, since it has a signal light.

4. Produces a rich flavor coffee

5. Brews pretty fast


1. No auto shut off

2. Make loud popping noise when brewing

Below Are Some Specifications Of The Presto Coffee Maker:

Weight2.9 lbs.
Dimensions13.10 x 9.70 x 6.20 inches
Item model number8541976147
MaterialStainless steel

3. Cuisinart Perfectemp Coffee Maker: Best Large Capacity Coffee Percolator

If you want to turn up the flavor and the temperature of the coffee, then using the Cuisinart coffee device becomes an ideal option. Being constructed using the state-of art-technology, Cuisinart is capable of making fourteen cups of hotter coffee without sacrificing the flavor or quality. It has a brew-strength control, which allows you to choose either a regular or bold coffee flavor.

This tool has a 24-hour programmable feature; you can easily set the brew-time up to 24 hours ahead. It comes with a backlit LCD that permits easy reading in dim light. The coffee pot has a 14 cup glass carafe that is beautifully decorated with stainless steel handle hence giving it a classic touch.

To facilitate accurate filling when you want to brew, this kitchen tool is comprised of a water window that allows easy viewing and hence ensuring that only the exact amount of water is used as required. Moreover, it has an adjustable keep warm temperature control that lets you regulate the desired temperatures in the coffee.


1. Produces rich flavored hot coffee

2. Very efficient and easy to use,

3. Easy to clean.

4. Has an adjustable keep warm temperature control knob


1. Not durable.

Below Is A Table Highlighting Some Specifics Of Cuisinart Perfectemp:

Weight8.8 pounds
Dimensions7.75 x 9.0 x 14 inches
Item model numberDCC-3200P1

4. French Press Coffee Maker: Best Glass Coffee Percolator

If you are looking for a coffee device that combines elegance and utility, a French Press coffee maker becomes your perfect choice. More than 30,000 customers have utilized it and given positive results, so it is worth buying. Unlike the other espressos, this one comes with a four-level filtration system that carefully filters off all coffee grounds and all the unpleasant muddiness, thus presenting a perfect brew every time.

Its base, lid, and handle are made up of stainless steel with a highly polished finish that imparts a perfect shine, and hence it is dustproof. Consequently, its carafe is made up of heavy tempered borosilicate glass, allowing it to withstand high heat and pressure buildup during the boiling of water. Nonetheless, it has a free replacement guarantee such that if it malfunctions or is damaged, it can be replaced free of charge.


1. It needs no electricity; hence it can be used during camping.

2. Needs no filters, it has a built-in filter.

3. Heat resistant.

4. Easy to clean since all parts are dishwasher safe.

5. It has a lifetime replacement guarantee.


1. It is fragile.

Dimensions7.25 x 6.5 x 10.75inches
Item model numberB01J4O0T4E
MaterialStainless steel and glass.

5. Bialetti Express Moka: Best Non-Toxic Coffee Percolator

The Bialetti Espresso Maker is an original kitchen appliance that can be used to make a good espresso coffee at home. The traditionally-made Italian machine makes up to six cups of delicious coffee that is strong in flavor. Therefore, it efficiently manages a sizeable household. Besides, it takes less than five minutes to brew your coffee on the stovetop; as a result, safely, it is an efficient and reliable tool.

This Moka is made up of a highly polished aluminum material curved in a beautiful Bialetti octagon shape, which renders it a long-lasting kitchen device. It has a patented safety valve that prevents spillage during brewing.  Furthermore, all the Bialetti appliances are of supreme quality. Still, if at all you purchased one and realized that it doesn’t function properly, you can get a free replacement because it gives a two-year warranty.


1. Dishwasher safe making it easy to clean

2. Strong and rich flavor

3. Efficient and convenient in utility.

4. Non-reactive material

5. It is Durable.


1. It does not maintain the heat of coffee thus the user needs to warm coffee

The Table Below Presents A Summary Of The Specifications Of The BiallettiExpress Moka:

Dimensions4 x 4 x 9 inches
Item model numberB000CNY6UK

6. Bodum Chambord French Press: Best Old Fashioned Coffee Percolator

The Bodum is a classic French Press that was skillfully designed in the 1950s to honor the iconic Château de Chambord in France. It is still being produced using the old craftsmanship, but with an additional modern, elegant touch. It is available in both heat-resistant borosilicate glass and recyclable, shatterproof beakers.

It has a stainless steel spiral plate that keeps the filter mesh in place and ensures that only water goes through but no ground coffee. Moreover, the mesh filter helps in extracting the coffee’s aromatic oils and acids, resulting in rich flavor. This Frenchies user friendly; it brews up to 8 cups of tasty coffee in 4minutes time and has a Bodum patented safety lid that keeps the contents from leaking during brewing. Besides, it possesses a handle that is made of plastic; for safe handling and protection from the occurrence of accidents as one serves coffee.


1. Durable.

2. It is Heat Resistant.

3. Produces rich flavor coffee

4. Easy to use.


1. Not all parts are dishwasher safe hence not easy to clean all the pieces.

Below Are The Specifications Of The Bodum Chambord;

Dimensions5.3 x 7.7 x 11.89 inches
Item model numberB00008XEWG
MaterialStainless Steel and glass.

How To Make Coffee In A Percolator


Q. How Do I Clean My Coffee Maker?

To clean coffee makers properly follow the steps as outlined below;

1. Pour 4 cups of raw -white household vinegar into the water reservoir.

2. Put a paper filter into the filter basket and then close.

3. Place an empty decanter on the warming plate

4. Turn on the unit and brew the vinegar for a while, then switch off. Allow the vinegar to stand in the appliance for about 30 minutes.

5. After the 30 minutes are over, pour the vinegar into the coffee maker reservoir, and put the empty decanter back on the warming plate.

6. Turn on the coffee maker to allow the vinegar to flow through.

7. When all the vinegar has dripped through, remove the paper filter, and brew plain water until all the vinegar odor is gone.

Q. How Should I Clean Coffee Stains In My Stainless Steel Thermal Carafe?

To effectively clean out the stains in a thermal carafe, fill the stainless steel device with boiling water and then add a dishwasher tablet. Let it sit overnight, and then afterward thoroughly rinse.

Q. What Is The Best Temperature For Brewed Coffee?

The standard brew and keep warm temperature is 175º-185ºF.

Q. What Makes The 1-4 Cup Model Different From Other Models?

The 1-4 cup model slows typically down the brewing process to allow the extraction of the full flavor of coffee without having to use more coffee grounds.

Q. What Does The Water Drop On The Display Mean?

It means that the water filter needs to be replaced.

Q. Why Is My Coffee Maker Overflowing?

If you realize that water is overflowing, then it means that the reservoir is overfilled. There is a drain hole behind the coffeemaker to prevent overfilling. If you recognize that the overflow is coffee, then you may have used more than one tablespoon of coffee per cup of water. On the other hand, overflowing over the brew basket may happen if the paper filter collapse.

Q. What Is Accelerated Brewing?

Accelerated brewing is always viewed to have a higher wattage. Consequently, the coffee will brew faster.

Q. Are Any Of The Parts Of Coffee Percolator Dishwasher Safe?

The glass and stainless coffee makers are dishwasher safe; also, the brew and pod baskets. However, you should always check the Use and Care Guide for detailed Cleaning Instructions.

Q. What Does The Brew Selector Feature Do?

The brew selector allows you to select the strength of your coffee. When using either the bold setting, hot water is dispensed slowly over the coffee grounds, to allow more flavor to be extracted from ground coffee. The bold setting takes a few minutes longer to finish brewing than the standard brew setting.

Q. Can I Reheat Cold Coffee?

The warming plate in a percolator is not designed to reheat cold coffee. If you use it, it may cause blockages and hence damage the unit. The best way to reheat cold coffee is to pour it in a mug then microwave. 

Final Take

A hot, rich flavor is the most desired element that people look for in coffee because once taken, it invigorates and energizes someone to move on. In all the discussion we have had, from this article, it is no doubt that the best coffee percolator will deliver a full-flavored coffee. Once you buy the best model, then you will be in a better place of enjoying consistent cups of rich flavor and velvety beverage.

If you choose a large-sized percolator, you are sure to brew up to 14 cups of hot coffee whenever you have visitors. For convenience and efficiency, go for the ones that have high heat resistance and programmable features like auto-shutoff and signal indicators. If you are one who likes going camping, then a compact, lightweight coffee percolator will be useful for you.

What is more, you are free to research more and find out about the distinct features that enhance the utilization of a percolator then you will be in the best position to choose wisely when it comes to buying a brewer device. Otherwise, we assure you that if you pick from the ones we have highlighted, you will get maximum satisfaction of brewing coffee.

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