What Is The Tesla Charger Installation Cost For Your Garage? (Plus Factors To Consider Before Installing One)

Tesla Charger Installation Cost For Your Garage

The cost of installing a Tesla charger in a garage typically ranges from $1000 to $5,000+, depending on various factors. This includes the price of the charger unit, the electrical work required, and any additional components needed for installation. Basic installations with existing electrical infrastructure tend to be on the lower end of the spectrum, while more complex setups or upgrades may incur higher costs.

Tesla Charger Installation Cost

Tesla Charger

Tesla offers multiple options for their home chargers. This includes;

Option 1: Tesla Level 1 Home Charger (Trickle Charging)

Level one charger is the most common. It uses your normal outlet, the same as your television or phone charger, which has an output of 120V. There is no need to install other accessories for this option, meaning zero installation cost. You only need to buy the level 1 home charger. However, the charger is slow; it refills your car at a rate of 3 to 4 miles per hour.

Option 2: Tesla Level 2 Home Charger

Level two chargers have an output of 240V. This can be compared to outlets you use to connect your dryer. When compared to the level one charger, it is relatively fast. It increases the charging speeds from 3 to 4 miles per hour to 15 to 30 miles per hour. The installation cost is about 500 dollars.

Option 3: Two Tesla Chargers On One Outlet

Option three chargers are similar to level two but are split into two. A neo-charge smart splitter is added to an existing outlet so that you can charge two cars simultaneously. Once the outlet has been divided into two, the charging voltage of 240V is halved. This means that the two vehicles connected to the outlet will charge double the time one would take to get a full battery.

The neo-charge smart splitter costs 500 dollars.

Option 4: Install Tesla Charge In Your Garage.

In general, installing a Tesla charging station in your garage will cost you 1000 dollars up to 7000+ dollars. Purchasing the charger itself will cost 500 to 600 dollars.

The installation charge depends on the charger you need and your budget. 

If the circuits in your home cannot support the charger of your choice, you will need to upgrade it. 

The costs for changing the circuits in your garage are as follows:

Circuit Installation Costs Differ Between The Different Levels.

PRICE400-600 dollars600-2500 dollars20,000 dollars
Kw1.46.2Up to 150
Charge per hour4-5 miles12-60 miles250-300 miles

The installation costs for the three levels also differ since they all require different parts to function efficiently.

Level 1400-600 dollars0-2000 dollars8-10 hours
Level 2600-2500 dollars1300-3500 dollars4-6 hours.
Level 320,000-50,000 dollars55,000+ dollars20-30 minutes

 N/B: The costs for various levels and parts apply to a tesla charging station and other brands.

Other Installation Costs

Installation Permits

As per the Residential and Commercial Buildings Guidelines, you cannot install charging stations in your garage without a permit. The permit costs anywhere from 100 to 300 dollars, depending on your residence. 

Permit charges are broken down into three parts:

  • Application. This ranges from 40 dollars to 60 dollars.
  • Electrical permit. The cost can be from 80 dollars to 100 dollars.
  • Additional charges. 20 to 50 dollars.

Garage Modification

When installing a charging station, you have to purchase one that fits the circuit in your garage. If you decide to install a charging station that requires a higher number of circuits, you will have to modify your garage. 

Remodeling your garage to fit the charging station of your desire could cost an average price of circuit change plus an installation fee of 13,000 dollars. However, if you want a charging station outside the garage, the costs can go up to 28,000 dollars.

How Long Does Installation Take?

The average time for a Tesla charging installation is around 2 to 6 hours. This estimation accounts for a standard installation in a residential garage with existing electrical infrastructure. The installation process involves mounting the charging unit, connecting it to the electrical panel, and conducting safety tests.

However, it’s important to note that installation times can vary based on several factors, including the complexity of the electrical setup, distance from the electrical panel, the need for additional wiring or trenching, and local permitting requirements. Some installations may be completed in less time, while others, especially those requiring significant electrical upgrades, may take longer, potentially up to a day or more.

What Happens During Tesla Charger Installation?

What Happens During Tesla Charger Installation

Once you have prepared and purchased all the required components, you can call your installer. The engineers will communicate their arrival time for installation.

The engineers will have scoped the point of installation and already know what they need to do on that date.

The main power supply is turned off, and the installation process can start.

Once the installation is completed, the engineers will switch on the power back and walk you through the entire charging process.

Pros Of Installing An Electric Vehicle Charger At Home

Reduced Recharging Costs

A public charging station will charge 0.11 to 0.15 dollars per kilowatt per hour. To fill up, it might take you some hours, which will cost you more than it would have if you had recharged at home.


Having a charging station installed in your garage is more convenient than using a public charging station. A public charging port is not to be used as you please; you will have to take care of other people’s needs. You might have to queue to charge your car or drive a long distance to get to a charging station.

Tax Incentive

The federal government offers up to 7500 dollars in incentives for consumers purchasing hybrid or electric cars. Plug-in America came up with an incentive in cooperation with the government to provide a 30% discount on all building owners installing charging stations.

Increases Your Home Value

With everyone trying to save the planet from global warming, electric cars are a good way to reduce your carbon footprint. Soon, almost everyone will own an electric car. The charging station is a long-term investment; therefore, a home with a station will definitely have a higher value than one without.

Available Electric Charger Brands

There are other brands of chargers in the market that can be used as a substitute for the Tesla charger. These brands include:

1. The JuiceBox Pro 40

The Juicebox Pro 40 is a level 2 charger, and it costs between 500 dollars to 800 dollars. It operates at 40 AMP and 10 KW. This brand works with most electric cars, including the Tesla models.

2. The Webasto TurboCord

Webastos TurboCord is considered a standard level two electric charger. It costs 300 dollars to 500 dollars. This model is built such that it doesn’t require installation or electrical work once you purchase. You can plug it into your outlet.

3. The Clipper Creek

Clippercreek is also a level 2 charger, and it goes for 300 to 1500 dollars. It is compatible with most of the electric vehicles in the market.

What Should I Consider Before Installing A Charging Station?

Before you decide to install a charging station in your garage, you have to consider a few of the following details about the whole process.

1. Cost Of All Installation Parts 

With the internet readily available, you can go to online shops and get prices for the items you need. You can use these prices to estimate your final cost. To get a detailed mock-up of the total cost, you can get a professional to list all the components you need to purchase.

2. Electric Bill Payment

After installing your electric charging station, your monthly electrical bill will increase. An estimate on how much charge your car needs and the distance you travel every day will help you to get an estimate. If the estimate is manageable for you, you can go ahead and install the station.

3. Electric Charger Station Safety

Before installing an electric charging station, you should know all the precautionary measures to take.  

4. Compliance With Set Regulations

The government sets up departments responsible for setting up rules to help guide and control products. Knowing what rules have been set concerning your project is important in ensuring you do not break the law.

5. Installation Company

Tesla charging stations are easy to install, and they might not need a professional to assist you with the process. However, other charging stations may require that you hire a contractor to come in and do the job. Going through available installation companies and their reviews helps you make an informed decision.

Final Thought

Electric cars are increasingly becoming common in today’s world. Installing an electric charging station in your garage is a great decision as you will always have access to it. The installation charges will depend on the charging station level. However, the installation charge for the Tesla model ranges from 1000 to 5000+ dollars, excluding the price of the charging station.



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