Can You Use Milk In A Keurig Coffee Maker? ( Best Tips For Use Milk In A Keurig Coffee Maker)

Last Updated on August 8, 2023 By Emma W. Thomas

Using milk directly in a Keurig coffee maker is not recommended. Keurig machines are designed for water-based beverages. Adding milk could damage the machine or result in clogs. Instead, brew coffee and add milk separately.

Why Should You Not Put Milk In Your Keurig Coffee Maker? 

Keurig coffee makers can brew perfect coffee, and there are numerous K-cups available in the market, including strong and flavored versions. However, you should never put milk in the Keurig coffee maker. Some Keurig machines come with a special milk frother feature, which can be used to froth milk for your coffee separately. Keurig Rivo is one such example.

Keurig brewers are specifically designed to use water. When you put milk inside the water reservoir, it will froth excessively and will stick to the reservoir. Also, the high temperature will burn the milk and can even destroy the machine. It will lead to an unmanageable mess, and the coffee produced will not have the taste that you expect from a Keurig coffee maker. Even if you love milk in your coffee, it should not be used to make your coffee. Water and heat are required to make a strong coffee flavor and also to dissolve the coffee. You can add milk as an add-on to enhance its taste.

However, if you put the milk in the water reservoir, it will ruin your machine. Also, there are filters in the coffee brewer that do not react well to heavier liquids like milk. The milk residue inside the brewer will burn and cause a strange odor. The stink of burnt milk residue will keep you from drinking coffee from your brewer. 

Not to mention that using milk inside your Keurig machine renders your warranty void as the instruction to use only water is clearly mentioned in the manual. Also, the milk contains sugar, and the residue can lead to bacteria build-up inside the machine. Putting milk in your Keurig coffee maker will spoil the taste of your coffee as well as your machine.

What If You Put Milk In The Keurig Coffee Maker To Make Coffee?

If you put milk in your Keurig coffee maker, it may pump out milk a couple of times. However, it will damage the filter, clog the water lines, and cause other damages by leaving residue. Also, the coffee would taste nothing like the perfect coffee you get from your Keurig coffee maker.

What you will get is coffee-flavored milk, which will have a bad odor. If you continue the usage, the problem will worsen with time. It can completely destroy your machine. Also, putting anything except water is a conscious violation of specific instructions related to the Keurig coffee makers. This will make the warranty effective. And you will not get any replacement for the destroyed machine.

What To Do In Case You Accidentally Put Milk In Your Keurig Coffee Maker?

If you put milk in your Keurig coffee maker, it will clog the water lines running from the reservoir. The small particles from the milk can solidify and stick to the surface of the reservoir and can jam the water lines. The first thing to do when you accidentally put milk in the water reservoir is to detach it from the machine and empty the reservoir.

After that, rinse it nicely to make sure that it has no milk residue. This will ensure that your reservoir is clean. However, the other parts of the water lines can have residual milk that needs to be cleaned. For that, you need to attach the reservoir to the machine and fill it with fresh water, and empty it by starting the brewing cycle. You need to do this repeatedly to clear the water lines

However, you may still experience some smell and taste issues. In that case, you can also use an alkaline-based froth cleaner or an espresso cleaner, or another product designed for specifically cleaning milk froth. Milk particles are not water-soluble. These products are effective in breaking and dissolving solid milk particles and will be more effective in cleaning your machine rather than just rinsing it with water.

Let’s Summarize The Cleaning Process If You Accidentally Pour Milk In A Keurig Coffee Maker With The Help Of A Table.

Milk In The Keurig Coffee MakerCleaning Process
Water reservoirDetach and empty the reservoir, rinse with water
Water linesRefill with water and empty the reservoir by running the brewing cycle. Repeat several times
Milk solids in Filter and other partsDissolve with espresso cleaner or milk froth cleaner, rinse with water repeatedly

Is It Okay To Put Other Non-Dairy Milk Such As Almond Milk Or Soy Milk In Your Keurig Machine?

There are numerous kinds of milk available in the market, such as almond milk, soy milk, coconut milk, etc. These kinds of milk differ in consistency as compared to dairy milk. However, the specific construction of the Keurig coffee maker is such that you can only put water in it. If you put any other liquid other than water, it ends the warranty, and if your machine is ruined, it would not be replaced. Also, the water lines are prone to clogging with any heavier liquid.

The other liquids, especially milk, should not be put in the Keurig coffee maker irrespective of it being a non-dairy product.

However, there are a few models of Keurig coffee maker available in the market that comes with milk frother features. These machines are compatible be used with both dairy and non-dairy milk.

How To Have Milk-Flavored Coffee With A Keurig Coffee Maker?

As the majority of Keurig coffee makers have parts specifically designed for water, you cannot put milk in the water reservoir. However, if you want your coffee to have milk, you can use K-cups that already have milk in them. Also, you can have a separate milk brewer. 

You can also make hot chocolate in your Keurig brewer, however, with only water. You can use flavored K-cups to get the taste of hot chocolate made with milk. 

Also, if you want your coffee to have milk, the best option is to invest in a Keurig coffee maker with a milk frother. But you need to pour your milk and froth it; the milk is not supposed to be put inside the machine. You can add the frothed milk after the coffee is brewed by the machine. 

What To Do If You Need To Make Hot Milk Straight Out Of The Coffee Maker?

However, in a pinch and in need of hot milk, you can make it right from your coffee maker. Start by filling the carafe with water and warming it up before adding the desired amount of whole or skimmed milk to the pot. Stir the mixture together and then turn on the machine.

What Happens if You Add Milk in a Keurig Instead of Water?

Some people enjoy using just water, while others will add various types of milk or creamer. In the event that you accidentally pour milk into your coffee maker instead of water, follow these steps to clean it out as quickly as possible.

Can You Use Hot Cocoa Powder in a Keurig?

First, unplug the machine and submerge up to the fill line of milk into a bowl. Then, place the Keurig back on top of the bowl and run water through it to flush out any milk that may be left over. This will prevent clogging.