What Color Curtains Go With Red Walls?

Color Curtains Go With Red Walls

To complement red walls, opt for neutral-colored curtains like beige, cream, or light gray to create a balanced and harmonious look. These colors provide a calming contrast while allowing the vibrant red walls to remain the focal point of the room.

Which Color Goes With Red Walls?

Certain colors complement well with your red walls to bring out the shade you desire. These include; 


For your red walls, you need to use colors that will draw attention away from the bold wall. A good shade of green is one sure way to accomplish this. Green never goes unnoticed, and sage green would work wonders. This color is warm and would complement your red wall perfectly well.


White always provides that classy look when used against red your walls are no exception. To maintain that elegant look, you need to consider using a different style for the curtain and not just plain white to increase excitement to the eyes. A detailed white pattern curtain made of heavy fabric will work best.


Beige and red complement each other perfectly well without outdoing one another. Beige curtains work excellently with a red-walled room. They add that warm feeling and a sense of insulation to the room, adding that welcoming atmosphere. Beige and red create a balance without one color outstanding the other.


Gray is almost similar to white, and gray curtains in a red-walled room create that calm look by balancing the bold color from the walls. Gray Color that is warm-toned is preferable since red is also considered to be a warm color too. A perfect shade of gray to use is dark to create an elegant look against red walls.


 Purple is an intense color that needs to be carefully selected depending on the tone and shade. Red and purple colors bring out an elegant, well-defined look. You will want to avoid the over-saturation of two strong colors by adding white patterns to the purple curtains to create light in the room since both colors appear dark and bold. The room would be too dark.


 For daring individuals, pink is the way to go, especially hot pink which creates a cute aesthetic look. Pink curtains in a red-walled room create a sense of romance, and the room looks playful. Pink curtains bring out a girly look best used in a child’s room.

The Choice Between Light Curtain VS. Dark Curtains For A Red-Walled Room

Many people face the challenge of whether to use light or dark curtains for a red-walled room. Here are some tips on what works best and when. 

Light curtains are elegant and even more classic when made of heavy fabric. They make smaller rooms look larger as they are naturally soft. However, light curtains attract dirt and dust very easily, which may be conspicuous and hence cannot be used in busy rooms. For light-colored curtains, they should be used in less busy rooms which require extra lighting, for example, children’s bedrooms. For a red-walled room, one should consider using light curtains when the room is small. They can also be used if the room is less busy and not associated with children to prevent constant dirt on the curtains.

Dark curtains create a sense of sophistication with a regal look in a red-walled room. They also look luxurious, especially when used in large rooms, for example, red and black. They are mostly used in places with bright furniture to create a visual balance and create dark swatches. Dark curtains are sometimes preferred since they do not easily show dust and stain like the light curtains. However, they lose their color easily, especially when exposed to sunlight. Also, they make a room look smaller compared to light curtains. 

Factors To Consider When Selecting Curtain Colors For A Red-Walled Room

It would help if you were very careful when picking curtains for your red-walled room to achieve the elegance you deserve: These factors are worth considering;

Size Of The Room

Small rooms need to appear larger, and light-colored curtains such as white can achieve this. For unnecessarily large rooms with red walls such as bedrooms, one should consider using dark color curtains, making them appear smaller.

Furniture Used In The Room

Red walls are bold and captive. When selecting colors for such a room, you need to consider the color of the furniture. Too many colors and patterns could result in a disoriented look and could also lead to color crushing. It is important to use colors that match the room’s furniture to create a sense of harmony of colors in the room without ignoring the red walls.

Desired Look

For someone to paint their walls red, they must have had the desired look they wanted to achieve. This desire should be maintained even with the addition of curtains to the room. Red walls matched with dark color curtains create a sense of sophistication and elegance, for example, black and purple. Light colors make the room playful and classy at the same time.

Which Rooms Should Be Painted Red?

Wall colors play a big role in impacting the moods and emotions of an individual. They make one feel relaxed and calm. Red is a warm and intense color that makes one feel energized. Red walls are best used in rooms used for social activities such as;

Living Room Or Dining Room

Red walls make the dining or living room feel warm and energized. You will want to consider using contrasting colors in these rooms. For example, white furniture and baseboard to enlighten the room further. You could also pair the red walls with grey or golden furniture to enhance the room’s exciting look for the living room. 

Small Rooms

Red walls can also work well in small rooms because they provide inherent restraints. The red walls act as a backdrop, and with a few mounted pictures, they create a gallery-like feature. This is mostly applicable to people living in small houses and apartments. People also consider it with small bedrooms as the mounted pictures will draw away the energy from the red walls.

Workout Area

The workout room is another place that requires energy from red walls. The red walls should be accented to prevent color monotony, which could lead to boredom. An exciting, vibrant nature should be maintained to prevent aggression in the room, which could off-put one from working out. 

Which Rooms Should Not Be Painted Red?


Red walls are not suitable for bedrooms because the places are associated with sleep and rest. Additionally, very few activities take place there, and no extra energy source is required. Very cool and silent colors should be used and not vibrant and shouting colors such as red.

Children’s Rooms

Red walls should be avoided in kids’ rooms as much as possible. A kid’s room completely painted red may lead to an extremely energized child. This excess energy may make the child uncontrollable. Red stripes are associated with anger, aggression and anxiety in children and should be avoided as well. They can even cause nightmares making it necessary for parents to ensure their children’s sleeping patterns are not affected by red walls or red stripes.

Shower Room

Bathrooms are associated with relaxation. It is in the bathroom where one forgets all troubles associated with a day. Therefore, the red color is not suitable for bathrooms since it does not create a relaxing environment due to its vibrance. On the contrary, neutral and relaxing colors such as purple are best for bathrooms. Red creates a shrinking feel to the room, which is the direct opposite of the relaxing feel needed in a bathroom.

What Items Should Match Red Walls In A Room? 

Red walls are very difficult to deal with. A lot of care is needed to avoid using unnecessary colors in a room that would compromise the desired look. 

  • Dark wooden furniture is one sure way to go with red walls to create an ambiance. 
  • An additional wooden frame or frame against a red wall creates a retro look, especially in the bedrooms. 
  • Use decorative textiles and accessories to create an accent in a red-walled room since doing this creates consistency in the room. 
  • One can also consider using artwork and wall decals to excite the room with more colors.
  • Interesting architectural designs also help in matching a red wall. You can achieve these styles by using a high ceiling instead of the standard height that emphasizes the red walls.


Red walls have various curtain color choices depending on the desired look. For elegance and sophistication, a red wall will do great with dark colors such as black, nervy blue and purple. For a romantic, cute and playful look, they would go well with pink, especially hot pink, which will require a skillful and careful person to bring out the look. 

White and grey curtains on a red-walled room bring out a classic look that has been used for a very long time. Other colors such as green and blue are also great since they tune down the boldness of red color as they are easily noticed hence very good for a contrasting look.



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