Can You Have Two Internet Providers In One House?

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Yes. It is possible to have two internet service providers in one house. You can engage both your cable and phone company to supply your internet simultaneously through the same address. Internet connection is crucial in the modern world, where almost everything is done online. We can, therefore, not overemphasize the importance of having the right internet service provider. 

The connection uses fiber, copper, or coax, and there usually is one for every phone and cable. There can be no more than two service providers for landline using the same address. It is also possible to get additional access to the internet from different mobile services simultaneously, depending on who has the house’s coverage.

In some areas, you can also access internet services via ISP, which allows you to connect your house to the internet.

Types Of Internet Connections

In the internet access market, you will come across terms such as broadband or high-speed. The two words describe any internet connection that will provide you bandwidth speed. This speed is usually higher than the ordinary dial-up option. Nowadays, almost all available connections are faster than dial-up. You will also hear of wideband, which refers to internet access with a speed of over 50 Mbps.

There are three types of internet access, namely; DSL, fiber, and cable. DSL is the cheapest, while fiber is the most expensive since its speed is higher. 

Comparing Fiber, DSL, And Cable Connections

Most internet service is transmitted using cables, fiber, or DSL. Here’s a comparison:

Fiber ConnectionsDSLCable
Faster download and upload speeds – about 250-1000 MbpsLower download speeds – about 25-500 MbpsLower upload speeds 5-30 MbpsLower download speeds same as DSLUpload speeds same as DSL
Made of plastic and designed for internet service. Use optic lines made of tiny fibers of glass.Uses telephone linesSent over copper TV lines
Best for heavy internet users ( for gaming and multiple video streaming)Best for rural users that are stuck with satellite internetBest for those who can’t access fiber. Great for TV-viewers

How To Choose An Internet Service Provider

Access to the internet is crucial to both businesses and homes, and you need not gamble with choosing a service provider. Most business operations rely on the internet these days, whether in processing credit cards or communicating with clients. The majority of homes are also finding more uses with the internet.

Below are factors you need to consider when choosing internet service providers:

Internet Speed

Internet speed is vital in handling daily tasks whether in business or at home. A service provider ought to offer the best speed so as not to interrupt your operations. You could be streaming videos at home or performing office functions, and this has to be smooth and fast. Depending on the location and what is available, you need to consider bandwidth. Bandwidth refers to the amount of information that a transmission media can handle at a time. 

Over fiber, connections provide above 1000 megabits in one second. If you reside in rural areas, then you need to settle for DSL connections with 6Mbps. Seek for references and reviews from other users since sometimes what is advertised is not what you get.

Availability Of The Service Provider

It may sometimes be challenging to get a good connection in rural areas, even with a high-speed cable or fiber connection. Look for the available option in your area at a particular time. You will most likely get a 4G-LTE, satellite-based facility, or a broadband connection.

How Reliable Is The ISP

Reliability is an essential factor, especially when you are dealing with business clients. Look for an internet supply that is fast in getting things done. If your industry does not rely so much on the internet, look for an ISP that gives you SLA (Service Level Agreement) to indicate the reliability level.

The right service provider should be able to offer prompt customer care service in case your internet fails. Look for reviews from other clients to know if the ISP you choose responds fast to get your business up and running.


When looking for a suitable ISP, ensure that you get value for your money in speed and reliability. Put in mind the size of your business and ensure that you get a relevant internet facility.

Type Of Connection

You must make the right choice when it comes to the type of connection. For example, if you choose satellite internet, be sure that your operations will be basically slow. Although this connection boasts of high speeds for downloads, it is relatively slow in transmission.   

 Steps To Take When Choosing An ISP

 Choosing an internet service provider can be quite challenging due to several factors, such as the many options available and confusing contracts. Therefore, you will most likely make the wrong choice unless you know the right procedure to follow. Here are some of the crucial steps to take: 

Look For An Available ISP In Your Area.

Not all internet service providers may be available in your locality. It is, therefore, necessary to locate what is there and find out what they offer. Consider factors such as speeds, cost, package lineups, and compare the different ISPs.  

Look For The Right Speed.

After locating the available internet service provider in your area, the next step will be to get the appropriate speed. Depending on your reason for wanting to have the internet in your place, you will pick the speed you need. Ensure that you test the strength of service that the company offers, which will determine your satisfaction in the long run.  

Ask For Reviews

Getting reviews from other users is the best way to know the reliability of your ISP. You can ask people who have had the service provider’s experience, or you can also get online reviews. You need to inquire about the cost, speed, quality as well as customer care service. Doing this will save you time, money, and energy and ensure that you get the best service.

How To Get Two Networks From A Single Connection

It could sometimes be challenging to get a reliable connection on many devices at the same time. Connecting many machines from a single network can lead to slower speeds and performance. You can create two systems to help solve the issues using the following methods;

Using Hotspot

This method is simple to set up, but it is also not permanent. You will need a tablet or laptop that has hotspot compatibility. Follow these simple steps;

1. Locate the Windows key, mostly at the bottom left side of your keyboard. This key has the Windows logo on it.

2. Open settings by clicking the setting icon found in the bottom left corner. You can also search for settings in the search bar.

3. Open the internet and network (it has a globe icon)

4. Look for a mobile hotspot and open it ( found at the bottom left-hand corner. Usually above data usage)

5. Edit the name and password of the network by clicking the edit button and putting the name and password of your choice

6. Switch-on the mobile hotspot if it is not on

Using Two Routers

You can also create two internet networks by using two routers as follows;

1. Connect your primary router to a reliable power outlet using an adapter

2. Look for the ISP cable and plug it into your primary router. The cable needs to be plugged into a coaxial port since it is also coaxial.

3. Use a power adapter and connect the secondary router to a dependable outlet. 

4. Use Wi-Fi or Ethernet to connect the secondary router to the primary one. When using Ethernet cable, connect both routers to the Ethernet port. One of the ends of the Ethernet cable needs to be connected to the primary router port while the back needs to be connected to the Ethernet port of the secondary router.  

When you are using Wi-Fi, login into the secondary router’s settings page using your credentials, look for the address from the bottom of the router’s back. You can find the password or username next to the address information. If you don’t see the data, try using ‘password’ for password or ‘admin’ for username.

Look for the secondary router’s settings page and enter to set up the router. Search and connect the router to the network that is already in place.

Replace the network password and name for the secondary connection with your desired credentials. 

Final Word

With most services and communication done online, having a good internet connection is not an option. You may also realize that it is easier to stream videos and play games using the internet.

One internet connection may not be sufficient to use with many devices simultaneously and thus a need for two networks. You may need two internet service providers, as explained above. Ensure that you are careful when choosing these services to get the best speed and customer cares services.

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