How Does The Airbnb ID Verification Process Work? (Explained)

How Does The Airbnb ID Verification Process Work

The Airbnb ID verification is part of the booking process and it aims to enhance the safety and trust of both guests and hosts. Hosts may be required to submit a government-issued ID, like a passport or driver’s license, for verification. Airbnb’s system compares the ID information with the user’s profile. This process helps confirm the user’s identity and provides a safer environment for both hosts and guests.

How to complete an Airbnb ID verification process

How to complete an Airbnb ID verification process

When using an Airbnb platform, you must verify your identity. This process ensures users are who they say they are by providing valid information. Therefore, the process is generally meant to safeguard the host and the guests. 

Here are the simple steps to go on with the Airbnb verification process: 

Step 1: Take a photo of your national ID

Although this is the first step, you may skip it if you have any photos on your device. In such cases, you only need to upload it to the system. Nevertheless, you can use a smartphone or a PC with a webcam. Go to the camera application, focus on the national ID and take a photo. You should ensure that your ID’s background is neutral. 

Step 2: Uploading the photo

There are two ways of uploading your ID card photo. If available on your phone, you can use the Airbnb app or the website. Log into your account and select the personal info section. Head on to the Government ID and hit the add button. Click continue to upload the photos. A list of ID cards will appear, enabling you to select the specific type of document you intend to upload – a driver’s license, a national identity card, and a passport. 

Take a photo of both sides when uploading a driver’s license. On the other hand, a passport should have all the digits located at the bottom of the page since they are used to verify your identity. 

Guests from Hong Kong, Japan, the Netherlands, Singapore, and Korea are permitted to hide the numbers in their national IDs before uploading them. The best way of doing it is using a tape to hide such numbers or using a finger while taking the photo if the tape is not within reach. 

Step 3: Add your legal name and address

The last step is adding your name and indicating your address. The whole process may take up to 24 hours, but typically the support team responds within a few hours to approve your details.

Types of Govt. ID Accepted by Airbnb

Airbnb accepts various types of Govt. identification from guests to ensure the safety and security of both hosts and travelers. These identification documents help to establish trust and verify the identities of guests before their stay. The types of ID accepted by Airbnb include:

  • Passport: A valid and current passport issued by the government of your country.
  • Driver’s License: A valid driver’s license with a photo, issued by the government of your country.
  • National ID Card: A government-issued national identification card that includes your name, photo, and other relevant information.
  • State ID Card: In some countries, a state-issued identification card can be accepted as a form of government ID.
  • Residence Card: If you are a non-citizen residing in a country and possess a valid residence card or permit, Airbnb may accept it as a form of identification.
  • Military ID: A government-issued identification card provided to military personnel.

Airbnb verification process for individual and business accounts

Airbnb verification process

Airbnb takes the safety and security of its community seriously, which is why it has a stringent verification process for both individual and business accounts. This process helps establish trust and reliability among guests and hosts. Here’s how the Airbnb verification process works for individual and business accounts:

Individual Accounts:

  • Email Verification: Users need to provide a valid email address and confirm it through a verification link sent to their inbox.
  • Phone Verification: Airbnb requires individuals to verify their phone numbers by entering a code sent via SMS.
  • Government ID Verification: To ensure the authenticity of users, Airbnb may request a government-issued ID. This information is securely stored and not shared with other members.
  • Social Media Accounts: Users have the option to link their Airbnb account to their social media profiles, such as Facebook or LinkedIn, as an additional verification measure.
  • Trusted Connections: Airbnb offers the option to connect with friends or family members who have verified their accounts. This feature adds an extra level of trust within the community.

Business Accounts:

  • Email and Phone Verification: Similar to individual accounts, Airbnb verifies the email and phone number provided by business accounts.
  • Business Verification: Airbnb may require additional documentation to verify the existence and legitimacy of a business, such as a business license, tax ID, or utility bill in the company’s name.
  • Multiple Users: Business accounts can have multiple users with different roles and permissions, allowing for easy management of bookings and communication.

Alternative ways of the Airbnb verification process

Sometimes, with the help of Artificial intelligence, the system may not request your government ID cards for verification. A photo of yourself may also be used to confirm and verify your identity. Occasionally, this happens when you add an address or legal name to your profile information. These details are always required for matching with trusted and secured third-party databases to confirm the source of utility bills. 

Alternative ways of Airbnb verification process

How long does it take to get verified on Airbnb?

You can get verified within 7 days. However, the duration required to become verified varies depending on several factors. Airbnb strives to make the process as quick and seamless as possible. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Account setup: Creating an Airbnb account is the first step toward verification. It typically takes just a few minutes to provide essential information such as email, password, and username.
  • Email confirmation: Once the account is set up, Airbnb sends a confirmation email to the provided address. By clicking on the verification link within the email, users can proceed to the next stage.
  • Phone verification: Phone verification is an added layer of security. Airbnb may require users to provide their phone number and verify it through an SMS code. This process usually takes a couple of minutes.
  • Social media verification: Linking social media accounts, such as Facebook or Google, can speed up the verification process. Airbnb can cross-check the information provided on these platforms, which may expedite the overall verification timeframe.
  • Government ID verification: To enhance trust and safety, Airbnb may ask users to submit an official government-issued identification document. This can be uploaded directly on the platform or through the Airbnb app. The time required for verification depends on the efficiency of Airbnb’s review team and the accuracy of the submitted documents. Typically, this process can take a few hours to a couple of days.
  • Host-specific verifications: Hosts are often subject to additional verifications, especially if they plan on listing their property on Airbnb. These may include address verification, having a clear profile photo, and providing accurate and up-to-date information about the property.

It’s important to note that verification times can vary depending on factors such as demand, region, and the completeness of the information provided. Airbnb makes efforts to streamline the verification process, but occasional delays may occur. Users can check the status of their verification by visiting the verification section of their Airbnb account.

When to verify your Airbnb ID

More often, you need to provide your details to many online platforms. The most common case is when needed to provide additional information about your identity. This may occur due to having different mobile phone contacts registered under the same account. As mentioned above, you also need to confirm your identity when logging into a platform. Once more, this may happen again when using another device where you haven’t saved your logins. 

Finally, it is for age confirmation. Some platforms may require you to be at least 18 years old, requiring you to upload a photo of your government ID.

Why update account information on Airbnb? 

Once in a while, you may be asked to update your account information even without suspicious activity. Usually, this happens to confirm your details, especially if your account has been inactive for quite some time. It helps you access new bookings and keep the listings active. 

If you get such a prompt, you should log in to your account and follow the steps given to activate it. However, you do not need to take action if such notifications are not showing up on your account.

Advantages of Airbnb ID verification

Fraud prevention 

The most important feature of the verification process is fraud prevention. Nowadays, account suspension has significantly reduced due to the enhanced security of individual accounts. Airbnb verification is not only linked to the sign-up sections and new account openings but also to the login sections. The provision of accurate data deters intruders, hackers, and other people from illegal access to your personal information. 


Secondly, verification is paramount for accountability if a problem arises during the booking process. In case of any problem, someone is to be held responsible for any mistake. Consequently, it has facilitated the resolution of many issues related to account opening and customer dissatisfaction. 

Help investigate financial issues

Airbnb can transfer the information to banks and other financial institutions. Therefore, it is important in carrying out investigations involving Airbnb. As opposed to fraud by individuals, the system helps investigate financial issues involving taxation, money laundering, and other financial-related crimes. 

Help investigate financial issues

Airbnb verification process in incident prevention

Airbnb ID verification has become increasingly important, particularly with the introduction of Airbnb Plus. The process is becoming tighter as the hosts have to provide information concerning all activities on their premises. 

The entire process incorporates machine learning to capture the data of all bookings and residential data to flag bookings before incidence occurrence. Furthermore, the system is programmed to restrict all individuals below 18 years old from accessing some services that may seem inappropriate for young ages. 

Importance of Airbnb ID verification information to hosts

Help host avoid guests with criminal records

Like guests, hosts also need verification to establish trust. Usually, the hosts get access to the guests’ first and last legal names. It enables hosts to work with guests who have no records of criminal offenses. Although this may be restricted to United States citizens, it makes the host identify guests on the international offense watch list.

Guarantee of payment for services provided by the hosts

Once more, the host ascertains that the guest’s payment method is verified. This further prevents and mitigates payment issues since only guests with verified payment methods are eligible to access the host’s services. 

Ensuring further proof of identity

A notable feature of the Airbnb ID verification process is providing the guest’s profile photo to the host. It enables the host to know who he’s dealing with before the physical interaction with the customers. Moreover, it gives the host an overview of the services the guest is likely to request during the accommodation session. It also helps the host know whether the guest is above or below 25 years old, hence vital for record-keeping and statistics.

How do you delete your ID from Airbnb?

The storage of your ID is primarily under Airbnb’s privacy policy, and removing it may not be the best option. Keep in mind that your ID photo is used to run background checks; therefore, removing such details may raise suspicion on all accounts under Airbnb. The process is only possible after completing three months since the previous booking. Head over to personal info in your account, click on government ID, and select remove. 

How do you delete your ID from Airbnb?

Changing a lost government ID on Airbnb for hosts

In the event of a lost government ID, please do not remove it from your profile, as this will cancel all reservations. Guests never have access to your ID photo, and working with a host with a verified ID builds more trust. Contact Airbnb ID verification customer support for help if you need any updates. Click on help, select Visit the help center and choose the ‘Contact Us option. This is the most preferred way of doing it as it creates a smooth process of editing your details with the help of Airbnb professionals.

Final Thoughts

The Airbnb ID verification process is simple and helps establish trust between the hosts and guests. It also establishes relationships by ensuring that you work with verified partners. When in doubt, always contact the support team for guidance, keeping in mind the exceptions for uploading personal details of your government ID photo.


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