Best Reusable Coffee Cups Of 2022 (Reviews & Features)

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Are you searching for the best reusable coffee cup? If the answer is yes, this article will guide you to choose the best cup for your coffee enjoyment.

Starting a day with a cup of coffee is a ritual that can boost your energy and keep you alert for the whole day. Disposable cups are no longer economical. Apart from that, they are not biodegradable making them unfriendly to the environment.

What Is a Reusable Coffee Cup?

Reusable coffee cups are an environmentally friendly option when you need to pour hot or cold beverages. These cups can be used over and over again without having a negative impact on the environment.

These reusable coffee cups are widely available in stores across the world. They are usually made from plastic, glass, or stainless steel as well as other materials that will not harm our environment.

Reusable coffee cups have also been around for a while now, but they have not been widely adopted by consumers yet. While there is a growing number of people who do use these products, they still remain largely ignored by many consumers who do not see the benefits of reusing them.

Best Reusable Coffee Cups

8 Tips for Finding the Best Reusable Coffee Cups

A reusable coffee cup is not only convenient but also eco-friendly. If you’re looking for the best reusable coffee cups, consider these 8 tips to find one that suits your needs.

1. Choose a cup that’s easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

2. Avoid purchasing reusable cups with funky designs or colors that might be difficult to match with your kitchen décor.

3. Make sure you have an adequate amount of room on the inside of the cup for a larger drink like iced coffee or tea with a splash of milk/cream/sugar.

4. Look for a cup that can hold up to 12 ounces, which is enough space for a large breakfast sandwich or an iced cappuccino in the morning and plenty of room left over for your soup or noodles later in the day.

5. Keep in mind the purpose of the reusable cup: The purpose of a coffee cup is to keep the hot liquid from spilling, so it should be sturdy.

6. Look for cups with a lid: When you pour your coffee, you don’t want to spill it everywhere. This is why the lid is important!

7. Consider the material: You want your reusable cups to hold up for years to come, so consider what type of material they are made out of and how well they will hold up over time. Some consumers like stainless steel due to its strength and durability while others like eco-friendly options made from bamboo or recycled materials that biodegrade at a natural pace when disposed of properly.

8. Choose a coffee cup size that fits your needs: The insulated coffee cups are designed to keep your coffee hot for up to four hours. They fit in the car cup holder and can be used as a mug or at home. They come in a variety of colors and designs, which make it perfect for any situation.

Making Sure Your Coffee Mugs and Customizable Mugs Are Durable and Last a Long Time

Consumers typically spend a lot of money on coffee mugs due to the fact that they are considered to be personal items and many people get attached to them. To make sure the coffee mugs you buy last as long as possible, here are some tips for what you should look for when buying a new mug.

  • The first tip is to find a company that makes durable coffee mugs with customizable designs. In order to make your purchase more worthwhile, it would be best if you do some research on the company before buying anything from them.
  • The second tip is weight. The weight of the mug is important because it determines how durable they will be and how likely they are to break when dropped or mishandled during transport or storage. A heavy-duty mug will not only last longer but also
  • Buy coffee mugs from reputable manufacturers who have an established reputation for quality products. A good company would be one that’s been in business for many years and has won awards for their products.

Top 10 Reusable Coffee Cup Reviewed

Choosing the right cup is not an easy task. This is why our in-depth guide and review is made to help you choose a durable and long-lasting reusable coffee cup. Here are the 10 best reusable coffee cups for your coffee pleasure.

1. Copco 2510-9966 Acadia Travel Mug (Best Reusable Travel Mug)

The Copco Acadia Travel Mug is a convenient cup to take your coffee anytime. It comes with a sleek design and great functionality to give you pleasurable coffee moments. It is ideal for replacing paper cups. Its double-wall insulation keeps your coffee steaming hot or cold. The mug is well designed to prevent leaks and spills. It can hold up to 16-ounce of coffee.


1. Durable – The mug is sturdily built to last with a nice non-slip grip. The quarter-turn sealing mechanism is made to prevent leaks and spills. It is made from BPA-free plastic.

2. Safe and easy to use – You can wash the mug like other dishes with a dishwasher. It is also microwaveable.

3. Non-slip grip – The non-slip grip makes the mug very user-friendly and convenient to hold.


1. Leak-proof

2. Easy to clean

3. The mug does not scald

4. BPA-chemical free mug

5. High holding capacity


1. The sipping hole is always open allowing heat to escape easily when drinking a hot coffee.

2. KeepCup Reusable Coffee Cup ( Best Microwaveable Coffee Cup)

Have your coffee on the go with the KeepCup Reusable Coffee Cup. This is a glass coffee cup for those who love purity. It is a special coffee cup to enhance your coffee taste. The mug is made from tempered soda lime glass to give you a great coffee experience. With this mug, you can enjoy the café experience at home, work, or even on the move. It fits well into car cup holders. The mug can hold 12-ounce of coffee. It is compatible with Keurig coffee machines including the Keurig K10 Mini. The horizontal plastic ring around the cup serves as an insulator when you are carrying hot coffee. It has an airtight lid to prevent leakage. The cup keeps your beverage warmer for a longer time than reusable coffee cups made of plastic or stainless.


1. Safe to useThe mug is microwave and dishwasher safe. You can wash it as you do with your dishes. It is BPA-free since the lid is made from polypropylene.

2. Improved lid – It comes with an enhanced lid that has a larger drinking hole and inner seal for pleasurable coffee time.

3. Durable – Made from tempered soda lime glass, the mug is built tough and durable to withstand the rigor of daily use. 

4. Versatile – It is not only meant for coffee drinking; it can also be used to drink tea.


1. Quality design

2. Made from non-toxic material

3. Easy to clean

4. Lightweight and sturdily-built

5. Non-slip rubber grip


1. It is a bit pricey.

3. JOCO Glass Reusable Coffee Cup (Most Durable Coffee Cup)

The 12-ounce glass reusable coffee cup is made for coffee aficionados. The glass coffee cup keeps the beverage warm for a longer time. It is elegantly designed for your coffee enjoyment. It comes with a soft lid for easy opening and closing. The coffee cup is dishwasher safe. You can also microwave it. It is made from borosilicate glass making it lead-free. The cup can fit perfectly into a standard car cup holder. It does not absorb or retain bacteria. The reusable coffee cup is compatible with Keurig coffee machines.


1. Durable – The coffee cup is made from borosilicate glass and high-grade silicone for durability and sturdiness. 

2. Solid lid – The lid is made solid to prevent coffee spills. The lid stays tight all the time

3. Bacteria resistance – With this cup, you don’t have to be afraid of any substances such as bacteria, stain, and odor. It is also nonporous.

4. Ergonomic design –The coffee cup is ergonomically designed for easy and convenient handling. It is anti-splash


1. Quality design

2. Microwaveable

3. Stylish and sturdy 

4. Made from lead-free materials

5. Easy to clean.


1. It is expensive

4. Starbucks Reusable Travel Coffee Cup (Best Starbucks Reusable Coffee Cup)

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If you are tight on budget and looking for affordable reusable coffee cups, the Starbucks Coffee Cup is your best bet. These cups are the proper replacement for paper cups. They come with four cardboard sleeves to prevent heat. The cups are four make them very economical. You can reuse the cups many times but should not be a replacement for more expensive and durable mugs. Press the lid down for a tight seal. They are made from hard plastic and fairly durable. The cups are BPA-free making it safe and healthy to use. These cups are microwaveable but you must remove the lid before microwaving them. With a 16-ounce holding capacity, you are sure of gulping enough coffee satisfactorily.


1. Dishwasher safe – Easily wash the coffee cups the way you wash the dishes. They are dishwasher safe.

2. Durable – Made from strong plastic, the coffee cups are made with durability and sturdiness in mind for long-lasting usage.

3. Free from BPA chemicals – The cups are made safe for use. No harmful BPA chemical or toxic that could endanger one’s health.

4. Simple design – The simple design makes the cup convenient and super easy to use.


1. Easy to clean

2. Very light

3. Environmentally-friendly

4. It is microwaveable after removing the lid.


1. No insulation; hot coffee makes the cup hot.

5. Aladdin Blushers 20-Ounce Coffee Cup (Best BPA Free Coffee Cup)

These sets of 8 cups allow you to enjoy your coffee anywhere, anytime. They are very affordable and pocket-friendly. The 20-ounce reusable cups are made durable. They are also ideal for house parties and sharing your favorite beverage with friends and guests. The smooth surface of these cups makes your coffee more enjoyable and pleasurable. They come with Blusher neoprene cup sleeves to prevent heat when having a cup of hot coffee. The cup sleeves are stretchable and can fit 12, 16, and 20-ounce coffee cups. These cups are made from heavy plastic.


1. High holding capacity – The holding capacity is more than the average reusable coffee cups. With a 20-ounce holding capacity, you can drink more coffee to your heart desire

2. Blushers neoprene cup sleeves – There are two blushers neoprene cup sleeves to protect your hand from heat when sipping a hot coffee.

3. Dishwasher safe – Wash these cups with a dishwasher without any fears. They are dishwasher safe. They are also safe for the microwave. Remove the lid before using a microwave.

4. BPA-free – The drink-through lid cups are BPA-free making it safe and healthy to use.

5. Durable – These cups are produced from hard plastic for durability and sturdiness. 


1. Easy to clean

2. Great value for money

3. Lightweight and stain-resistant

4. Affordable and economical

5. Microwaveable


1. It is not freezer safe

6. Tupkee Double Wall Glass Tumbler (Best Insulated Coffee Cup)

Ardent coffee lovers love their coffees served in glass cups. It presents you with the authentic and fresh taste of your favorite beverage. The Tupkee Double Wall Glass Tumbler is a reusable glass tumbler that brings pleasure to your coffee enjoyment. The double-wall glass tumbler with a glass sip lid takes your coffee experience to a whole new height by keeping the temperature of the beverage warm for a longer time. It fits well into many car cup holders. There is a top small hole for plastic flexible straws. The silicone sleeve is permanently attached and not removable. It is microwaveable. It has a holding capacity of 14-ounce. The glass is made from hand-blown borosilicate glass for durability and strength. The glass cup is healthy and safe to use. It is free from toxic substances such as BPA and lead.


1. Leak-proof seal – The tumbler glass comes with a BPA-free silicone seal to prevent leaks. 

2. Borosilicate glass – Made from borosilicate glass, the reusable glass tumbler is durable and sturdy. Borosilicate glass is temperature-resistant. It can withstand shattering and shock due to changes in temperature.

3. Double-wall insulation – The double-wall construction keeps your coffee hot and fresh. It also makes iced coffee colder for a longer time. With the double insulation, your hand can stay cold even when you holding a cup of hot beverage.

4. Easy-grip – with a silicone sleeve, the reusable glass tumbler has a non-slip grip for easy handling and convenience.


1. Quality design

2. Microwave and freezer safe

3. Durable and lightweight

4. Keeps coffee temperature intact

5. Lead and BPA-free


1. Wash by hand; not dishwasher safe.

7. Ano Reusable Glass Coffee Cup (Best Chemical Free Coffee Cup)

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Take your morning ritual to a higher level with the Ano Reusable Glass Coffee Cup. It is 100% plastic-free. The Ano Cup is ergonomically designed and well crafted from top-quality materials that are not dangerous to your health. This is a great travel companion. It is super easy to handle. It is built sturdy, attractive, and eco-friendly. It has a rubber lid that is easy to remove and return. The lid is secure to prevent leaks. The cup has a classy feel and it is easy to clean too. 


1. Ergonomically designed – The cup is ergonomically designed for your coffee pleasure. It is comfortable to hold and convenient to use. The thermal sleeve helps to keep your coffee hot or cold for a longer duration.

2. Safe and healthy to use – Made from the best quality materials, the nonporous glass cup is free from harmful chemicals that are toxic to the body.

3. Preserves coffee temperature – The cup is useful in serving both cold and hot drinks. It is resistant to stains.

4. Microwaveable – The reusable coffee cup is microwave safe. It is also dishwasher and freezer safe


1. Easy to clean

2. Convenient to handle

3. Free from harmful substances

4. Leak-proof

5. Durable


1. It can only hold 12-ounce.

8. UDMG Reusable Double Wall Insulated Ceramic Coffee Cup (Leakproof Coffee Cup)

Say goodbye to paper cups with the UDMG Reusable Ceramic Coffee Cup. Mere looking at this coffee cup, you will think it is a paper cup but it is a ceramic cup made from porcelain clay. It comes with a silicone lid that seals very tightly to prevent spills. The cup is safe and healthy to use because it is BPA-free. You can take your coffee steaming hot without burning your hand. Thanks to the double-wall construction that doesn’t let the heat out so your coffee can stay hot for a longer time. A sleeve is included for easy grip. There is a little hole on the lid so you can sip your coffee or any other beverage with a straw. It is microwaveable. The coffee cup can fit under Keurig 2.0. 


1. Built sturdy – Made from high-grade porcelain clay, the cup is made with long-lasting use in mind. It can insulate a cold or hot beverage with double-wall construction.

2. Easy to use – The reusable coffee cup is made of porcelain clay and easy to clean. The rubber-plastic silicone lid seals tightly to guide against spills.

3. Convenient and safe to use – It is microwaveable and 100% lead-free. It is recommended you clean the cup manually. 


1. Easy to clean

2. Lead and cadmium-free

3. Ergonomic design

4. Durable and strong

5. Leak-proof


1. The cup is not dishwasher safe

9. Asobu Ultimate Stainless Steel Travel Mug (Best Coffee Mug For Travel)

Preserve your coffee taste with the Asobu Ultimate Travel Mug. It is made with copper lining for durability; the reusable coffee cup has double-walled stainless steel that makes the mug fully insulated. Using this ceramic cup ensures the preservation of your coffee taste leaving you with no aftertaste of metal or plastic. It comes with an adjustable lid to prevent spills or leaks. An easy-to-hold round handle makes it convenient to use. The bottom of the cup is fortified with a protective and decorative coating to make it solid. With the inner ceramic coating, your coffee is bound to be steaming hot for a longer time.


1. Sealed lid – The tightly sealed lid ensures your beverage temperature stays intact for a long time. The lid is well insulated to prevent leaks and spills

2. Easy-grip – The reusable coffee cup is easy to handle with the well-designed round handle that makes it convenient to carry the cup with ease.

3. Double-wall insulation – With double-wall insulation, you don’t feel the heat when you are carrying a hot beverage.


1. Easy to handle

2. Easy to clean

3. Durable

4. Lightweight

5. Microwaveable


1. It holds just 12-ounce of coffee

10. Godinger Glass Travel Mug Tumbler (Best Dishwasher Safe Mug)

You don’t have to take watered-down beverages any longer. The Godinger Coffee Mug Tumbler ensures that your coffee taste is well preserved. The mug is sleek and handcrafted to deliver the purest coffee taste. It is made with double-walled borosilicate glass for durability and it keeps your coffee hot for up to an hour. It is eco-friendly and elegantly designed to make your coffee mornings pleasurable. Its transparent see-through design allows you to see the content level. It is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning and convenient use. 


1. Microwaveable – You don’t have to remove the lid to microwave the mug. The glass and the lid are both microwaveable. The two are also dishwasher safe.

2. Clear design – The see-through design of the mug allows you to fall in love with your beverage. 

3. Sleeveless – It has no sleeves but keeps your coffee steaming hot. The double-wall design protects your hand from being hurt when having a cup of hot coffee. There is no condensation outside of the cup.

4. Durable and sturdy – The mug is made for long-lasting use. It is made from borosilicate glass for extra durability and sturdiness.


1. Ease of use

2. Lightweight and solid

3. Environmentally-friendly mug

4. No condensation

5. Leak-proof


1. It holds 12-ounce of liquid

2. The lid is made from plastic

List of 5 Creative Ways to Recycle Used Coffee Cups

On average, 1.25 billion coffee cups are thrown away in the US every year. And in the UK, that number is even higher at 1.6 billion cups annually.

Although the disposable coffee cup is a common sight in many cafes and restaurants worldwide, there is also a small group of people who are looking for creative ways to reduce their carbon footprint and reuse their used coffee cups for other purposes such as flower pots or vases.

While it is easy to recycle coffee cups, you can also use them to create a lot of creative things. This creative list of ideas will inspire you to find new and innovative ways of reusing your old coffee cups.

  1. The most common way of recycling used coffee cups is by placing them in the trash bin or garbage can. However, this does not mean there are no other ways you can reuse these cups.
  2. You can use them as decorations for your flowers and plants or make crafts with them. You could also make a unique gift basket with all the different types of recycled materials that will be used for wrapping around it.
  3. Coffee cups can also be used as unique gifts that show your love and care for others.
  4. In recent years, there has been a growing effort to reduce this waste by organizing events like National Cup Day to motivate people to recycle their used cups on a large scale. In addition, businesses have started to come up with creative ways to make use of old coffee cups such as turning them into animal toys or paper dishes for decoration.
  5. Coffee nipping: The act of taking a corner of the top off a used cup and dipping it into hot water then drinking the rest with ice cubes or ice cream!

Buyer’s Guide Of Best Reusable Coffee Cup

There are a lot of considerations that are involved in choosing the best reusable coffee cup if you want to avoid tasteless coffees. This buying guide will assist you in making the right choice. Here are the 7 things you must look out for when buying a coffee cup.

1. Design

The design you choose will determine the quantity of coffee the mug can hold. If you want a cup that holds more content, you have to look for a longer coffee cup. If you don’t fancy gulping a large quantity of coffee, you can go for a shorter design.

2. Material

The material the mug is made of is very important. If you want a cup that retains the heat of the coffee; it makes sense to choose a cup made of glass. A glass cup is a bit difficult to hold but a glass cup with sleeves will work well.

3. Wall insulation

Choose if you want a reusable coffee cup with single or double-wall insulation. The type of wall insulation you choose will determine how easy it is to hold the cup when carrying a hot beverage. If you like your coffee cold, single wall cup insulation is ideal for you but if you like to take hot coffee or tea, it is important to go for a double-wall insulation cup.

4. Weight

The weight of the cup is another critical consideration. Do you want a light or heavy cup? A light cup is easy and convenient to carry but not suitable for hot beverages. A heavy cup is a bit difficult to carry but it is perfect for hot beverages. If you like to drink cold coffee, you can go for a light cup but if you are a habitual hot coffee drinker, you can choose a heavy cup.

5. Price

What is your budget for a reusable coffee cup? The prices of coffee cups are not the same depending on the quality and material used in producing them. A cup made of plastic is cheaper compare to the one made from glass. There are many coffee cups in the market, choose the one that fits into your budget and meets your need.

6. Ease of cleaning

Is the coffee cup easy to clean? This is a question you must ask yourself before you buy a coffee cup. It makes sense to look for a cup that is made of a material that does not retain stains. This is why a coffee cup made from glass is more appropriate than the one made of plastic. The coffee cup must also be dishwasher safe.

7. Microwaveable

Microwaving your coffee may be needed once in a while. This is why you need a reusable coffee cup that is microwaveable to make your coffee warm.


You cannot separate a coffee lover from a good coffee cup. They are like Siamese twins. This is why a reusable coffee cup is the best for your coffee. The fact that it is economical helps you to save money. Choosing the best reusable coffee cup that can preserve your coffee taste and aroma can be difficult. You don’t have to worry. Our 25 hours of research on reusable coffee cups will help you make a good choice if you follow our recommendations. We recommend the JOCO Glass Reusable Coffee Cup and the Tupkee Double Wall Glass Tumbler for their durability and sturdiness. Other products worth considering are the Ano Reusable Glass Coffee Cup and UDMG Reusable Double Wall Insulated Ceramic Coffee Cup for retaining the natural taste of your coffee. Any of these coffee cups will make drinking coffee more enjoyable.

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