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A grill cover is an essential tool to have whenever you are out grilling meat. The lid serves to maintain even temperatures whenever you are roasting thick meat cuts. As a result, you will always have well-done BBQs. Apart from facilitating you to make excellent meals, the cover gives your grill maximum protection against harsh weather conditions. For example, it keeps your grilling equipment away from ultraviolet rays that intensify grill fading.

Several types of BBQ cover devices permit you to enjoy grilling throughout the year. Nonetheless, they differ in their design and features that accompany them. As a result, settling on a perfect one can be quite involving. Luckily, this article ensures you don’t go through the bother. Here, we have given everything in detail; all the factors you need to evaluate before paying for a specific model and the top products in the market. Read through and pick one that suits your needs.

Top 6 Grill Cover In 2021 (Best Picks)

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Benefits Of Having An Ideal Grill Cover

Benefits Of Having An Ideal Grill Cover

With a BBQ cover, you will be able to maintain the quality of your grill as it servers to cover your griller or grilling station entirely. Here are some benefits you will have once you acquire a BBQ cover.

Protection from Elements

Since most grilling activities take place outside, your griller is susceptible to damage from atmospheric elements such as water, wind, and sun rays. But with a BBQ cover, it will shield your grill from the agents who would intensify fading and rusting, thereby keeping your grill’s quality. Moreover, the lid prevents dust and dirt from entering your grill tool. 

Pest control

Grills, on most occasions, are left outside the house. Therefore, pests such as rodents may take advantage of the uncovered grill equipment by nesting on it. If you keep your grill covered, the pests will not invade it. As a result, you will keep your grate free from contaminants, which would otherwise contaminate your BBQs.

Fuel fortress

If you are used to storing charcoal or wood under your grill, then a BBQ cover will significantly help keep them safe from moisture, which would otherwise render them useless.

What makes up the Best BBQ cover?

Since a barbecue cover is one of the essential pieces of equipment for an outdoor kitchen, you have to go for the best brands. However, buying from the best brands will not necessarily satisfy your quality taste. As a consequence, you have to familiarize yourself with the factors that influence the workability of grill wraps. The following are the factors you should look into before purchasing a BBQ cover.

The Material

Commonly, the material of equipment influences its durability. As a result, you should think of buying barbecue covers that are constructed of premium materials. High-quality materials make the lid resistant to damaging agents such as atmospheric moisture and ultraviolet rays. To make you conversant with these materials, below are the regular types.

  • Vinyl – Vinyl BBQ covers are water-resistant, so they are bestfor outdoor kitchen use specifically during the rainy seasons.Nonetheless, they come in diverse types,which can either be long-lasting or short-lived. For durable covers, it is suggested you buy Heavy-duty vinyl that has at least 12 gauges. They can be a bit costly when you compare to Lighter vinyl covers, but they are enduring.
  • Polyester – This is the widespreadtype, and most grill owners prefer it to other materials. Apart from its lightweight aspect, they are appropriate to all kinds of weather; this makes themdurable throughout all seasons. You can use polyester covers for quite a long period because they have sturdy construction. Furthermore, they are frequently treated with water and UV resistant chemicals.
  • Canvas – Canvas covers are the common alternative to polyester. It is resistant to several weather conditions; hence it is perfect for outdoor grilling. Apart from being durable, it is fireproof. Therefore, it presents you with considerable merits that are important to protect your grill. Besides, it is a low priced material, and sometimes it is cheaper than polyester.
  • The Size

BBQ covers come in various sizes. The different sizes are explicitly tailored to offer a perfect fit for grills. Therefore, you must first evaluate your grill size before buying a cover to facilitate your selection of an ideal fit. If you purchase a cover that doesn’t fit your grill entirely, it will not serve to protect the grate appropriately.

•   The Features

Always consider the features accompanying the BBQ cover because they serve to promote its use. These features include; the handles, straps, and air vents.

  • Air vents typically allow proper air circulation during grilling, which reduces the chances of grill blowing off.  They also eliminate the moisture which would otherwise build up inside the grate and cause rusting.
  • The handles on the coverfacilitate easy fitting and removal from grills.
  •  The straps are the crucial ones because they help to securely fit the cover on the grill, thereby reducing the chances of grate blowing up.

You should further research and find out about other features that make BBQ covers more convenient.

•   The Budget

The budget is the key determinate of paying for a particular BBQ cover. Therefore, you should look for covers that are within your budget zone. On the other hand, be sure to go for the leading covers since it is better to spend much on a durable one than spend so little on short-lived covers.

Tips for Grill Cover Maintenance

Tips for Grill Cover Maintenance

Maintenance is necessary for all types of equipment because, without it, even high-quality covers will get damaged. As a result, you should properly maintain your lid.  We have taken a step to highlight for you some tips on how to keep your BBQ cover managed to keep its quality for long. 

  • Wash your BBQ cover frequently to remove grease, dust and dirt, and any other element that can damage your tool. Be careful while washing to ensure you don’t brush it harshly and result in damage.  
  • Since grills are usually left outside, you should always clean both the grate and the cover. Be sure to remove all leftovers that would otherwise attract pests who will, in turn, contaminate your equipment. Some rodents such as mice might nest in your machine and reduce it to tatters within a short period if you do not leave your tools clean enough.
  • While cleaning, always use the recommended cleaning products; because harsh cleaning chemicals can agitate your equipment and damage its quality.
  • Avoid washing your cover using a washing machine, wash it by hand. Machine washing might destroy your lid because of the strong chemicals customarily used in washing.

Reviews of the Best Grill Covers

Reviews of the Best Grill Covers

Following the many factors you have to consider when purchasing a BBQ cover, you might find it tough to select the best. Consequently, we have seen it necessary to feature in detail some of the top-reviewed covers to ease your course of determining the best BBQ cover.

Here are the top reviews for the leading BBQ covers that are now in the market;

1. Grillman Premium (58 Inch) BBQ Grill Cover: High-Quality Grill Cover

If you are looking for a top-quality, heavy-duty BBQ cover, then Gillman Premium is your perfect choice. This model beholds an extra-wide make that assures you of its ability to fit most BBQ grills. As a consequence, you are free to buy this cover and enjoy preparing your BBQs.

Moreover, this cover is long-lasting as it is made up of heavy-duty PVC that is lined with the Oxford element. The Oxford element is resistant to water, UV rays, and tear, thus assuring you of the cover’s strength to stay for long. It also comes with a fabric hook and loop straps that you can secure for perfect fit and never have to bother again about grill blow-ups whenever you are doing outdoor grills.


  • Made up of heavy-duty material hence it is durable
  • It has a lifetime replacement guarantee
  • Has side straps that provide a secure fit
  • It has a fabric hook and loop straps for additional tightening to ensure a perfect fit


  • It is highly-priced
  • It does not cover the entire wheel

Here is a brief outline of the specifications of this B0765BJV74:

Weight3.39 pounds
Dimension11 x 8 x 4 inches
MaterialHeavy-duty Oxford with PVC lining

2.   Classic Accessories Veranda Water-Resistant 70 Inch BBQ Grill Cover: The Best BBQ Grill Cover

Just as the name implies, this cover model is accompanied by standard accessories that guarantee its comfortability and utility.  Among the many garnishes are strength seams that are interiorly bound and padded handles that provide you with comfort while handling the cover. This cover has a perfect length of 70 inches that befits all barbecue devices. Nonetheless, this model presents you with a three-year warranty that keeps your equipment covered in case of wears off.

Another exceptional feature that this model gives you is the adjustable straps. The straps consist of an elastic hem cord with toggles that permits alteration when you require tighter fits. Moreover, it has air vents, which decreases condensation and wind lofting inside the grill; as a result, it reduces the chances of blowing in the rack.


·         Made up of heavy-duty material, so it is long-lasting

·         Has adjustable straps that increase cover fitness

·         Comes with padded handles

·         Haveair vents that eliminate the grill blow-ups.


·         It is prone to fading

Here is an outline of the specifications of the Classic Accessories Veranda Rectangular:

Weight6 pounds
Dimension25 x 48 x 72 inches
MaterialGardelle fabric system

3.  VicTsing Grill Cover 58-Inch Waterproof BBQ Cover: Best Heavy Duty Grill Cover

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If you are up for full compatibility covers, then VicTsingmeets your needs. It is a piece of 58-inch equipment; all you have to do is consider your grill’s measurements to be assured of appropriate fit. Construction material is another added advantage of this cover because it is resistant to dust. It consists of high-density stitching and exterior bound seams that facilitate higher water resistance and ensure durability. 

Furthermore, this cover is convenient as it permits easy cleaning; it only requires you to rinse with water for the dirt to fade away. Besides, it has padded handles and straps. The padded handles allow you to grip it comfortably while the straps fastened to keep your cover secure and safe from blow-ups.


·         Has a wide compatibility

·         Constructed of heavy-duty material hence it is durable

·         It is resistant to dust, UV rays, and water

·         Has padded handles that provide comfortable gripping

·         Has straps for tightening the cover


·         Susceptible to grill blow ups since it doesn’t have air vents

Below is a precise summary of the specifications of model2016:

Weight3.39 pounds
Dimension58 x 24 x 48 inches
Material600D polyester

4.  Blackstone 1528 Heavy Duty Grill Cover: Quality Grill Cover

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Blackstone is the ideal cover for the Blackstone36-inch griddle cooking station. Its design is not only weather-resistant, but it also has UV treated cover. Therefore, it protects your asset from UV rays and dust. This cover also works for other grills and BBQs that have a similar measurement.

Nonetheless, it comes with two straps that are customarily buckled together to protect the cover from slipping off the grill. Furthermore, it is made up of heavy-duty polyester; hence it is durable. High impact poly resin buckles further reinstate its durability.


·         Resistant to UV rays and dust

·         Made of quality material hence durable

·         It is easy to remove from the cooking station

·         Has straps for securing the cover


·         It is explicitly made for Blackstone cooking station

Here is a brief outline of the specifications of model 1528:

Weight3.8 pounds
Dimension22.5 x 66.5 x 26 inches
MaterialHeavy-duty polyester

5.  Homitt Gas Grill Cover: Best all Weather Grill Cover

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Dimensions of the Homitt Cover significantly increase its usability by covering various grills and BBQs. It measures 58″ x 24″ x 48″; thus, it fits a wide range of barbecues, for instance, the Weber BBQ grill and nexgrill. It is constructed of upgraded premium material that is waterproof and dustproof. It possesses handles that make it easy to fit on the rack and remove. Its fitness is ensured by the straps that are available for fastening.

An additional essential feature it depicts is the fading resistance from the UV resistant layer. The UV layer not only covers the grill from fading but also extends service life. Besides, it has a durable sewn in the edges, which further lengthens the cover’s life.


·         Has handles that make it easy to fit and remove

·         Has straps for securing the cover hence minimal chances of blow-ups

·         Made up of a durable material

·         Has a UV resistant layer that protects it from fading


·         Has no air vents hence it is susceptible to blow-ups

Below is a summary of the specifications of model HT-GC01:

Weight1.57 pounds
Dimension16.93 x 1.57 x 11.81 inches
MaterialOxford with PVC layer

6. Unicook Heavy Duty Waterproof Barbecue Gas Grill Cover: Best Grill Cover Brand

The Unicook devices have been designed in various shapes and sizes, so you can pick one that best fits your needs. It has an outstanding feature of fade-resistant fabric, which is tear-resistant, UV-resistant, and rain-repellant. Therefore, you are assured of this tool’s strength and durability.

Nonetheless, this equipment comes with long-lasting handles attached at both sides to facilitate you not only with easy fitting but also removal. You can alternatively use the handles to put away the tool when not in use by hanging. Moreover, it comes with heavy broad straps that allow you to keep the cover steadfastly secured hence eliminating possible slips and blowing.  


  • It is made up of a fade-resistant fabric, so it is robust
  • Includes straps for securing the grill
  • Has in-built handles on each side for handling the equipment easily
  • Has covered air vents that allow proper air circulation


  • It can permit some water seep through because it doesn’t cover the entire wheel.

Below is a summary of the specifications of this BBQ cover:

Weight3.3 pounds
Dimension60 x 23 x 42 inches
MaterialHeavy-duty polyester


Q. Are grill covers worth it?

Even though it is essential to have a cover for your grill, it is not compulsory to cover your grate all the time. Always consider offering your grilling equipment a good clean-up at least once a month, and protect when it is essential. If you take care of your grill daily, it will last longer and allow you to make tasty meals.

Q. Should you cover a gas grill?

Covering a gas grill is necessary to keep your grate durable. Covering is always recommended on grills after every use when they have cooled down. However, if you own a stainless steel grill, you must keep it covered in between uses to prevent lawn chemicals and other agents from acting on the metal. If you fail to cover stainless steel grills, they will end up tarnished.

 Q. When should I cover my grill?

You should not only cover your grill after every use but also when it has cooled down. Covering of grates is essential to keep them longer with a nice look over the years because it keeps away agents such ultraviolet rays, which bring about fading. 

Q. How should I clean a BBQ Cover?

To ensure proper cleaning of a BBQ cover consider the following procedures;

  • First, remove all the remainssuch as food or debris from the cover
  • Secondly, hold the cover horizontally to facilitate cleaner penetration over the cover’s surface. 
  • Thirdly, apply cleaner over the entire cover’s surface. Be sure to apply it thoroughly then allow the cover to sit for some time.
  • Fourthly, after the cover’s surface has stayed for some time on cleaner, rinse off the soap using much water. Then air dries the cover before returning it on the grill.

Q. Can I wash my grill cover in the washing machine?

It is not advisable to wash the grill wrap on a washing machine. Although it doesn’t routinely damage the cover as some of the users allege, washing machines at times result in cover’s agitation. This agitation is mostly associated with the harsh chemicals used while cleaning in a washing machine. 

Q. Do grill covers prevent rust?

Barbeque covers, in most occasions, keep away agents of rust such as water from the atmosphere. Therefore, covering your grill after you are done using it is crucial to prevent rust

Q. Is it better to grill when the lid is open?

If you are roasting thin slices of meat, then it will be useful to keep the grill uncovered because you do not require high heat build-up. However, for thicker cuts, you must cover the grate to maintain high and even temperatures.

Q. What should I consider in a grill cover?

For good quality barbeque covers, you should avoid buying both the felt-lined and flannel-lined covers since mice will misuse the fabric for nesting. They will shred away the material, and your cover will in no time be in tatters. As an alternative, always look for unlined vinyl, polyester, or weather-resistant nylon covers.

Final Thought

Undoubtedly, once you acquire one of the best grill covers, you will find it enjoyable to grill various meat cuts and get amazing meals. The cover’s material, to a great extent, influences the durability of your grill. Therefore, you should consider buying BBQ covers that are constructed of quality materials. You will also have to choose covers that have desirable features to increase user flexibility. For instance, consider the ones that have handles on both sides for ease of fitting and removal, and also choose the ones that have adjustable straps to secure the cover on your grill correctly.

If you love grilling chicken, then you should go for covers that have air vents. Chicken thighs often drip off fats as you grill, having air vents on the cover will allow proper air circulation and limit the chances of grill flare-ups. Nevertheless, you should always select the best BBQ cover for your grill protection. You are free to choose from the ones we have highlighted above, and we assure you to keep your grill looking good for long as you enjoy preparing BBQs.

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