Selling A Mattress On Craigslist – How To Do It.

Selling A Mattress On Craigslist

To sell a mattress on Craigslist, clean it thoroughly and take quality photos. Write a detailed description with essential details and set a fair price based on research. Arrange safe pickup or delivery options. Finalize the sale by accepting payment and providing a receipt, ensuring a successful transaction.

Steps To Selling A Mattress On Craigslist

Steps To Selling A Mattress On Craigslist

 Selling a used mattress is not as easy as other household items. One needs to follow specific steps for the process to be a success. These steps involve;

Be Familiar With Applicable Laws And Regulations.

It is necessary to understand the laws and regulations in your State regarding the selling of used mattresses. While most states of the US allow the sale of used mattresses, there are some requirements for labeling and processing. Since the regulations are controlled at the State level, you need to find out the specific rules for your area. 

Some states may require professional sanitization of a used mattress before selling. In others, it is a requirement that used mattresses be labeled as ‘used.’ the Other States may not allow a used mattress to be sold, but they can let you sell some components from the mattress. If your State allows the selling of these items, you can list them for sale on Craigslist. 

The following table shows some States in the US and the regulations on selling of used mattresses.

Name Of The State

Laws On selling used mattresses.

Alabama and Arkansas

It is not illegal to sell but don’t list it as a new

Arizona, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Minnesota, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina 

You can sell, but it needs to be sanitized first.


It is not illegal to sell if it doesn’t have visible stains.

Connecticut, Georgia, 

You can sell, but it needs proper sanitization and labeling. 

Idaho, Alaska, Maine, Oklahoma, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota

Contact the local health department.


It is not allowed to sell a used mattress.

Indiana, Louisiana, Maryland

It is illegal for a retailer to sell but not for an individual.


No law exists on the selling of used mattresses.

How Much Do You Sell a Used Mattress For on Craigslist?

Mattress TypeInitial Retail PriceUsage Duration (Years)Potential Selling Price on Craigslist
Memory Foam$800 – $12001 year$400 – $600
3 years$240 – $360
5 years$160 – $240
Innerspring$700 – $10001 year$350 – $500
3 years$210 – $300
5 years$140 – $200
Hybrid$1200 – $20001 year$600 – $1000
3 years$360 – $600
5 years$240 – $400

Some Labels Used On Mattresses (Not Applicable For Individual Mattress Sellers)



Yellow tag

The mattress is sanitized correctly.

Business or retailers only.

Individual sales not allowed

Red tag

Mattress contains used fabric, usually filling.

Check your state law.

Check your State law before buying a used mattress.

Deciding On The Price

After verifying that it is legal to sell a used mattress in your State, then you can go ahead and determine its price. Mostly, a used mattress’s price ranges between 20% to 30% of its original buying price, depending on its condition. For example, if you bought it for $2000, you can expect to sell it at $400 to $600. 

Writing An Advert 

After deciding on the price, your next step is to write an advert describing the mattress you want to sell. Make sure that you are honest enough about its current condition and also highlight its selling features. Include everything about the mattress, including the brand and model, size, type, and material used (springs, latex, polyfoam, memory foam). 

You will also need to include the materials used for the cover, how old the mattress is, its use (whether for a primary bed or guest), whether you have been using a protector/pad or not. If there are other issues worth mentioning, be sure to include them. Do not forget to indicate your asking price and whether it is firm or negotiable (you may also have ‘OBO (Or Best Offer).’ 

Lastly, in the advert, mention the location of the mattress and whether you are in a position to deliver it or not. Do not forget to list your contact details and whether you are okay with people coming to check out the mattress in your home. 

Find Out The Requirements Of Craigslist.

Once you have written down the advertisement, check the conditions for selling through Craigslist. While this online site is free for sellers, there will be no harm in finding out more about what you need to do. Place your advert when familiar with all the requirements. 

Selling Your Mattress

After listing your mattress on Craigslist, the next thing is to wait for prospective buyers to contact you. If you don’t get any inquiries for a week or two, then you can try any of the following strategies;

1. Reposting your listing

2. Reducing the price

3. Changing the title of the listing to make it more eye-catching

If, after changing the strategy, your mattress remains unsold for long, you can consider donating the same. You may give it out to charity firms, orphanages, or to a poor or homeless individual. Trying to call around to see if there is anyone who will accept your donation. 

Factors That Affect The Resale Price Of An Old/Used Mattress

Resale Price Of An Old Mattress

The resale price of a used mattress may be affected by several factors, including;

The duration of use

On average, a standard mattress needs a replacement after every six or seven years of continuous usage. A mattress that has been used for two or three years will cost more than one used longer. 

Use Of A Protector Or Topper

If you use a topper or protector for your mattress, it will remain in good condition for a long. These items help preserve the comfort layer for an extended period compared to those with no protector. A mattress that has been used with these accessories will have a better selling price than one used without them. 

Sporadic Or Consistent Use

A mattress that has infrequently been used will command a higher price than one used on a nightly basis. If you have been using your bed occasionally, for example, when you only have guests, it will remain in good condition for an extended period and have a better price. 

The Present Condition Of Your Mattress

Your mattress’s condition may rate as new, poor, acceptable, exemplary, or very good, depending on how you have been using it. Factors like a sagging mattress, dents on the surface, and cracks or splits in the sleep surface may contribute to poor or unacceptable conditions. It may also not be sellable if the mattress has protruding metal parts such as coils and wires. 

Other factors that can affect the resale value include loose threads on the cover, broken zippers, scrapes, cuts, further physical destruction, stains from body fluids, and lingering smells.


Issues like whether the seller is willing to deliver the mattress to the buyer and if the used mattress comes with accessories like pillows and pads may also impact the price. 


A mattress’s resale price may also be affected by its brand. Mattresses from high-profile companies may attract better prices than those from less prominent companies. 

How Can You Sanitize A Used Mattress?

The majority of the states in the USA require that a used mattress be sanitized before one can sell it. The following methods help sanitize a mattress;

Using An Antibacterial Spray

Put some antibacterial products (such as Lysol) in a spray bottle and apply it lightly on the mattress. Spray the entire mattress but be sure not to soak it. Allow sitting for a few hours then wipe the mattress with a damp, warm cloth. 

Heating With A Hand-Held Steamer

A hand-held steamer produces enough heat to eliminate dust mites, dirt, and debris and kill germs. 

Trying A Liquid Cleaner.

A liquid cleaner can also sanitize your use mattress when you follow the correct procedure. Please read the instructions carefully on the bottle and be sure to stick to them. You may need to dilute the product with warm water and then spray it lightly on the whole mattress. Make sure that you do not soak the mattress. Wipe with a clean cloth, then leave to dry. 


Selling a used mattress may be an uphill task since most people prefer buying new ones. Used mattresses may have some hygiene concerns that make many people shy away from purchasing them. Besides not being very marketable, their resale price could be too low and thus not worth trying to sell. 

But, if your used mattress is in good condition and the laws in your State allow it, you can try selling it on Craigslist. Be sure to follow the steps highlighted above.



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