Why Can’t We Replace Roofing Sheets With Solar Panel Sheets? (Reasons + All You Need To Know)

Replace Roofing Sheets With Solar Panel Sheets

Replacing roofing sheets with solar panel sheets can be challenging due to several reasons. Firstly, conventional roofing materials like shingles and tiles are designed for weatherproofing, insulation, and aesthetics, which solar panels may not fulfill entirely. Secondly, solar panels are typically heavier and require specific structural support, potentially increasing the cost and complexity of roof installation.

Why Can’t We Replace Roofing Sheets With Solar Panel Sheets?

Replacing roofing sheets with solar panel sheets can present several challenges and considerations that make it less practical in certain situations:

  1. Limited Efficiency: Solar panel sheets are less efficient compared to conventional solar panels. They produce lower energy output due to their smaller surface area. Roofing sheets made entirely of solar panels would provide significantly less electricity, making them less practical for meeting a household’s energy needs.
  2. Cost Considerations: Solar panel sheets are generally more expensive than traditional roofing materials. The high cost is mainly due to the advanced technology and materials used in creating solar cells. Opting for solar panel sheets instead of conventional roofing sheets would significantly increase the overall cost of construction or renovation, making them less affordable for many homeowners.
  3. Structural Integrity: Roofing sheets serve the primary purpose of protecting our homes from harsh weather conditions and providing stability to the structure. Solar panel sheets, while robust, may not possess the same level of durability as traditional roofing materials. Factors like heavy snowfall, strong winds, or impact damage could affect the structural integrity of the roof if it solely consisted of solar panels.
  4. Aesthetics and Design Considerations: Unlike conventional roofing sheets, solar panel sheets are black and have a distinct appearance. This might not blend well with the overall aesthetics of some architectural designs. For homeowners who prioritize the visual appeal of their homes, the presence of solar panel sheets might not be preferable.
  5. Maintenance and Repairs: Solar panels require regular maintenance and occasional repairs. If the entire roof is made of solar panel sheets, accessing and maintaining individual cells would be more complex and time-consuming. This could result in higher maintenance costs and inconvenience for homeowners.
  6. Climate and Location Constraints: Solar panels are most effective in areas receiving an ample amount of sunlight throughout the year. Regions with frequent cloud cover or low levels of solar radiation might not make solar panel sheets a viable option for generating sufficient electricity. Therefore, the technology is not universally applicable and might limit its adoption as a roofing material.
  7. Lifespan Limitations: While solar panels have a relatively long lifespan (typically around 25 years or more), their efficiency and power generation capacity gradually decline over time. Replacing an entire roof made of solar panel sheets after their expected lifespan would be costly and impractical.

Advantages Of Solar Panel Sheet Roofing Over Roofing Sheets

Solar Panel Sheet Roofing Over Roofing Sheets

Some of the benefits you get from replacing your roofing sheets with solar panel roofing sheets include;

1. Low Energy Bills

Replacing your roof with solar panel sheets reduces your bill since all the power comes from the sun. Though solar panel sheets are expensive, they will save you money that would have been used to pay for electricity bills in the long run. 

2. They Are Environmentally Friendly

Solar energy is clean. The solar panels installed on your roof get the power straight from the sun and reduce your carbon footprint. So, if you are conscious of saving the planet from the global warming predicament, this is a great way.  

3. Increase Home Value

The solar panel sheets look great. They mimic the already existing roofing materials but with a crisp finish. Besides, they look almost the same as normal roofs; it is not easy to tell the difference between solar panel sheets and normal roofing material. Therefore, the overall value of the home will go up. 

Disadvantages Of Solar Panel Sheet Roofing Over Roofing Sheets

Some of the disadvantages of solar panel roofing include:

1. Expensive To Install

The solar panel sheet roof is not in the same price range as the common roofing materials. Plus, its installation requires special skills, which means spending more on hiring an expert

3. It Requires A Lot Of Work

If you have to remove an existing roof, it will cost you a bit more to carry out the entire job. Existing roofing support might not be strong enough or faulty, and it requires replacement. 

4. Require Space

Solar panel sheets require sunlight to produce energy. If trees or taller buildings obstruct your roof, you need to cut them or find a better position for the solar panel sheets.

Summary of the advantages and disadvantages of solar panel sheets 

Advantages Disadvantages 
Low energy billsEnvironmentally friendlyIncreased home valueExpensive to install It requires a lot of work Require space

What Do You Need To Do Before You Install The Solar Panel

 Solar Panel

Before installing solar panel sheets, you have to make sure that your roof is in good condition. To do this:

Check The Condition Of All Roofing Elements 

Roofs generally comprise the same components. Sometimes one component may be faulty, making it impossible to install the panels. 

The general roof components include:

  • Roof truss
  • Insulation
  • Ice and water barrier
  • Decking
  • Underlayment
  • Shingles or tiles
  • Wooden frame

If any component is damaged, you should replace them before installing the solar panel sheet. 

There is also a need for enough skyspace for sunlight to reach the solar panels. Hindrances like trees and tall buildings will make solar panels redundant.

Your roof should be strong enough to hold the weight of the panels. Talk to your contractor to assess the roof for capabilities in regards to holding up the solar panels. Solar panels weigh on average about 40 pounds, meaning for a pitched roof, the solar panels will add about 2.8 pounds per square foot.

Some of the common problems that roofs face include:

  • Broken or loose tiles
  • Water damage
  • Punctures and cracks
  • Damage to the structure
  • Worn out materials

Get a roofing professional to assess these problems before installing solar panel sheets.

Different Options To Replace Your Roof With Solar Panels

Solar shingles are a more attractive roofing material. And, since they can replace your actual roofing sheets, you will not have to pay the double cost of roofing and solar panel installation. Here are the options to consider: 

1. Telsa Solar Roof

This is a glass-faced solar tile with a water transfer print which gives the tile a clay, slate, or shingle appearance. The panels’ glass layer comprises louvers, which allow light to go through it from above

The Tesla solar roof looks exactly like a normal roof, and it is hard to tell if it is a solar roofing sheet. However, not every tile is a solar panel; Tesla comes to your home or building and estimates how much power you normally consume. Then they will custom-make your tiles to produce the energy that will be adequate for you. This Tesla solar roof is expensive when compared to its counterparts.

2. CertainTeed Apollo II

The CertainTeed Apollo II solar panels sit flush against your roof, unlike the traditional solar panels installed several inches above the roof. These solar panels have a proprietary racking system that enables them to be installed directly onto your roof.

The CertainTeed Apollo II racking system gives the roof a smooth and low-profile appearance, making it look as elegant. 

3. SunTegra Tiles And Shingles

SunTegra offers two products, solar shingles, and solar tiles. The solar shingles can be installed on top of an existing roof, while the solar tiles can be used to replace other types of roofing tiles.

For the shingles tiles, air channels are attached to their back to keep them cool. The air channel is unique to the Suntegra shingles and improves efficiency. Another good feature of these shingles is that they are low profile and are easy to integrate with your existing roof.

Solar panel shingles are not always the best option; very few contractors offer them as a roofing option. They do come with a high price tag than the standard roofing options. 

Solar Panels VS Solar Shingles

Solar shingles look like normal roofing and are aesthetically pleasing to look at. They usually have a better-looking color and a good feel. When you compare the shingles and the solar panels, the shingles are the best as they improve the outlook of your home.

Pros Of Having Solar Shingles Over Solar Panels:

  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Raises your home value

Cons Of Having Solar Shingles Over Solar Panels:

  • They are expensive
  • They are not as efficient as the standard solar panels
  • They have higher module temperatures
  • Not as readily available as the solar panels

Solar Panels Care And Maintenance Tips

Once you have installed your solar panels, you must keep them in the best condition possible.

Some of the care and maintenance practices include: 

Regular Inspection

Solar panels might be on the roof, where you might assume they are not in any danger. Debris and falling items can damage the panels. Regularly inspecting your solar panel sheets is required to ensure they are not broken or losing power.

Cleaning And Caring For The Solar Panel Sheets

Solar panel sheets should be cared for like any other roof. They can get scratches from birds or falling debris. These scratches can cause a reduction in the amount of light getting to the solar panels resulting in low energy generated. 

Sun And Shade Monitoring

Solar panel sheets need direct sunlight to generate power. Regularly checking if the trees around your home or building are obstructing the panels is essential; you will have to trim the trees to maximize solar output.

Check Energy Usage

Installing an energy monitor is a sure way of knowing how much energy your solar panel sheets produce and how much energy you are consuming. It might be a tedious task, but it will control or regulate your energy consumption.

Most companies attach monitors to solar panels, but it is good to check before ordering. 

Final Thought

Solar panel sheets are a new and improved way of roofing your home. They produce energy to be consumed and have your home looking great. The overall cost may seem high and tasking, but it is worth it. With global warming rising every day, if you can afford to reduce your carbon footprint, you should do it by replacing your roofing sheets with solar panel sheets.




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