Can You Put Pop Tarts In The Toaster?

Last Updated on August 10, 2023 By Emma W. Thomas

Yes, you can put Pop-Tarts in a toaster. Place them vertically into the toaster slots and use the lowest heat setting to avoid burning the edges. Never leave the toaster unattended and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to prevent any accidents.

What Are Pop-Tarts?

If you’re a pastry-lover, you don’t need further introduction to pop tarts. Pop-tarts are moderated versions of pastries. If you like to eat pastries, you’re bound to like pop-tarts as well. Some pop-tarts are even better than pastries. Basically, a pack of pop tart includes two thin layers of pastry crust with a sugary and creamy filling inside. The crust is fascinating, while the sugary and creamy filling is literally mouth-watering. Different flavors of pop tarts are available in the market, and the flavors are too good to resist. Some people don’t like pop tarts due to the presence of excess sugary items and the extremely sweet taste. But a large part of global foodies prefers to eat pop tarts to have the amazing taste. 

Can You Use Toasters For Preparing Pop-Tarts? 

Usually, packed pop tarts are sold in the market, and people buy those packed items and bake those at home. Toasters are the best ones for this process. If you already have a toaster, baking packed pop tarts won’t be an issue for you. Here we are going to teach you how you can prepare delicious pop tarts using your toaster.

  • First of all, bring the pop tarts out of the foil pack to bake them. Be conscious while doing this as the layers of the pop tarts are tender and thin. 
  • You must not set high-burning settings in the toaster while preparing top tarts. The thin crust layers might get burned if you set the toaster in a high-burning setting. Set the settings as low as possible to get the job done perfectly
  • Insert the pop tarts in the toaster vertically and make sure that you have placed the tarts properly. Then toast the tarts for around a minute or two with the lower heat settings. Don’t go anywhere and keep your eyes on the toasting process. You can higher the heat settings of the toaster if you want. But you should monitor the heating process constantly. Otherwise, the pop-tarts might get burnt. 
  • Once the toasting is completed, leave the pop tarts in the toaster for 30 more seconds so that those cool down. After that, bring the pop-tarts out of the toaster. 
  • The delicious pop-tarts are ready to eat. 

What If You Don’t Have A Toaster? 

Not everyone has toasters in their kitchen to toast pop tarts. What will you do if you don’t have a toaster to toast pop tarts? There’s an alternative way for you. You can also use your microwave for baking pop tarts. Let’s see how you can bake pop tarts using a microwave.

  • You have to unwrap the pop tarts before baking those in this case as well. 
  • Put the pop tarts into a microwave plate or tissue paper. Place the pop tarts in the middle of the plate or the paper to make sure that the tarts get heated evenly. 
  • Insert the plate or paper containing pop tarts inside the microwave and heat for 3-4 seconds. Remember that the heat of a microwave is more intense than a toaster. That’s why 3-4 seconds are enough to bake the pop tarts when you’re putting those inside a microwave. 
  • Wait for 10-15 seconds before you bring the pop-tarts out of the microwave to avoid finger burn. 

Using A Toaster VS. Using A Microwave For Preparing Pop Tarts

Using A Toaster For Preparing Pop-TartsUsing A Microwave For Preparing Pop Tarts 
The heat settings are adjustable and more customizable than a microwave. Even the lowest heat setting of a microwave is not at all suitable to heat the thin crusts of pop tarts. 
You need to heat the pop tarts for 1 minute in a toaster. In case of a microwave, 3-4 seconds are enough for preparing pop tarts. 
The chances of getting the tarts burnt are very low. The heat of a microwave burns the tarts most of the time. 

This chart clearly indicates that a toaster is a safer and better option than a microwave in terms of preparing pop tarts. If you don’t have a toaster, there is no option left apart from using a microwave. But you must attempt to toast the tarts in a toaster to get the best results

Are Pop Tarts Healthy? 

Pop tarts might be everyone’s favorite due to their excellent taste. But have you ever thought if pop tarts are healthy or not? The simple answer to this question is- No. If you’re looking for healthy food, pop tarts must not be your choice. Basically, pop tarts contain a higher amount of sugar, fat, and calories. The protein content of pop-tarts is very low. Therefore, you can put pop-tarts in the junk food category rather. Pop-tarts cannot be considered healthy and nutritious items anyway. Specifically, people with high blood sugar levels and obesity are not likely to intake pop tarts frequently. 

Bottom Line 

Though pop-tarts are not at all nutritious and healthy, you don’t have to quit eating pop-tarts permanently. You can eat pop tarts on holidays and special occasions to cherish the moments. But whenever you prepare pop tarts, using a toaster will definitely be a better choice for you.