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Coffee is a necessity drink for many people around the globe. In Great Britain alone,95 million cups of coffee are drunk on a public day. While American people woke up to a cup of coffee every day just like their other counterpart’s continents with coffee lovers. Yes, we sometimes know that hit of caffeine is what sustains most of us between late nights, early in the morning, and throughout the day. Coffee is also served to the guest during special occasions and even on office short breaks. In other words, coffee lovers and learners must own a great coffee maker in their homes.

If you are living alone, with a spouse or a roommate, a best 5 cup coffee maker will be perfect for you. With this one! You don’t need to worry about burning a pot of coffee that is big nor worry about wasting a full twelve cup pot because no one consumed it. For sure, you might consider the smaller size coffee maker, but you will be teasing yourself. Five cup machine allows one to make enough coffee for you and someone else, and be able to go back for more if you wish.

To choose the best, we have compiled everything you need to know. Read through and pick one based on your needs and style.

Things to Consider for the Best 5 Cup Coffee Maker

Things to Consider for the Best 5 Cup Coffee Maker

Nothing is more fulfilling than that cafe-quality cup of coffee. Especially in the comfort of your house and thanks to continued innovation that has improved kitchen tech. It’s nowadays easier to make and enjoy your drink at home without stressing yourself.

The challenging thing now is how to get the best one that will suit your needs. We have a growing number of high coffee devices available in the market for homebuyers, but the best type will significantly depend on your needs.  Here are some of the things to consider:

Coffee Machine Type

They are popular types of machines that brew coffee like the automatic drip, pod models, and grind and brew. But there are other specialty coffee makers like pour-over, French presses, and Moka pots. Here are the main ones;

Capsule or pod coffee machines

These one use the pre-prepared coffee pods or capsules you have probably seen on supermarket shelves. They are a bit expensive and less environmentally friendly compared to instant or ground coffee. The good thing about these machines is the fact that they are easy to use and mess-free brew though you will be limited to the specific type of pods.

Bean-to-cup coffee machines

If you are a coffee purist and a barista fan, then this machine will suit you. Though they are a bit pricey, they work well. Usually, it grinds beans from scratch for each drink t, to give you quality and freshest coffee possible.

Ground coffee machines

These are machines used most likely in the cafe. It will require one to get more hands while preparing the drink, but the results will be memorizing.


You have to be sure of this before purchasing to avoid time wastage and energy. If you get a perfect capacity, your work will be much easier. If you are just a one-cup person, go for a single-serving machine. But if you can take more than three cups of coffee before stepping out, then consider the 5 cup coffee maker. Twelve to sixteen-cup coffee makers are suitable for a large family or if you have a couple of coffee drinkers in your house.

If it’s Programmable

A programmable coffee maker is a dream come true for many coffee lovers around. Just imagine waking up, and your coffee is ready to drink when you are getting ready or having a shower. With this type of device, you can set it up to your preference. Simply select what time you want to start working, and your drink will be read by then.


Design is a crucial factor to consider when purchasing any kitchen appliance and a coffee maker is no exception. People nowadays choose elegant and stylish models that fit in the whole kitchen to look while matching up with other kitchen appliances. The design allows will determine the capacity and space the device will occupy in your kitchen. Manufacturers on their end are coming up with adorable designs day by day, and you might buy them based on the design itself! So be careful

Handle and Spout

A reasonably large size handle will be convenient for you if your coffee maker has the capacity of four cups and above. You don’t need to worry while carrying and pouring drinks to everyone around the house at any given time. In addition to this, its spout design also should be able to make smooth and dripless pouring every time even if you pour the drink fast or slowly.

Ease of Cleaning

Most of these five cups of coffee makers in the market have components that are dishwasher safe. Such elements include the lid, water reservoir, carafe, and filter basket, among others. If you are a busy person always, consider the one which is easier to clean. It’s still for everyone to go through the cleaning manual normally provided by some manufactures before using the device or purchasing.


Price is a crucial factor we cannot ignore no matter what the circumstances. As much as we want you to get good these elegant and stylish devices out there, sometimes your financial stability might not permit you. Go for a simple which does the job equally well that is within your budget.

Yes, we can’t deny the fact that some of these devices are sold at different prices in regards to their recent technology, materials, and convenience’s just to mention a few. So the higher the rate, the better the quality, though that is not always the case. You can get a cheaper model which can even do a better job the device is sold at a high price.


Thanks to the technician for their beautiful innovation day by day, especially when it comes to kitchen appliances. You can get a multipurpose device that can brew your coffee and tea whenever you feel like it. Apart from that, we have machines that can grind and brew coffee at the same time or one which can make different coffee types. So make consideration and make your choice entirely if you need something that can do more than one job.


The warranty has become a surety thing to many buyers nowadays. The more extended warranty often gives the buyer peace of mind, if they are going to splash a lot of money for something they are buying for the first time. For someone who doesn’t like taking risks should consider the machine which gives a warranty for an extended period. Pay attention to when your warranty expires so, you can arrange if the device has issues before the date is up.

Carafe Material

Generally for a five-cup coffee maker often features stainless steel or glass. Both have their own merits and demerits. Glass carafe device gives you a clear vision of what’s happening inside the machine during the brewing process. But we all know that glass can break very easily, hence the need for extreme careful maintenance and safety. On the other hand, the Stainless steel device is durable and has an excellent thermal resistance that ensures your coffee remains hot. The problem is that you can’t see what’s happening inside all that brewing time.


In terms of strength and flavors, look for a machine that gives you options to change the brewing strength, depending on whether you or your family member wants a strong or a weak cup of coffee. So other coffee makers can do a lot more than just a cup of coffee, but they can even whip up everything from tea to hot chocolate or a fancy cappuccino. Functionality goes hand in hand with the versatility of a machine.

Top 5 Cup Coffee Makers In 2021 (Best Picks)

In a hurry? Check the bestseller top 5 Cup Coffee Makers from Amazon. Just check the product link, the details, and the price.

Best 5 Cup Coffee Makers Reviews

Best 5 Cup Coffee Makers Reviews

If you are struggling to get a perfect 5 cup coffee maker, we can help. The list below includes the best-rated product in the market based on the research that we have done. The study looked at various factors and customers reviews on different but genuine platforms. We have even gone the extra mile to research each coffee maker ourselves, and the outcome was magnificent. Let’s now see what each one of them has to offer:

1. Zojirushi EC-DAC50 Zutto 5-Cup Coffee Maker

This elegant five-cup coffee maker from Zojirushi is one of its kind as it tops the list as the best-space-saving design made with the home barista in mind. The device is suitable for both large and small kitchens and matches easily with your interior décor. But despite its compact design, the machine can make up to a maximum of five cups of coffee at a time, giving you the flexibility for more or less.

One can be able to monitor what’s happening inside the device through its carafe glass, and the cone filter designed to fit with the carafe makes the whole thing look even neater. The removable water reservoir enables you to clean the machine quickly, make a refill or store it elsewhere to create space in your kitchen.

Its charcoal water filter can last up to two years and helps you to sift out the chemicals in tap water that can ruin your flavor. The device comes along with the measuring spoon that allows you to measure the ground coffee you would like to brew.


  • The warming plates keeps coffee hot for longer
  • High-quality construction with great storage
  • Best-space saving design
  • Brew maximum of 5 cups of coffee with six minutes.


  • The models lack programmable or pause function, so you have to wait until its finished brewing.
  • One year Warranty
Weight4.54 pounds
Dimension(6* 9* 11inches)²
Item model numberEC-DAC50

2. Amazon Basics 5-Cup Coffee Maker With Glass carafe

As the name suggests, Amazon Basics is a necessary and straightforward machine capable of brewing the perfect cup of coffee every day so long as you are using good ground coffee. It can brew up to five cups of coffee per cycle. The exciting part of this machine is its ability to control brewing when you remove it to pour a cup of coffee. This type of device is pocket-friendly meaning it doesn’t have many whistles and bells like other products.

The carafe is not dishwasher safe, but hand washes only, meaning you might spend more time and energy while cleaning. It has no programmable features but an on and off button. The filter of the machine is reusable, and you don’t have to deal with having to remember to buy or replace it. With this filter, you can be able to save money by cutting down unnecessary waste.


  • Can be controlled by an app
  • Pocket friendly and easy to use the device
  • Able to stop the mid-pour coffee machine
  • No toxic chemicals thanks to reusable filters that come with the machine


  • The glass carafe is hand wash only and can break if one is not careful
Dimension(7.87* 7.48* 10.47inches)²
Product descriptionAmazon Brand
Item model numberMA-D03A

3. Black+Decker 5-Cup Coffee Maker, Black, DCM600B

If your taste is not a programmable machine with many functions, then this model which is simple and basic will surely fit your needs. This model is one of the strongest coffee makers you will probably come across. Its easy-to-use features enable anyone to use the machine easily. Just touch the button to start or finish the brewing process.

The sturdy glass carafe device can brew up to five cups of coffee ones. Its design also enables you to take little space on your counter while storing. Besides, the handy cord storage is virtually unnoticeable at all by many people. The high-end looks it fits easily in your kitchen.


  • Simple to use and clean device
  • The brewing process when using this machine is tranquil unlike the noisy ones
  • Convenient handy cord storage yet unnoticeable
  • Durable and space-saving machine


  • The device takes a more extended period when brewing coffee
Weight2.45 pounds
Dimension(9.75* 7.25* 10.75inches)²
Item model numberDCM600B

4. Mr Coffee Advanced Brew 5 Cup Programmable Coffee maker, black

This advanced programmable device by none other than super brand Mr. Coffee has all the features suitable for a full-sized family. You can be able to program this device the night before and woke up to a fantastic fresh cup of tea. It enables you even to select different brew strengths of your choice. Your coffee remains warm thanks to the thermal double-walled stainless steel carafe in between the cups.

The automatic one-hour shutoff for safety gives you peace of mind, just in case you have a lot going on, and it’s slipped off your thoughts. The clear panel that the water reservoir has makes it easier to fill in. The filter is reusable, and the inbuilt cord storage keeps the countertop neat.


  • One hour  shut off automatically power coffee maker
  • Removable filter for the quick and easy cleanup
  • Programmable features allow you to select your brewing time
  • Easy to fill


  • High price compared to other types
Dimension(9.2* 7.1* 11.6 inches)²
ManufacturerMr Coffee
Item model numberJWX3-RB

5. Black+Decker 5 Cup Coffee Maker CM0700BZ

With Black+Decker, you can never go wrong when it comes to quality. Their items are known to be excellent and of high quality, so do Black+Decker 5 Cup CM0700BZ. From the carafe glass which promises drip-free pouring, to an ergonomic handle that is comfortable to hold, you can’t even ask for more.

Another interesting fact about the device is its ability to stop mid-drip from pouring yourself a cup of coffee. You don’t have to wait any longer if you want it badly then you can have it. The filter that comes with the machine is permanent and you don’t need to purchase another one. This kind of coffee maker is easy to use, and anyone can operate efficiently.


  • The cheaper device with the reusable filter
  • Easy to use with the on and off button
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Brews fast


  • Not a lot of coffee options
Weight1.79 pounds
Dimension(7.25* 8.2* 10.75 inches)²
ManufacturerSpectrum Brands
Item model numberCM0700BZ

6. Hamilton Beach 5 Cup Switch Coffee Maker, Black 48136

Hamilton 5-cup coffee maker is the ultimate solution for a single-serving coffee. It does a pretty good job too when you have a special occasion and want your guest to enjoy a homemade cup of coffee quickly. The device is smart plug compatible meaning you can plug into an intelligent socket compatible with Alexa to control or add to your routine.

With the help of automatic pause and serve, one can quickly pour coffee when someone removes the carafe while brewing before the whole pot is ready. Cleaning has become easy thanks to the dishwasher carafe and brew basket. The maximum capacity of this machine is five cups, and it’s great for travel too. Swing-out brew makes one fill in grounds quickly through the accessible location.


  • Ergonomic and elegant design
  • Brewing temperature is precise
  • Space-saving design
  • Easy to clean and use


  • The pot can dribble when pouring your drink.
Weight3 pounds
Dimension(8.82* 5.94* 10.91inches)²
Item model number48136

How to Make Coffee in a Coffee Maker


Q: How can I clean a 5 cups coffee maker?

Well, most of these coffee makers have components that are dishwasher safe, as stated earlier in our article. It saves you time, but it’s also advisable to clean the lid, carafe, and filter basket with warm water and vinegar once in a while. You should descale all those built-up grounds or clogging residues inside and rinse thoroughly with warm water. By doing so, the machine will function while maintaining its quality for an extended period.

Q: What’s the quantity should one put in a five cup coffee maker?

Sometimes it depends on personal preference some people like strong while others prefer a weak cup of coffee. But to make a standard five-cup coffee pot, the ideal quantity to fill in is thirty ounces of water in the reservoir, then put ten tablespoons of ground coffee into the filter basket. Switch it on and wait for a few minutes, your cup of coffee will be ready to drink.

Q: Why does my coffee taste bad?

There could be more reasons as to why this happens. One reason might be you are using the same basket used to brew tea for coffee, and this mixes the flavors which will ruin the final taste. The other common reason might be your drink is under-extracted, which means the water is too cold or hot, making it unable to extract full flavors plus the essential oils from coffee beans.

Q: Whatcoffees can one use in a filter machine?

The filter machine is meant for fresh ground coffee to make the perfect and easy beverages.

Q: How can I stop the dribble when pouring the coffee?

Pouring the coffee pot slowly and carefully at different angles will solve this kind of problem. Another proven way is to apply a light amount of beeswax across the edge of the spout for the smoother pouring of your drink.

Q: Which one is the best five cup coffee maker?

There are several good five-cup coffee makers available in the market nowadays. The best one, as we have mentioned earlier, should be the one that suits your personal preference. What is attractive to one person might not be interesting to another.

Final Word

The best 5 cup coffee maker is the one that will suit your personal preference. So whatever you hold dear to your heart, be it taste, convenience or price there will always be something for you. Even if your choice suits the high-end models, it is available among the ones reviewed above. Go for it if your budget allows. In the end, you stand to save a lot of money compared to all the trips you could have made to that closest coffee shop around.

So don’t let the upfront price deter your determination. Imagine finding yourself hooked on the particular flavor in your kitchen with zero desire to go back to that coffee made by baristas. Yes, that’s the day when you get your coffee makers and get all those ideas tested right at the comfort of your home.

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