How to Vacuum an Above Ground Pool: Step by Step Guide

How to Vacuum an Above Ground Pool

Last Updated on May 17, 2022 By Emma W. Thomas

If you have a pool at home, you should also be observant of keeping it away from dirt, dust, and debris. Some people think having an above-ground pool may not require too much maintenance. But the true fact is ensuring maintenance on a regular basis for an above-ground pool would keep it clean, shiny, and healthy to swim.

Above-ground pools require vacuum cleaning. Regular maintenance and cleaning for an above-ground pool are of great value. If you install this type of pool in your home, you can easily vacuum clean it. Some people think cleaning a pool is a very daunting task, but it is not. In this post, I’m going to show you how to make the work less tiring and more fun.

Tools You Need to Vacuum an Above Ground Pool

A manual vacuum cleaning system is required to vacuum your above-ground pool. You will need different tools for this work. They are:

  • A skimmer
  • A pool leaf rake
  • A vacuum hose
  • A vacuum head
  • An extension pole
  • A skimmer disk

You can remove the leaves and other surface rubbishes that are in your pool with the pool leaf rake. On the other hand, the vacuum cleaning system is consists of the extension pole, vacuum head, and vacuum hose.  

How to Vacuum an Above Ground Pool?

The best practice is to clean the pool early in the morning before any member of your family uses it. Focus on adjusting the water returns of your pool and for the water mass in the pool. Try to move the water in a circular pattern. As a safety measure, you should not expose any part of your body to the suction port of the pool.

Remove Surface Rubbish or Leaves from the Pool

Use your skimmer or leaf rake to remove the bugs, leaves and other debris lying on the surface of the pool. Collect all the rubbish and put them in the skimmer basket. After collecting all the rubbishes throw them away and clean the skimmer basket. Now turn on the pump and make sure that there is water passing through the filter.

Assemble the Parts of the Vacuum Cleaning System

Before starting your cleaning work, you have to attach all the parts of the vacuum cleaning system together. First, join the vacuum head with the rotating end of the vacuum hose. Don’t forget to join the extension pole with the vacuum head. Now extend the pole to confirm that the vacuum head touches your pool’s bottom surface. Lock the extension pole into a tight position and lean it towards the side of the pool.

Hold the Vacuum Hose against the Water-Return Outlet

You have to hold the free end of the vacuum hose against the water-return outlet to get the vacuum hose filled with water. The hose may float on the water surface because of some air. So you need to hold the pole with one hand to prevent the head of the vacuum hose from floating. While filling the hose with water make sure that there are no bubbles coming from the vacuum head.

Start the Vacuum Process

Once you fill the vacuum hose with water, remove it from the water-return outlet with its end part plunged. Now attach the skimmer disk to the plunged end. You need to join the skimmer disk with the skimmer on the suction port to initiate the vacuum. Make sure the hose end remains plunged to prevent air from entering the hose.

Vacuum the Pool Until the Bottom Is Clean

Find a comfortable position from where you can view the pool’s bottom clearly. Now move the vacuum head in the pool and keep it underwater. Make sure the vacuum head always remains underwater because the vacuum will be less effective at cleaning if the vacuum head is out of the water when vacuuming. Carry on this process back and forth until the bottom of the pool is clean.

Bottom Line

Vacuum cleaning a pool regularly will keep it free from dirt and other debris that may distress your family’s swimming experience. Finally, maintaining a clean and healthy pool requires some work, but with a few tips and tricks that I indicated above, you’ll become a pro in no time!