Do you Tip Furniture Delivery? Here’s What you Need to Know

Do you Tip Furniture Delivery

Tipping furniture delivery personnel is a common practice in many countries as a gesture of appreciation for their service. While tipping is not mandatory, it is generally considered customary and can be a way to show gratitude for a job well done. You can consider tipping $5 to $10 per worker depending on their quality of service and how difficult the task was.

What Percentage of People Tip Furniture Delivery?

When it comes to tipping furniture delivery professionals, the percentage of people who tip can vary. While tipping is often seen as customary for certain service industries, such as restaurants or hair salons, the expectation for tipping furniture delivery might not be as clear-cut. However, according to recent surveys and statistics, a significant number of people do choose to tip their furniture delivery personnel. Here are some facts to consider:

  • According to a survey conducted by Consumer Reports, around 26% of respondents stated that they always tip their furniture delivery professionals, while an additional 31% said they sometimes tip.
  • The average tip amount can range from 10% to 20% of the total delivery cost.
  • Factors that can influence tipping decisions include the level of service received, the difficulty of the delivery, and the overall satisfaction with the delivery experience.
  • Some furniture retailers include a separate line for tips on their delivery receipts, indicating that tipping is encouraged but not mandatory.
  • Personal financial circumstances and cultural norms can also play a role in tipping decisions, with some individuals and communities placing more emphasis on tipping while others do not prioritize it as much.

Why Should You Tip Furniture Delivery?

Why tip furniture delivery

Tipping furniture delivery personnel is both customary and beneficial. Here are the reasons why you should consider tipping furniture delivery:

  • Show appreciation: Tipping is a way to express gratitude for the hard work and effort put in by the delivery team. By tipping, you acknowledge the excellent service they provided and their dedication to ensuring a smooth delivery process.
  • Motivate exceptional service: Tipping encourages delivery personnel to consistently deliver exceptional service. When tipped, they are more likely to go the extra mile, ensuring that your furniture is handled with care, delivered promptly, and assembled accurately.
  • Recognize the physical demands: Furniture delivery involves heavy lifting, maneuvering through tight spaces, and sometimes even tackling difficult staircases. By tipping, you acknowledge the physical demands placed on the delivery team and recognize their strength and skill in executing the job.
  • Professionalism and expertise: Furniture delivery personnel are trained professionals who are knowledgeable about handling and assembling different types of furniture. By tipping, you acknowledge their expertise and the value they bring to ensuring a successful delivery and setup process.
  • Build a rapport: Tipping can help establish a positive relationship with the delivery team. By showing appreciation through a tip, you create a friendly atmosphere and foster good rapport with the personnel, which can be beneficial for any future furniture deliveries or services.
  • Industry standard: In the furniture delivery industry, tipping is considered customary. Many delivery personnel rely on tips as a significant part of their income. By following the industry standard and tipping, you support these hardworking individuals and contribute to their financial well-being.

How much do you tip for furniture delivery?

There is no fixed amount on what to tip a delivery person, but some factors will help to determine the amount. The following table is a guide on how to decide what to give. 

Type of delivery 

Tip amount ( per person)


$5 to $10

Large pieces and multiple pieces, plus assembling the furniture

$20 to $40

Working under extreme weather conditions ( hot weather with no air conditioning)

$20 to $40

Exceptional efforts by delivery person

$25 to $40

What are the factors to consider before tipping furniture delivery?

factors to consider before tipping furniture delivery

How much you tip a furniture delivery person depends on the individual. But, while it is not a must to do it, it may be appropriate to know the ideal figure depending on some factors, including;

Your furniture cost/value

Having your expensive furniture pieces delivered to your living space without getting damaged calls for extra effort, care, and commitment. Sometimes the delivery team may have to move up a narrow and twisting stairway to get your heavy and costly sofa into your living space. When you tip these people for doing a good job, they will feel appreciated besides the token supplementing their little income.

Quality of service and attitude

Depending on your judgment of the quality of service rendered by the delivery team, you may decide to tip them or not. Some people may decide to leave your furniture pieces at your door, while others will ensure that it gets safely inside. Some may also offer their services without murmuring, while others may complain as they do it. You will be at liberty to judge and tip appropriately. 


A timely delivery could also be a reason for you to tip the people doing the job. Nothing disappoints like taking some time off your work to receive some furniture only for the team to come late. It is not only inconvenient but also frustrating. So if the team observes punctuality, it can be a reason to tip them. Conversely, if they are late, you may not feel comfortable appreciating their services. 

Helping with the assembly

If your furniture delivery team helps you assemble the furniture pieces, it will be a reason to tip them. Again, how much you give depends on the judgment and satisfaction of this task. 

The complexity of delivery

Sometimes the delivery team may handle large furniture pieces and move them through small doorways or tight hallways. This team has to endure great stress to ensure your furniture is intact. In some instances, they may need to carry the heavy purchase down the narrow drive where the trucks cannot maneuver while clearing some obstacles. 

If your team has to deal with such complexity when delivering your furniture, it can only be fair to tip them. You may consider giving each of them about $20 or more to appreciate their work. 

The complexity of delivery


The weather conditions may also be harsh during furniture delivery. For example, the delivery people may do the task in extremely hot or cold weather, which can be pretty uncomfortable. As a show of gratitude, you may tip each person on the team. 

How else can you appreciate furniture delivery apart from tipping them?

Many alternative ways exist to show appreciation to the furniture delivery team, including;

  • A glass of cold water on a hot day
  • A cup of coffee or tea and some biscuits
  • Permission to use your bathroom/washroom
  • A bag of chips
  • Assisting with the task of unpacking and assembling if need be

In which situations do you tip more?

Some circumstances influence you tipping your furniture delivery more than others. They include;

Having tight doorways

Some homes have tight doorways, requiring delivery persons to remove some doors to take in the furniture. Such tasks will be time-consuming and may delay their other assignments. The team will also need to reinstall the doors after completing the job. It can only be fair for you to tip more to these people.

When there are stairs involved

If your furniture has to be moved to an apartment or home with a flight of stairs, you can consider tipping more. This job is not only tedious but time-consuming too, as the person doing it needs to exercise great caution not to damage the furniture. Sometimes the team will maneuver the stairway with the furniture on their backs, and appreciating their efforts goes a long way to encourage them. 

Packaging removal

In most cases, the delivery fee does not include removing the packaging from your furniture. But, your delivery team might offer to remove the packaging for you. Such courtesy would call for more tips since they are not just saving you time but also the trouble of disposing of the packaging material. 

Bad weather

At times the furniture delivery team works under uncomfortable temperatures such as cold or blazing heat. Such conditions make it pretty difficult for your furniture delivery team, and tipping more will be a welcome gesture. 

How much do you pay for furniture delivery?

Most furniture retailers hire third-party companies to have your pieces delivered to your home. You may also decide to hire their services directly after purchasing your furniture. The amount you pay for your furniture to be delivered will depend on many factors. For example, the value of the pieces and the distance, but, on average, it will cost between $80 and $400.  

Some furniture retailers offer free delivery of their goods within a certain radius. You can also get a waiver on the delivery fee from the retailers upon purchasing furniture worth a particular amount. Some firms do not involve themselves in the delivery process, and you need to make your arrangements. 

If you are buying your furniture online, you may pay the delivery company based on the shipping zip code. But, some furniture retailers who use Amazon to sell their goods offer free deliveries to their clients with Amazon Prime membership. 

Does the furniture delivery fee include assembly?

Some furniture pieces require assembling after delivery. Depending on the retailing company, the fee may or may not include assembly. Some companies may assemble the furniture free, while others will only get the pieces to your doorstep. 

Make sure to check the policy of the retail company before making any purchase. You can also check online directories to get furniture assembling experts in your area and know their charges. 

How to prepare for furniture delivery

After purchasing your new furniture, it is necessary to take the appropriate steps to make its delivery smooth. Some of these steps include;

Schedule the delivery

Once you have purchased your furniture, it is necessary to schedule its delivery with the stores. You need to set up the time and date for delivery and direct delivery persons to your home. You then need to take some time off from work or organize for someone else to be at home or the office during the process.

Remove the old furniture.

If you are replacing your old furniture pieces, ensure they are out of the way before the new ones arrive. Doing this will help save time and ensure the new pieces are arranged the way you want.

Clear the delivery path

Check that your delivery path is safe for the team to pass without getting hurt or damaging the furniture. Make sure there is no clutter or any other objects that may hinder the smooth movement of your furniture

Keep children and pets out of the way.

You do not want your pets and kids to get hurt during the furniture delivery. Make sure that they are far and safe before the delivery team moves in the pieces.  

Wrapping up

Tipping furniture delivery is a kind gesture to appreciate the staff involved. While it is not a requirement, it is acceptable to the delivery team since it helps supplement their income. Depending on the cost of furniture, quality of service, and how complex the process is, you can tip. 

If you can tip pizza delivery, why not your furniture?


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