Natuzzi Leather Sofa Reviews: Quality, Pros & Cons

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Natuzzi brand was named after its founder, Pasquale Natuzzi. It is an Italian brand that makes trendy furniture for comfort and diversity. They produce prestigious leather sofas made of 100% top-grain Italian leather with a remarkable warranty for different aspects that guarantees quality. And, although their sofas come in different price ranges, some customers complain most are pricy. 

Just like any other product, Natuzzi sofas have their pros and cons. It has received both positive and negative online reviews and ratings which should guide you in decision making. But, most customers are satisfied with the Natuzzi sofa except for their long shipping period and pricing. 

And although its headquarter is in Santeramo in Colle, Apulia, Italy, Natuzzi sells its armchairs, sofas, and other living room accessories through third-party retailers and shoe rooms around the world. So, if you are interested, you can always order from a store near you. 

Natuzzi Leather Sofa Pros And Cons

Some of the advantages of owning a Natuzzi sofa include;

1. You can order a custom-made sofa

2. There is a wide array of price options

3. The company offers extensive warranties

4. Sells high-quality furniture

The Disadvantages Include;

1. Extremely long shipping window

2. The sofas come with a high price tag.

3. Limited options.

Quality Of The Natuzzi Leather Sofas

Natuzzi Leather Sofas

Natuzzi leather sofas guarantees quality as the company completely adheres to the set international standards of quality management. Their sofas are made from the highest quality materials that undergo rigorous inspection before being sold in the market. 

Besides, Natuzzi has a testing lab inside their factory to ensure the quality of products is maintained.

What Is The Price Range For Natuzzi Leather Sofas?

Furniture sold by Natuzzi might be pricy, but the company offers different price ranges for all their items. The price of a leather sofa ranges from 1,300 dollars to 15,000 dollars.

The small sofas like love seats and single sofas are priced low, while big sofas with extra features are highly-priced. 

Are Natuzzi Leather Sofas Comfortable?

Natuzzi sofas are generally comfortable, offering customization options to meet your desired comfort level. Your specifications, accompanied by the company’s desire to produce a quality product, ensure that the couch you get is comfortable.

Besides, the brand has different designs and shapes you can pick from. They use high-quality raw materials to make soft couches that can comfortably accommodate you without causing any pains or aches.

Does Natuzzi Use Genuine Leather To Make Their Sofas?

The rise of faux leather has brought doubt to many people regarding leather products. Natuzzi assures its customers that they use genuine Italian leather. There are various grades of leather and different shades; a Natuzzi leather couch is made using 100% top-grain Italian leather.

When it comes to custom-made leather, the real Italian leather hides also have different grades starting from grade 10 to 30. You get to decide on your preferred grade of leather when making an order for your sofa. The leather grade will affect the cost of the couch.

What Is The Delivery Period For A Natuzzi Sofa?

The delivery time for your sofa depends on whether you purchase the product directly from a Natuzzi showroom or a third-party reseller. However, since these sofas are hand-crafted products overseas, a custom-made sofa might take a while to deliver.

Typically, the delivery period for a Natuzzi sofa is 16 to 18 weeks. It can be shorter if you purchase an already made sofa at a retail store.

How Long Does A Natuzzi Leather Sofa Last?

The sofas from Natuzzi are durable. They can last for at least 15 years, considering the high standards that the company offers. Since their furniture is made of real leather, they only get better and stronger as time goes by. If you maintain the sofa well, it won’t fracture or start tearing after a short while.

Maintaining Natuzzi Leather Sofas

Here are the steps of maintaining Natuzzi leather sofas to ensure it last longer:

1. Dust weekly using a dry, clean, non-abrasive cloth

2. Place your sofa away from direct sunlight

3. Keep your sofas at least 20 inches (50 cm) from heat sources

4. Do not use chemical conditioners or cleaners

Top Natuzzi Leather Sofas

Top Natuzzi Leather Sofas

The three most popular sofas from Natuzzi include:

1. Editions Prudenza Leather Sofa

Editions Prudenza Leather Sofas are among the top sofas designed for maximum comfort and relaxation. They are durable, stylish, and easy to clean. Plus, you have an option to choose from 65 different colors. The price of the sofa is around 2,014 dollars. 

Some of its more notable features include;

1. Leather is used on 100% of the parts of the sofa.

2. Solid wood is used to make the sofa a single unit from end to end.

3. Measures 92 inches in width, 37 inches in depth, and 38 inches in height

2. Quiete

With a modern design, perfect shape, three sitters, and the right material sofa, quite is the ideal choice of sofa for your living room. The couch costs about 1,805 dollars.

3. Pazienzia

Pazienzia sofa offers a wide sitting area made of high-end materials. Its most notable feature is the adjustable backrest that separates it from the other sofas. The price tag on this couch is 2,891 dollars.

Natuzzi Policies

Shipping fees, return policy, and delivery window for Natuzzi products differ from one retailer to the other. However, the warranty on the sofa is the same everywhere.

Natuzzi offers a limited warranty on their furniture items as follows;

1. A 10-year warranty for the sofa or furniture frame.

2. A 2-year warranty for the upholstery, coverings, and mechanical parts

3. One-year warranty for the craftsmanship 

How To Clean A Natuzzi Leather Sofa?

Natuzzi leather sofas don’t come cheap, and it is worth taking care of them. However, you may not be able to avoid spills and other accidents fully. Luckily, you can tackle the stains easily, depending on the types of Natuzzi leather. It can either be unprotected (natural) or protected (Protecta) Natuzzi leather. 

Below are the steps of cleaning each:

How To Clean A Natuzzi Leather Sofa?

Cleaning Unprotected (natural) Leather

Step 1: Brush Away Or Vacuum Solid Debris

Use a soft-bristled brush to sweep solid debris into the dustpan. Alternatively, you can attach a brush to the vacuum cleaner’s hose and vacuum up the dirt using a medium setting. Do not rub the leather too harshly as it can set in the stain, making it difficult to get rid of. 

Step 2: Use A Clean, Soft Cloth And Water To Remove Water-soluble Stains

Use a clean, dry, soft cloth to blot water-soluble stains such as soda, milk, tea, or sugary preserves. Do it quickly and gently to allow the cloth to absorb the liquid. Take another cloth, dampen it with clean water and use it to rub the stained area starting from outside and working inwards. 

Once you get rid of the stain, take another dry cloth to blot excess water until the affected area is completely dry. 

N/B: DO NOT use hair dryers to dry your sofa as dry, hot air damages the leather. 

Step 3: Use Neutral Soap To Clean Oil-based Stains

Wipe away oil-based stains such as ketchup, chocolate, mayonnaise, and oils using a paper towel. Do not rub too hard to avoid the spill from getting ground into the material. Dilute neutral soap in water and soak in a clean cloth. Use the wet cloth to gently rub the affected area, starting outwards and working inwards. Once you get rid of the stain, use another clean cloth to blot excess water until the place is dry. Again do not use a hairdryer to dry the wet area. 

Cleaning-protected (Ptotecta) leather 

Step 1: Use A Clean Cloth To Blot Oily Or Wet Stains

Use a paper towel or a clean, dry white cloth to blot the liquid as soon as the spill happens. The method works for spills such as makeup, grease, oil, soda, milk, and coffee. 

Step 2: Wet A Clean Cloth With Water And Mild Soap And Use It To Wipe Away The Stain

Wet a clean white cloth or a paper towel with water and add a few drops of clear, mild soap. Drain excess water by wringing it out to produce a soapy lather. 

Use the soapy cloth to wipe away the stain by rubbing the outside and working inwards. Do not get the surface too wet. 

Step3: Dry The Stain

Take another dry cloth and blot the treated area until it dries. Do not use a hairdryer. 

Step 4: Call The Customer Care Assistant To Deal With Solid Debris 

Natuzzi’s instructional guide doesn’t detail how to get rid of solid dirt on Protecta leather. It is best to call the customer assistant for guidance. However, you can vacuum or brush away the dirt since the leather is treated the stain-resistant.  

Final Thoughts

If you love leather sofas that bring out a classy, unique, and premium look, Natuzzi leather sofas are the best options. The manufacturer prides itself on high-quality products and elegant designs. And, although the sofas are expensive, you get the quality that matches none. They also have low-priced sofas but can be disappointing in the long run based on customer reviews. 


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