What Do 50-Year-Old Men Want In A Bedroom? – Help Them Live A Comfortable Life

50-Year-Old Men Want In A Bedroom

Last Updated on July 27, 2023 By Emma W. Thomas

Most 50-year-old men desire a comfortable and relaxing bedroom that reflects their personal style. Key elements may include a quality mattress, ample storage, tasteful decor, good lighting, and a sense of organization. Some may also prioritize technology integration, such as smart home features or entertainment systems.

What Should A 50-Year-Old Man’s Bedroom Have?

Obviously, at fifty, some signs of elderliness start to appear, such as reduced energy. At this age, a man is not as strong, but he can still maneuver around their home. They can also use the stairs but will be tired and restless faster than before. Some of the features that could be very handy in a fifty-year-old man’s bedroom include;

Tall Bed

 It is necessary to get rid of a low and platform-style bed and go for one that is of considerable height for an older adult. High beds are easier to get on and off without much straining, especially the knee ligaments and muscles, which tend to wear off. There are average beds with 25-inches height, which when in a sitting position, the feet touch the floor. 

Depending on the man’s height, the bed should be about 25-36 inches. For maximum comfort, the bed should be at the same height level as the knee, ensuring minimal straining when getting on and off. 

Slip-Resistant Floors

Slippery floors are among the most common risk associated with elderly deaths. The type of flooring used should be among the first thing to consider when designing a bedroom for a 50-year-old man. Replace smooth tiles in the man’s bedroom with anti-skid flooring, which offers grip to ensure that he can move without fear of accidents associated with slipping and sliding.

Safe Walkways

Avoid cramping his room with a lot of unwanted furniture. Instead, invest in smallholding and supportive pieces such as bedside tables, a chest of drawers, and a reading chair if the man is into reading books. Ensure the furniture used in the bedroom does not obstruct his walking path. 

However, it would be best if you did not place them so much apart. They can use the furniture to balance or support themselves in case they need it. If the 50-year-old man uses a walking stick or walker, do not use carpets as a flooring option. If you happen to use one, ensure that it is securely fastened to the floor so that he doesn’t trip on it.

Proper Lighting

 Eyes tend to fail everyone with age. Natural lighting is mostly the best as it has minimal effects on the eyes. For this reason, for a 50-year-old man’s bedroom, you should ensure to make the best use of natural lighting as much as possible. Incorporate bedside lamps whose switches must be within reach in case he needs something at night. Keeping the room well lit helps to avoid much strain on his vision.

Ease Of Use

Ensure to incorporate items that are less complicated and are easy to deal with. For instance, when installing hardware, you should use lever-style handles for the doors instead of the normal doorknobs for the doors. In most cases, metal handles can be painful for an elderly man and should be replaced with smooth functions and minimal effort. There are other safer and more comfortable smart options suitable for all ages. 

Seating Options

An aging person would appreciate practical seating in a bedroom, especially when old age knocks at the door. At fifty, a man will notice that putting on socks while standing or sitting on the bed is less comfortable and difficult. Investing in a sturdy chair or ottoman will make doing such kinds of chores easier and safer. Such furniture is good-looking and could even serve as focal points in a bedroom. 

Automated Electrical

 It may appear easy and effortless to stand up and walk to the window to open up the curtains or switch on and off the lights, air conditioner, and fans when young. However, at 50, you want to rest more, and the energy will not be there anymore. The feeling will not be the same as we advance with years. 

Using automated electrical to do some simple tasks such as opening the curtains and turning on and off the fans could save an aging man some trouble. You can automate it such that all the electrical appliances in the bedroom are operated using a mobile phone.

What Are The Bedroom Challenges For A 50-Year-Old Man?

Most of us consider our bedrooms as the most sanctuary and safest place to relax. However, getting older can make the mundane challenging and make our bedrooms dangerous and unfriendly. An unfriendly bedroom can be very stressful to the extent of depriving you of sleep and much worse for a 50-year-old man, which is very important. Some of the most common challenges the elderly face in a bedroom are;

Getting In And Out Of Bed

As we inevitably age, we become less mobile and frailer, making it a hustle and risk to get in and out of bed. It is usually a result of reduced strength, mobility, and loss of balance, hence calling for special care and attention. Poor bed choice can be dangerous as it poses a great risk of injury, especially from a fall due to a lack of balance. You can solve it depending on the nature of the challenge. 

For instance, you can go for a profiling bed that goes up and down to the desired heights. Some can raise at the foot and head, making it comfortable during meals or when watching TV. They also enhance users’ comfort.

Another option is the safety rail bed which helps old people not to fall out of bed as they have excellent support bars. These rails provide extra support that, even though it may not be needed for a fifty-year-old man, gives one peace of mind that there is available support to enhance his balance. 

Night Wandering

Night wandering is common and not only to the elderly but to most people. Someone may be looking for their spouse, children, or trying to get to the bathroom. At times one may become disoriented between time (which is very common when aging), and they could be trying to get ready for work. 

Making the elderly feel comfortable and at ease before sleeping can resolve it. You could also join the individuals and help find whatever they are looking for instead of forcing them back to reality. Avoid cluttering their bedroom to prevent accidents from tripping at night. You can also use dim lighting to provide just enough light to see solid objects so that they do not topple over them.

Getting To And From The Toilet

Getting to and from the toilet is a challenge to not only the elderly but also to the younger people when they wake up in the middle of the night. It is usually confusing and disorienting, and if you are not well-coordinated, it can lead to trips and falls, resulting in serious injuries. For an elderly person, you can resolve it by using urinal bottles and pans. These help them avoid getting up and making their way to the toilet, resulting in a lack of sleep when they get back. They are quicker and less disruptive. 

What Are The Bedroom Safety Tips To Consider For A 50-Year-Old Man?

Most people desire to live in their homes for the rest of their lives, but most Americans are moved to nursing homes due to poor facilities for preventable falls. The National Council of Aging indicated that one in three people who live in their homes over 65 suffer falls. The following are some of the safety tips to apply in the bedroom for people over fifty years to avoid falls;

  • Avoid using bedspreads, draperies, and bed linens that flush with the floor to prevent feet from tangling with them. Ensure that pillows and other bedding do not fall on the walking path to avoid tripping accidents.
  • Use nightstands sturdy enough to support an adult’s weight should he need assistance and balance when standing.
  • Ensure the bed is of the appropriate height by avoiding either too high or too low beds that can cause a fall. 
  • Provide supportive slippers to the elderly and ensure they have non-skid or rubber soles when they walk around the room.
  • Avoid using carpets and if you do use one, ensure the edges are securely taped to prevent them from turning up in the corners or buckling, which could cause falls.
  • Ensure all electrical cords are safely tucked to prevent tripping and electrocution from poor wiring.
  • Provide a sturdy chair in their bedroom to sit on while getting ready, as doing it while standing can be tiresome.


Old age starts knocking in at fifty when one starts to identify some aging signs such as getting tired easily, poor vision, and other characteristics. For this reason, having a well-designed bedroom for the elderly is very important as it helps prevent early death or accidents associated with poor bedroom designs. Some accidents such as trips and falls associated with poor flooring materials can be avoided by using non-skid floors.