What Is The Solution For Furniture With Sharp Edges (Desk Edge Protector)

Solution For Furniture With Sharp Edges

To address the issue of furniture with sharp edges, there are several solutions available. You can use Corner guards, Edge protectors, Sanding or filing, Furniture bumpers, Furniture reupholstering, or consider furniture replacement. It’s important to assess the specific furniture and determine which solution or combination of solutions is most appropriate for the sharp edges involved.

Top Five Solutions For Furniture With Sharp Edges

If you don’t know where to start in your search for desk edge protectors, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a list of the best products to make your furniture corners safer. You can find all of them on Amazon.

1. Calmyotis Table Corner Guards

These corner protectors are on top of our list because they are clear and transparent, so they go in with any house theme. Most people shy away from getting edge protectors because they may interfere with the aesthetic of their homes. But that’s not the case with these. They come in packs of 12, 18, and 24, so you have options depending on how many corners you want to cover. They are made from polyvinyl chloride and are free from BPA, phthalates, chemicals, and added toxic fire retardants.

These corner guards are easy to install as they come with instructions. They will protect you and your family from accidents and keep your furniture looking new for longer. The only disclaimer with this product is that they are small enough to fit in a child’s mouth, so you need to be on the lookout to prevent it.

2. Little Chicks Extra-large Soft Corner Cushions Guard

These particular corner guards are made with children in mind; they have a soft yet firm design that provides full coverage on corners, thus keeping your little ones protected from bruises and bumps on all corner surfaces. They are also non-toxic and flame-resistant, so you are sure of their safety.

These protectors can be used on surfaces of different materials, including wood, ceramic, glass, metal, porcelain, laminate, and stone.

They come with a pre-applied 3M adhesive that makes installation quick and easy. The adhesive also makes them durable, and they stick to surfaces longer.

3. Roving Cove Baby Safety Edge Corner Guards

If you want to take care of your corners and edges too, this is the best solution you can have. It comes with 18ft edge protectors and eight corners made from soft rubber foam (Nitrile). These edge protectors are made from safe material that doesn’t contain BPA, phthalates, heavy metals, latex, and SCCPs. They are also fire-resistant, and they passed flammability tests.

Another favorite feature of this set is that it comes in different color options: coffee brown, onyx black, and oyster white, so you can choose one that blends in with the home decor.

4. Homrealm Edge Protector Strip Clear, Silicone Soft Corner Protectors

This silicone strip can be used for tables, cabinets, and drawers’ edge protection. It is made from thick and safe natural silicone material that doesn’t contain chemicals, BPA, and phthalates. It helps to avoid injury from any sharp edge. The edge protector is transparent, making it compatible with any furniture color. It is also easy to install and remove; you won’t even need a manual or special tool.

5. YouU Corner Protectors

These high-quality plastic protectors are best for all glass or mirror furniture and surfaces. They are installed in the corners to make them safer. They are easy to install since you need to slide them on the corner. You can also use them to protect the corners of your mirrors or glass during handling.

How to Protect Kids from Sharp Corners on Furniture

To protect kids from sharp corners on furniture, consider the following measures:

  • Use corner guards: Install corner guards specifically designed for child safety. These soft, cushioned covers can be easily attached to furniture corners, providing a protective barrier.
  • Edge protectors: Similar to corner guards, edge protectors can be used on longer edges of furniture, such as tables or countertops. These padded strips or guards help soften sharp edges, minimizing the risk of injuries.
  • Furniture placement: Rearrange furniture to minimize the risk of accidental collisions. Avoid placing sharp-cornered furniture near areas where kids play or move frequently.
  • Create a safe play area: Designate a dedicated play area for children and ensure it is free from sharp-cornered furniture. Use soft play mats or rugs to cushion falls.
  • Supervision and education: Provide active supervision when kids are around furniture with sharp corners. Teach them about the potential dangers and encourage safe behavior around furniture.
  • Temporary measures: If you’re unable to install corner guards or edge protectors, consider using temporary solutions like adhesive tape or foam pipe insulation to cover sharp corners when kids are present.
  • Regular safety checks: Routinely inspect the furniture for any loose or damaged parts that may increase the risk of sharp edges. Repair or replace furniture as needed.
  • Round or cushion sharp corners: If feasible, round the sharp corners of furniture or use sandpaper to smooth them out. Alternatively, attach adhesive corner cushions to soften the edges.

How Do I Protect A Desk’s Front Edge From A Banging Chair?

If your desk and chair were not designed to go together, you might have experienced the chair banging on the desk’s edge, causing it to scratch, chip, or dent. In this scenario, you can use an edge protector or a specialty chair mat. The chair mat is meant to protect the floor from the wheels of the chair, but it can also help the chair not move past a certain point.

Do Corner Protectors Work?

Yes, corner protectors make furniture safer for babies and adults alike. They may not be the most visually appealing method, but they are effective. If you have children, you know that their safety and peace of mind come first before considering aesthetics.

Can I Make Corner Protectors At Home?

Yes, there are many tutorials on YouTube that you can follow to make corner protectors at home at little or no cost. However, these protectors are not tested for safety, so it’s a big gamble. We advise buying corner protectors that are tried and tested for safety, these gadgets are not expensive, and they are a worthy investment because you can reuse them multiple times.


Furniture with sharp edges is a safety hazard to children and adults alike and can cause serious injuries. To be safe, everyone with such furniture should find a way to cover them. We recommend buying the edge and corner protectors listed above for everyone’s peace of mind.




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