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There is no doubt a good latte or cappuccino is like a rich milky cup of heaven. It’s a very delicious and warming drink that everyone wishes to have at least a cup of it.  The worst thing is that making a perfect café latte at home can be a hassle. This is because making it is tough enough, especially when adding the correct amount of milk and form. It is not an easy task to perfectly heat and combines both form and milk. But with the right coffee machine, you can make an excellent cup of latte at home instead of spending your time and money at the coffee shop.

Selecting the correct machine can be a bit challenging unless you are used to it. You ought to be very careful when selecting the machine to buy. Failure to that, you may end up regretting your choice. We have done it for you by compiling a comprehensive list of the best latte machines at the market to save your time. It’s for you to READ and pick the one that suits your need and style.

Top 6 Latte Machine In 2022 (Best Picks)

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What To Consider When Buying A Latte Machine

What To Consider When Buying A Latte Machine

Type of latte machines

There are three types of latte machines at the market that you can decide to choose. Each type has its particular pros and cons. So, you can select the one that suits your need and style. Here are those types:

1. Semi-Automatic /Automatic Espresso Machines

This type is perfect for beginners who favor convenience when it comes to preparing their everyday cup of coffee. As the name proposes, these two latte machine types provide automatic operation with one major difference. With the semi-automatic machine, you still have control of the drive while the automatic one you do not.

As a piece of advice, it’s wise to choose a semi-auto over a completely automatic machine, you know why? This is because it altogether boils down to flavor extraction. Occasionally, optimum latte extraction may be met earlier than what is set in the machine. Due to that, the flavor of the espresso can become diluted. But with the semi-auto one, you can turn off the pump because you are under control; hence you can easily attain the optimum taste of your latte.

2. Super-Automatic Espresso machine

This one pushes the convenience provided by semi-auto and auto-machine to another level. Mostly they utilize the one-touch interface, which means you can press a switch and wait for your coffee to be processed.

However, as most of the coffee lovers confirm, these models generally produce less flavorful coffee compared to the semi-auto one.  The good thing with this model is that it’s the current highpoint of convenience when it comes to producing a cup of coffee. So, even though flavor can be lacking, the convenience and speed balance it out. It’s a powerful model, hence perfect for offices or people with a busy schedule.

3. Coffee pods machine

If you are looking for the latest model coffee machine in the market, then this is the one.  Unlike other coffee makers, it utilizes an exclusive way to prepare a delightful cup of coffee. The machine needs coffee pods or capsules that will be brewed together with pre-grind coffee beans. You may be tempted to worry about the additional requirement of a coffee capsule, but the good thing is that they are incredibly cheap.  So, no need to worry at all.  The most noteworthy advantage of this model is its hassle-free functionality.

2 Cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance are important to extend the life of your coffee machine. Also, it ensures that the quality and flavor consistency will not be affected as a result of the accumulation of coffee grinds remains from previous uses.  We suggest you go for a coffee machine with a “de-scaler” that helps eliminate leftover mineral inside the machine and disinfect the reservoir in the end.

3. Pick the correct size for your kitchen

Most of the latte machine can be quite large, and due to that, it takes up a lot of space in your kitchen pawn. If you have limited space left in your kitchen, then you should go for more compact models. But when it comes to performance, don’t consider size to be much of a factor. Performance entails many factors other than the size.

4. Price

Price is one of the crucial factors that should not be left behind when choosing a machine to buy. Remember,the latte machine can cost in the hundreds and thousands. If you have a little amount of money, then you can buy a cheap quality model that can cost between $100 and $300. But if money isn’t a problem for you, then I suggest you invest in a quality model rather than cheaper ones. This is to ensure that you get quality coffee to meet your standards.

5. Aesthetics of the coffee machine and your kitchen

This is all about the machine’s design you want to purchase and the design of your kitchen. At times some styles clash with one another. If you have a rustic or old-style kitchen design, then you should go for a more conventional-looking latte machine. But for a stylish modern kitchen, coffee makers from manufactures like Mr. Coffee are the recommended ones. They provide an excellent list of smart machines to choose from.  So, before you make any attempt to purchase a coffee machine,you should know your kitchen design first. Though, it is not a major factor to consider.

6. Warranty

The coffee machine can be quite expensive, and that’s why you should select the one that provides a decent warranty. You will be investing a large amount of money here, so take all the required safety measures to protect your investment.

7. Grinder

The key to an excellent ground and eventually, perfect coffee is a decent grinder. Many quality home latte machines have an integral grinder. Preferably, you need a ceramic grinder, but it’s more common to a stainless steel one. If you cannot afford to purchase a machine with its grinder, then you will be required to buy a grinder differently.

8. Check the features

The feature is an integral part of any equipment. More features do not essentially mean it is better. As a coffee maker, always look for a latte machine with features that will be of great use to you. For instance, if you prefer speed and convenience, then you should go for one-touch button interface coffee makers. But if you desire to experiment, you can choose the one that provides flexibility and variety.

Understand what you need in your coffee and make your checklist from there.  You should as well consider the machine’s cup sizes.  Mostly cheap coffee makers are designed to accommodate smaller cups while expensive models are designed to suit both small and larger cups.

If you are a beginner in latte brewing, then you should always go for less complex coffee makers. Some coffee makers at the market are designed for users who know how to brew a delicious cup of coffee. These individuals know the correct measurements and temperatures to process coffee suitably. So, if you are new to the game, then select the one that is not complicated to operate.

Top Reviews

1. Breville the Barista Express Espresso Machine, BES870XL

Breville is a well-known brand to make a wide variety of remarkable and usually affordable kitchen appliances. This outstanding machine continues to be the best latte machine overall. What makes it so impressive, though?

Well, things get to a robust beginning with the built-in canonical burr grinder. It’s good to grind fresh beans straight away before brewing to get the excellent coffee for yourself. Breville makesthis quite easy without the need to opt for a third-party grinder. With its quality rock-solid build, you are assured of many years of service from this model. The good thing with this machine is that it comes with grind size control for crema levels, dose-control grinding, and temperature control. 

The dose -control grinding permits you the ability to choose between 19 to 22 grams per dose. It offers you up to 9 bars of pressure for the finest flavor extraction. If you like to pre-heat your cup of Joe, then this coffee machine is the best for you as it comprises a separate hot water dispenser. With this hot water system, there is no doubt you will enjoy hot beverages besides coffee.

This coffee machine is significantly larger and therefore requires more room in the kitchen pawn. If you enjoy adding foam/froth, then this machine suits you as it comes with a swivel-action wand.


  • Hand texture micro-foam for an excellent latte every time
  • Versatile and flexible. A perfect coffee maker for the home barista
  • Affordable price for its features and quality
  • Durable


  • It can take a little bit of time for new ones to operate smoothly


Quick Specs 
Capacity1.9 l
Brew settings9-bar pressure
Milk SteamerSwivel-Action Wand
Dimensions13x 12.5 x 15.8 inches

2. Keurig K-Cafe Coffee Maker

Keurig is a well-knownbrand when it comes to manufacturing the best coffee machines. K-café is one of its imperishably popular models. What makes this model so impressive, then?With it, you can brew not only coffee but also delicious coffee and cappuccino. In short, it’s a versatile product. Its simple control button makes your work quite easier. You insert any k-cup pod and use the buttons control to brew your delicious latte or hot coffee.

Its large 60-ounce water reservoir allows you to brew six cups before needing to refill. Due tothat, yousave much time, and your morning routine is simplified. Note thata detachable reservoir makes refilling easy. The good thing is that the coffee maker brews the drink in one simple process. No essence of waiting for it to heat before choosing your cup size. Its energy is efficient as it turns off after the last brew. As well, its travel mug friendly.


  • Large water reservoir
  • Travel mug friendly
  • Offer a broad choice of hot and cold coffee at the touch of a button 
  • Supreme brand heritage


  • Cost of capsules can become high-priced if you drink much coffee


Quick specs 
Dimensions17 x 14.17 x 14.14 inches
Water Reservoir Capacity60 oz removable

3. Mr. Coffee Espresso and Cappuccino Maker

Mr.Coffeeee a well-known brand for manufacturing the most affordable coffee machines in the current market. Besides being budget-friendly, it has proven that its machines work efficiently. This coffee machine is one of the superb models capable of making a latte, espresso,cappuccino, and other gourmet drinks. All these drinks make your day to start in the right way. With its powerful 15- bar pump, there is no doubt you will get all the pressure you require for a delightful shot every time. If you like longer and creamy coffees, then you need this great espresso model as your base.

This model is one of the more popular entry-level products for coffee enthusiasts who would wish to try their hands on brewing their coffee at home. With its automatic feature, you are assured of convenience brewing. As you make your favorite latte/cappuccino/espresso/, the machine wills routinely froth milk in the reservoir. If there is some remaining milk, then you can remove the container and store it somewhere for later use.

The machine will do the entire work at the punch of the button. So, there is no doubt it is perfect for the coffeelover witha busy schedule and has no time to go over the intricacies of brewing their coffee. Its compact size coffee machine and comes with single and dual shot filter baskets. It as well comes in gray, silver, and red color variants to beautify your kitchen room.  Unlike other coffee machines, this model has a limited one-year warranty and recipe book to assist beginners in testing with their coffee making.


  • Detachable milk container for easy cleaning
  • Automatically froths milk as you make your coffee
  • User-friendly
  • Available in numerous colorways
  • Intuitive push-button ease


  • Customer care is patchy


Quick Specs 
BrandMr. Coffee
Brew setting15-bar pressure
Milk SteamerAutomatic Frothier
Dimensions                                                                          11.2 x 8.8 x 12.6 inches

4. Mr. Coffee Cafe Latte Maker

This machine is designed to look much similar to a regular coffee pot. It is an easy-to-use machine that lets anybody craft an excellent latte. With a touch of a button, it will brew the coffee, froth the milk, and make a delicious drink that you will remember the rest of your life.When it completes the work, it will then shut down.

It is not only best for a latte but also for any type of coffee. In short, it’s a versatile machine. All gratitude goes to a simple design that takes the guesswork out of the entirecoffee-making experience and offers an excellent brewed cup every time.


  • Easy-to-use
  • Powerful milk frothier
  • Quite easy to clean
  • One-step latte machine


  • Little bit expensive


Quick specs   
BrandMr. Coffee
Capacity  24 oz.
Power supply10 AMPS, 120 volts
Dimensions11.90 x 6.90 x 13.80 inches

5. Nespresso by De’Longhi ENV135B Coffee and Espresso Machine

ENV135B Coffee and Espresso Machineare one of the premium models by Nespresso by De’longhi. Its versatile product, thus, can brew different single cup sizes at the push of a button depending on your coffee requirements. This machine brews single-serve coffee one at a time. With its Nespresso Centri-fusion technology of using barcodes, it delivers the best in-cup outcomes comprising the excellent crema for large coffee cup sizes.

What you need to do is simply insert the capsule and enjoy a freshly brewed latte.  With its one-touch button mechanism, you are assured of the best in-cup outcomes for whatever style of coffee you select. Note that, it is designed to be used with Nespresso Vertuo capsules only. This machine features an additional large 54 ounces water tank, and a large 17 counts used capsule container.


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Versatile
  • Convenient
  • Automatic blend recognition
  • Fast heat-up time


  • Cleaning can be a little bit hassle


Quick specs 
BrandNespresso by De’longhi
Water tank capacity54oz
Removable water tankYes
Dimensions90 x 12.2 x 12.3

6. Ninja CM401 Specialty Coffee Maker

This machine is one of the best in the market. With it, you can brew super-rich coffee concentrate that can be used to make lattes, cappuccinos, and other coffeehouse-style drinks. What isthe most amazing are its six brew sizes that enable you to brew anything you desire.

With its fold-away frothier, hot or cold milk can be transformed into a silky froth in a fraction of a second.


  • Six brew sizes to choose from
  • Fold-Away frother
  • No pods required lowering your cost
  • Offer classic and rich brew


  • Fother does not heat-up milk


Quick specs 
Dimensions11.99 x 8.75 x 15.04 inches
Type of Carafe50 oz

Benefits of the Latte Machine

Benefits of the Latte Machine
  • Help you save money on coffee- one of the benefits of using a latte machine is the cost savings. You can make a wide variety of coffee drinks at home without having to spend your money each day at coffee shops. It can make coffee for less than a dollar per day, which is much affordable than going to coffee shops.
  • Save your time- in addition to the money-saving;coffee machines will save you time that you could have used going to the coffee shop every day.  Most of these machines can produce coffee in a few seconds, making it easier for those in the offices or with a busy schedule to get their morning drink.
  • Latte machine can improve memory– people have been using coffee specifically to boost energy level and cram. But that not all about coffee. Studies have confirmed that coffee improves memory, assisting you to store a lot of information and then recall it later. Despite being effective for boosting your memory, too much of it can have an opposite effect. So, ensure you are using the right proportion.
  • Provide stronger coffee– Latte machine works by compelling hot steam via tightly packed coffee. Due to that, the amount of pressure on the beans is increased, leading to a greater amount of caffeine extraction. It’s strong compared to drip coffee.
  • It can lower the risk of diabetes– Researches have shown that increased coffee consumption can lower the risk of getting type two diabetes.  Diabetes can cause a lot of issues, such as obesity, vision problems, and heart diseases. So, to avoid such issues, buy a coffee maker for yourself.
  • Can lower the risk of depression-Based on many studies that have been conducted, it was found that coffee consumption can lower the risk of depression. Though not a treatment option. It only boosts your mood, and as a result, your depression is lowered.
  • Improve athletic performance– Studies have revealed that caffeine before exercise increasesan athlete’s strength and stamina, hence boosting their overall performance. Latte machine offers you the entire exercise benefits of caffeine without the extra sugar of many energy drinks. So, you should at least buy one for yourself.
  • Lower the risk of stroke– Studies haverevealed that failure to consume coffee can increases the chances of getting a stroke. So, you should at least drink a cup of coffee daily. Though excess of it increases blood pressure, hence can cause blood pressure.


Do all espresso machines make lattes?

No, not all of this machine models can make lattes (Though the entire machine we have reviewed does). Its only models with some of steaming wand or milk frother can make lattes.  If your machine does not have the steaming wand, then you can create steamed milk using a milk frother without the need of an espresso maker.

What is the difference between a latte and a cappuccino?

The difference between a latte and a cappuccino is the amount of foam and the amount of milk. A latte has less foam and more milk than a cappuccino.Cappuccino has less milk generally when compared to a latte, but the amount of milk foam on top of the cup.

Final Word

Having the best latte machine can be the best feeling ever. With it, you are assured of the delicious latte drink. There are different types of these models at the market to choose from.

Coming up with the list of the best six was not an easy task as it may seem. We had to do a lot of scrutinizes, which took much of our time.  Our selection was based on customers rating and feedback. The ones with high ratings and customers were our ultimate choice. So, you can one that suits your need from the list mentioned above with assurance of the best quality ever!

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