What Is The Correct Sentence ‘’The Door Is Opened’’ Or ‘’The Door Is Open’’?

The Door is Open

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Both sentences, “The door is opened” and “The door is open,” are grammatically correct. You can say ”the door is open” to describe the state of a door that is not closed. Conversely, you can say ”the door is opened” to show that someone or something has caused it to be in that state.

In the sentence ”the door is opened”, the word ”opened” is used as a verb/participle. It describes the change /action that made the door not be closed. In the ”door is open”, the word ”open” acts as an adjective for the noun ”door”. It describes the door’s static state without showing any change.

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Key Takeaways

  • ‘’The door is open’’ is correct
  • ‘’The door is opened’’ is also correct

This article takes you through the differences between ‘open’ and ‘opened’ and other meanings of ‘’door is open’’. We also define a door, show other words used with it, and different door types available.

As a bonus, the article also highlights different door materials. Read on!

What is The Difference Between ‘’Open’’ and ‘’Opened’’?

The words ‘’opened’’ and ‘’open’’ are not synonymous. When describing a noun, ‘’open’’ acts as an adjective. For example, it is correct to talk about ‘’an open door’’. In this example, the door’s state (noun) is seen not to be closed.

When using ‘’open’’ in a sentence, you can place it before the noun. For example, ‘’That is an open door, use it to go out’’. ‘’This is an open room, we use it for our meetings”. You can also place the word after the noun. For example, you can say, ”The door is open; feel free to go inside”.

You can also use the word ‘’open’’ in a sentence to represent a verb. For example, ‘’ Could you please open the door, we need some fresh air’’. When you use ‘’open’’ as a verb, it has to always be in the present tense.

Somebody performed the task of opening. When you use the word ”opened” in a sentence, it shows the past tense of opening. For example, ”the girl opened the door to let us in”. I opened the door to my house and saw my pet inside” In the two examples, someone or something was involved in changing the condition of the entry from closed to open.

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Does The Phrase ‘’The Door is Open’’ have another meaning?

Yes. Other than describing the condition of the door not being closed, the phrase has different meanings. You can use it to mean a chance for someone to do something.

 For example, ‘’ If you want to join our group, the door is open for you’’. This sentence shows that the opportunity is there to join the group. You only need to decide; no one will stop you from joining this group.

It is also correct to say, ‘’The door is open for the girls to pursue a career in science’’ In this sentence, it shows that there is no restriction for girls to undertake a career in science.

What is a Door and What are The Different Words Used with It?

A door can be used at the entrance of a building, room, cabinet, car, cupboard, and many other places. A door can be defined as a sliding/swinging piece of furniture that closes and opens an entrance. You can also specify a door as a rectangular, flat object attached to one end of the entrance. This object closes the entrance of a building, vehicle, or room.

It is possible for a building or a room to have more than one door. A front or back door could be used to close the entrance. A door can improve the aesthetic value of a room or building. It also minimizes noise, creates privacy, and defines a space.

You can use different words together with the door. The table below shows some of the terms used with door and their meaning.

  Word  Meaning  Use
  DoorbellA button placed near the house’s front doorPeople ring it to alert someone to open the door.
  DoorknobA round lever on your doorYou turn it when opening or closing the door.
  DoorstopA heavy object that you can place against a door. A piece of plastic/rubber attached to a wall  It is used to keep the door ajar.   To prevent the door from hitting the wall when someone opens it.
  Doorplate A piece of metal that has someone’s title or name written on it.It is attached to the door. Its purpose is to show who works or lives there.
  DoorknockerA metal bar or ring on a house doorYou can knock on the ring for someone to open the door.

What are The Different Types of Doors, And How Do They Open?

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i. French doors

These double doors are stylish and composed mainly of glass panes. The two doors can open together or separately to the inside. Since the doors give a lot of light to your rooms, they are primarily used as exterior doors. They are also helpful for partitioning rooms to make the living space look spacious as they don’t enclose it.

ii. Sliding doors

These doors are used on the exterior side of a house, mainly on the side or back. They usually open onto a deck or a patio. It is also not uncommon to find these doors in a house’s interior, such as pantries, closets, or utility rooms. Sliding doors don’t protrude on space since they slide on a track when you push to open.

iii. Hinged doors (passage doors)

Hinged doors can swing to and from a room. The doors have one of the ends fixed on the hinges of the wall. They are common in almost every room in a house.

iv. Pocket doors

As the name suggests, these doors disappear into a wall (pocket) when you open them. Pocket doors are ideal for bathrooms, powder rooms, and closets. Like the sliding doors, they also move on a track into a hollow space or a door slab.

v. Roller (sectional overhead) doors

This type of door is suitable for storage facilities and garages. But, they are gaining popularity for use in interior space. The doors roll up to the ceiling when you open them and do not take up a lot of space. Roller doors are available in different styles and materials that help match your home’s décor.

vi. Barn doors

These doors were initially helpful on the exterior. But, they are becoming popular inside modern homes. The doors are standard in farm-style houses for the kitchen, bathrooms, and hallways.

vii. Bifold doors

Bifold doors are lightweight and suitable for the interior. The doors fold toward the user while sliding open. For this reason, they are ideal for covering kitchens, closets, and utility rooms. But, there are bifold doors that you can use on the exterior. These doors are made of steel frames and glass making them excellent options.

viii. Saloon doors

While saloon doors are slowly losing popularity, they are pretty tactical. The doors can ventilate a space while still closed. These doors are ideal for dining rooms and kitchens.

What are The Common Materials for Making Doors?

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Doors are available in different materials, some for indoor and others for outdoor use. Some of the commonly used materials include;

1. Wood

Wood is suitable for use with interior and exterior doors. Wooden doors match any home style and décor. You can easily style, paint, or tint the wood to suit your needs. Due to its long-lasting property, wood is an excellent option for the front door.

2. Fiberglass

Fibreglass is an excellent material for the door due to its high durability and low maintenance. It also provides increased insulation and resists dents. You can design fibreglass doors to complement your home décor as they are highly flexible. You can use them indoors and outdoors as they come with wood panels and are painted.

3. Steel

Steel is one of the common metals used for interior and exterior doors. This material requires low maintenance and is highly durable. It is an excellent alternative to wood since it is economical.

4. Aluminum

Aluminum is also another excellent choice for modern-looking home doors. This material can make sliding or hinged doors and is quite versatile. Aluminum doors can add aesthetic value to any room. You can use the material for the front and back doors.

5. Glass

Glass is delicate and can be set into aluminum, steel, or wood door frames. These doors are preferable for use on the side or back of the house to allow natural light. While you can use the material with the front doors, you need to add some privacy by using curtains.

Key highlights and takeaways

You can use the word ”open” as an adjective to describe a noun. Both sentences, ”the door is open,” and the ”door is opened,” are correct. In ‘’The door is Open’’, it shows the static condition of the door which isn’t closed.

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Conversely, ”the door is opened,” may indicate that someone or something took part in making the door to be the way it is. Various door types are available, and each opens differently, as shown in this article.