How Do I Find an Airbnb That Allows Big Parties? (Answered + Ways of Regulating Big Parties)

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The best way of finding an Airbnb that allows big parties is to ask your host whether you can invite friends and host a party before booking. You can also find it by booking a rental in a traditional setup like boutique hotels. However, you are not allowed to host a party in an Airbnb rental.

Following the previous events that left most of the host’s property damaged by parties, Airbnb is trying to evade the events hosted on the premises. This issue is common in the US and Canada. Consequently, Airbnb introduced the Global Party Ban in August 2020 to forbid inviting friends during the hosting period. 

So, if you relay needs to have a big party, inform your host about the reasons for the party, the number of guests, and all details pertinent to the party. Agree on the same before you complete your booking to avoid last-minute disappointment. 

Activities Airbnb considers to be a parties 

Activities Airbnb considers to be a parties

Although Airbnb doesn’t allow parties, it may allow some gathering activities to be permitted parties. The only restriction to keep in mind is that your group should not have more than 16 members. You must also be on the same page with your host, meaning you communicated clearly before booking time. Also, Airbnb could permit baby showers, bridal showers, wedding receptions, and elopement as parties as long as you strictly adhere to the regulations. 

Penalties for holding big parties on Airbnb

Airbnb has long been long restricting parties for guests. Most guests may seem respectful; some violate their hosts’ house rules by sneaking in other people not included in the booking process. Airbnb doesn’t follow up to check the number of guests who turn up except as indicated on the booking list. However, if noticed or reported by a neighbor, you may be subject to removal from Airbnb’s platform. Guests who violate this rule may also have their accounts removed from Airbnb.

Airbnb may also remove the listings if they discover a host who allows unauthorized parties that violate their parties’ policy. In some cases, the host may be requested to update their rules. Such guests may leave negative reviews, which are also subject to removal from the platform by Airbnb. 

How Airbnb discovers unauthorized parties?

None of the Airbnb officials is sent to confirm whether you hold a party or have more than 16 guests in your host’s rentals. The platform is currently working on risk detection technology that reveals parties before they commence. Airbnb receives reports of any listings that interrupt the community from the neighbors and other members staying within the host’s environment. 

Once notified, the host has to update the rules or suspend the listing. Members of the local community report to the neighborhood support that provides a link to local emergency services. Once the report is made, an email is sent to let the reporter know the action to be taken when the party is still in progress. Certain reservations confirmed to be high risks of holding unauthorized parties may also be blocked by Airbnb.

Airbnb may also discover it through listings that violate party rules through descriptions, photos, titles, or any content that describes the reservation as event-friendly or party-friendly. Similarly, hosts who advertise their reservations for events and gatherings that can hold more than 16 people may have their listings suspended for 30 days till the violating content is removed.  

Regulating big parties as an Airbnb host

Regulating big parties as an Airbnb host

Airbnb’s stringent measures on banning parties may not be sufficient to protect hosts from harsh guests. There are, however, a few things to consider and implement as a host to avoid getting your account suspended from Airbnb because of disobedient and irresponsible guests. 

Avoid suspicious bookings that hide parties

For instance, a 23-year old teenager booking your reservation on the same day, say Friday night is suspicious. Strictly restrict same-day booking and don’t allow reservations for a single night. Avoid instant bookings from the same area as your property.

Avoid single night reservations

It is one of the best ways to distinguish guests who will just come to have parties and those who are legitimately coming to enjoy their leisure time. It’s quite true that guests who may want to have parties will not want to spend more. Extend the reservation period to at least 3 to 5 days at most. 

Set house rules and damage deposits

Develop clear rules to let your guests know what you expect of them in advance. These should include the maximum number of occupants, the damage fee if the guests damage any of your property, and strictly prohibiting partying. Also, remember to include the actions you will take in case of guests break any of these rules. 

It will help you get obedient, responsible, and careful guests. Consider hiking the fee to be paid when your property is damaged so that the guest can value them. Furthermore, it also helps them give you an easy time since you won’t have to spend time monitoring them. 

Be keen about the way you describe your property

Avoid using a description that will make guests think your rentals are eligible to hold any event. Be precise and emphasize what you expect them to do. Also, remind them to go through the house rules in your description.

Get to know your guests 

Analyze each guest’s past reviews from other hosts. It is worth noting that those with positive reviews tend to adhere to the house rules and leave you with positive feedback together with a good rating. However, this technique works well for guests who frequently use Airbnb. Remember to ask them why they would like to stay at your place and their experience of their previous stay.

Get to know your guests 

Beware of new accounts. Some guests may use new accounts to conceal their true identity character-wise. Always interrogate guests with new accounts, restrict instant bookings and get to know the duration of their staying your rentals before allowing them in. Be polite and tell such guests that you need to prepare the house well, and would like to know a bit more about them, without forgetting to mention the house rules as is your routine.

Use monitoring devices

Installing noise monitoring devices in your home makes it easy to monitor the suspicious activities of your guests. You can also take any action and report to the local security services if guests decide to throw a party before it’s too late. More devices are available at Airbnb home security to provide you with a comfortable environment in the presence of whoever you are hosting. Don’t put cameras in their rooms as you monitor the guests since they deserve privacy. 

Have a good standing with your neighbors

If possible, exchange your contacts in case of an emergency arising from misbehaving guests. Instead of contacting the local authorities, your neighbors can be the first line of defense against any guest who tries to start partying. It is also important when you plan to host individuals who you aren’t sure of their character but would like to leave your house for one reason or another. In such instances, your neighbor can easily keep an eye on your property and notify you of any suspicious activity.


Let the local authorities know of any unusual activity in your homestead if it is caused by the people you are hosting. It saves you more trouble and gives the police a chance to investigate parties. Although such guests may leave negative reviews, Airbnb is likely to remove them if the guests had parties because of violating the set regulations. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Airbnb ban parties?

Following the increased cases of destruction of many hosts’ property, Airbnb decided to ban all parties for guests of all ages. Apart from that, cases of injured victims rose because Airbnb allowed parties, leading to increased immorality. The last case was about the Halloween shooting at an Airbnb party, resulting in an immediate ban of Airbnb hosts from allowing guests to have parties.

Is a bachelorette party counted as a party on Airbnb?

Airbnb allows bachelorette meetings and gatherings as long as the individuals stick to the party policy. The platform allows it since most of these parties usually have few members, but they should not exceed 16. The members involved should not destroy the host’s property, drinking parties, and any other activity that could cost the homeowner. 

What happens if you throw a party on an Airbnb host?

Going against the policies of Airbnb by throwing parties puts you at risk, even if the party has less than 16 people. The hosts have a right to report you to Airbnb for further action. Some hosts may try to throw you out if you become reluctant to follow their house rules about parties. 

Final Thoughts!

It is not easy to find an Airbnb host that allows big parties due to banning protocols set by Airbnb. Preferably, have small meetings with a few people, and don’t treat them like parties. Being careful about your host’s property is important to avoid incurring extra costs for damage because of partying.


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