Best Tripod Sprinklers For Lawn in 2022 (Reviews & Installation)

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Are you looking for the best tripod sprinklers to water your farm, yard, or lawn? If that is the case, reading this article will show you the way to choosing the right tripod sprinkler.

If you have a garden or lawn, using a sprinkler makes watering a lot easier. It is far better than manual watering. If animals and pests are wreaking havoc on your property, what you need is a tripod sprinkler to keep them at bay.

What is a Tripod Sprinkler in Gardening?

A Tripod Sprinkler is a type of sprinkler that has three legs and can be used for watering plants. The reason why they are called Tripod Sprinklers is that they have three legs that allow the user to water the ground. They are commonly used for lawns or gardens because the height of these sprinklers allows a larger area to be watered at once.

Tripod Sprinklers are also known as Three-Legged Spray Heads, Triple-Headed Irrigating Devices, Triple-Headed Rotating Heads, and Triple-Headed Rotary Heads.

Best Tripod Sprinklers

10 Reasons of Why Tripod Sprinklers are Better Than other Sprinklers

Tripod sprinklers are better because they provide more dense coverage of water than other types of sprinklers. They also save on maintenance and reduce the risk of water damage caused by leaks.

  1. They provide a more dense coverage of water than other types of sprinklers, which can lead to fewer leaks.
  2. They save on maintenance and reduce the risk of water damage caused by leaks.
  3. A tripod sprinkler provides an even distribution and dispersal, which can help decrease flooding hazards, particularly in areas with poor drainage systems.
  4. A Tripod Sprinkler is less likely to be knocked over which means it will be less likely to cause property damage or injury.
  5. It is easier to install into tight spaces due to its compact design.
  6. One of the best ways to avoid water damage in your home is to install a tripod sprinkler. With a tripod sprinkler, you can spray water from all angles.
  7. One of the reasons why tripod sprinklers are better than other sprinklers is because it provides even distribution of liquid. This is beneficial for those with hard-to-reach areas like the corners or ceilings.
  8. Another reason why tripod sprinklers are better than other types is that they will save you time and money. A single tripod can last for up to 10 years, while most other types only last 5 years on average – meaning the initial purchase cost for a tripod will pay off relatively fast!
  9. Tripod sprinklers are more cost efficient than other types of sprinkler systems because they require less water, don’t produce as much water spray and they’re often cheaper to run.
  10. The standard design of a tripod sprinkler is a 3-pointed star-shaped nozzle that can be adjusted in height. The nozzle is raised at the point where the flow decreases allowing it to spread over a larger area. This design helps reduce water waste by around 30% and also increases the water contact surface area on the ground. As water flows through the 3 nozzles, it spreads out in all directions further reducing spray and saving money on running costs.

The Different types of Tripod Sprinklers to choose from

There are three different types of tripod sprinklers – low, medium, and high. They are designed for different purposes and with different features.

  • A low tripod sprinkler is used for smaller properties because it will take up less space on your lawn. This type is also best suitable for spaces where you have a limited water budget or time.
  • The medium tripod sprinkler is the most popular type because it can provide coverage for up to 4500 square feet of lawn area. It has a wide spray pattern that covers a large area at once while still maintaining the same water pressure as the high tripod sprinkler. This type is also very easy to install and take down – which makes it perfect if you want to change the pattern regularly or if you have small children that might try to steal your equipment.
  • The high tripod sprinkler is the most advanced and dependable sprinkler on the market. It can be used to effectively water an area up to eight times larger than other brands. It has a safety switch that prevents the sprinkler from being activated by accident, which reduces fire risk tremendously.

Top 8 Best Tripod Sprinklers For Lawn

But there are different tripod sprinklers in the market. Choosing a good one is not an easy task. This review is made for you so you can make a good choice. Here are the 7 best tripod sprinklers for your watering convenience.

1. Orbit 62120 Garden Enforcer Motion Activated Sprinkler (Most Stable Sprinkler)

Maintaining a garden or lawn can be very challenging especially when you have straying animals such as deer, goats, cats, dogs, and so on. This is a problem the Orbit 62120 Garden Enforcer will easily help you to solve. The sprinkler does not only water your property, but it also serves as a deterrent to straying animals that may destroy your beautiful flowers or garden vegetation. The sprinkler makes use of a combination of water spray, motion, and noise to scare away animals. It uses the heat and motion-activated sensor to detect movements that are about 40 feet away. The detection causes a trigger that comes with a burst of water to send these animals away. There are three detection modes. You can choose to activate the sprinkler during the daytime, nighttime, or 24/7. The tripod can easily be adjusted from 28 to 54 inches. It comes with a timer to save you water.


1. Easily repels animals and pests – The sprinkler helps to keep animals and pests at bay and save your garden from the havoc that can be caused by stray animals and pests such as dogs, deer, cats, birds, squirrels, raccoons, rabbits, etc.

2. Day and night detection – You can choose how you want to protect your farm, lawn, or yard. Choose all-around 24/7 protection by having it in “Always On” mode or choose to activate the detection for day or night protection. The choice is yours.

3. Stable tripod base – The tripod is made from metal to prevent it from tipping. It can adjust up to 54 inches to cover more areas as the garden plants grow.

4. Sensing technology – The intelligent sensing technology senses animal movements with ease. No more roaming in the garden with the sensing technology 

5. Water duration control – You can time the sprinkler to only water your property for 30 minutes and just walk over. After 30 minutes, the sprinkler will shut off automatically.


1. Solid construction

2. It has a day and night sensor

3. It has a superior coverage of 40 feet

4. Easy to use

5. Stable and sturdy


1. It cannot connect to multiple units

2. It is a bit expensive

2. Orbit 56667N Zinc Impact Sprinkler (Best Impact Sprinkler)

If you are looking for a tripod sprinkler to water an expansive lawn, the Orbit 56667N is the ideal sprinkler for you. It is dependable and reliable. The impact head has a smooth and uninterrupted water flow. The impact head is clog-free even if your water source is from a pond or canal. When the sprinkler is attached to a tripod, it can cover an area of up 85-feet diameter. Easily water larger areas by adjusting the coverage from a partial section to a full watering circle. It comes with a deflector shield for watering distant areas. The anti-backsplash arm helps to create a spray pattern and expand the area coverage. Simply twist the diffuser screw to break up the water stream which creates a smaller or larger water stream depending on your need. It has a tripod base that is adjustable from 16 to 37 inches in height. The tripod can retract to a small size making it easy to store. It is made from metal to withstand wear and tear.


1. Clog resistance – The sprinkler has a flow-through design that allows for the free flow of water. There is no clogging no matter your source of water

2. Stable tripod base – With an all-metal construction base, the tripod is strong and stable. It can withstand tipping. It can adjust up to 37 inches to accommodate growing plants

3. Coverage adjustment – Easily adjust the coverage area to a wider area. The spray can be adjusted from partial section to a full 360 degrees coverage

4. Sturdy construction – Made from zinc material, the sprinkler is made with sturdiness and durability in mind. This water sprinkler is made to last for a long time.

5. Wide coverage – The sprinkler can cover a wider area of your lawn or farm. It can spray up to 85 feet area in diameter which is about 5,700 square feet when used at full circle


1. Powerfully built sprinkler

2. Highly functional

3. Easy to use

4. It comes with a customizable setting

5. Durable and tough construction


1. It is not rechargeable. It uses AA battery

3. Orbit 58308N Tripod Base (Best Heavy Duty Tripod Sprinkler)

The Orbit 58308N Impact Sprinkler on Adjustable Base is perfect for watering large lawns or farms. It is ideal for watering growing gardens for greener vegetation. It has a brass head that can spray up to 100 feet. It is easily adjustable to meet the need of constantly growing plants. The spraying distance can be set between 0 and 360 degrees. Coverage can reach both near and far plants for effective watering. It comes with a swivel attachment to easily connect the gooseneck hose without the need to fiddle with the hose connection. The connection is super easy and can be done in a matter of seconds. The tripod base can easily be stored after being folded into a compact size. Made from heavy-duty metal construction, the tripod is designed to resist tipping. The legs are firm on the ground for stability and balance.


1. Easy setup and storage – The tripod is designed for quick and easy setup. It is also made easy to store. The three legs can be adjusted from 25 to 48 inches. The clamps help to hold the tripod in place for a perfect position for the easy watering of your property.

2. Heavy-duty brass construction – With heavy-duty brass construction, the sprinkler head can withstand water pressure and very harsh weather conditions without breaking down or rusting.

3. Adjustable watering – You can adjust the watering for increased flexibility. The distance and radius can be set from 0 to 360 degrees. Easy adjustment helps to meet your watering needs.

4. Clog resistance – Clogging can affect the flow of water. The sprinkler is designed to resist clogs for a smooth spray.


1. Lightweight

2. Sturdy and durable

3. Easy adjustment

4. Wider area coverage

5. Functional


1. It has no ON/OFF switch

4. Eden 11530-EDAMZ Multi-Pattern Sprinkler (Best Tripod Sprinkler For Good Coverage)

Keep your garden or farm always wet with this multi-pattern sprinkler. The Eden 11530-EDAMZ Sprinkler comes with a misting system. With five spraying patterns, the sprinkler can cover wider areas to also include surrounding growing vegetation. There are different functions to control the flow of water. You can easily customize the spray area and water just the area that needs watering. The spraying adjustment can either be partial or full circle. The misting system is perfect for cooling your temperature when the weather is hot while working in the garden or farm. There are different adjustment heights to suit your needs. It includes a quick-stop connector to easily add or remove the gear driver. The quick-stop connector comes with a lock feature to keep the head driver in place to avoid falling. You can easily add a hose to cover more areas.


1. Height adjustment – The height can easily be adjusted from 2 to 4 feet for wider coverage.

2. Five patterns – With five spraying patterns, you are at liberty to choose the pattern that suits you. Choose flat, fan, mist, large or multi to effectively water your garden.

3. Misting system – Use the misting system to hydrate a small area. It has no water pressure. It can also be used to cool down body temperature while gardening under harsh weather conditions.


1. Good coverage

2. Multi-pattern sprinkling options

3. Easy to operate

4. Durable and lightweight

5. Sturdy construction


1. The tripod is made from plastic.

5. Melnor 65066-AMZ Metal Pulsating Sprinkler With Tripod (Best Sprinkler For Bigger Garden)

Keep your garden well hydrated with the Melnor 65066-AMZ Sprinkler. It comes with a tough tripod for convenient watering. This sprinkler is superb for watering large lawns and gardens. It is capable of covering up to 85 feet of area. The tripod base is extra sturdy and can extend up to 48 inches high to provide a rain-like garden spray. Its construction is all-around metal for durability. It is sturdily built to last for many years of daily use. With a quick-connect system, you can easily connect and disconnect any watering tools with ease. It includes an adapter to easily connect to a hose whenever you need to use a hose. A garden hose attached to the threaded end of the sprinkler can help you reach more areas not covered by the sprinkler.


1. Sturdy construction – The all-metal construction of the tripod makes it sturdy and tough to prevent tip-off. The base is solid for stability.

2. Quick connect – With the quick-connect system, you can quickly connect a garden hose with ease to cover areas the sprinkler could not reach.

3. Durable – The pulsating head is made with all-around metal to guarantee durability. Adjust the head to any direction to achieve 360 degrees of watering.

4. Wide coverage – The sprinkler can reach a wide area to even water tall bushes and plants. The coverage can reach 48 feet in diameter to water bigger gardens and lawns.

5. Easy adjustment – If you know how to adjust impact sprinklers, then this one will be a lot easier for you. It has a large deflector that works well. Simply lift the tabs to allow the sprinkler to move 360 degrees full circle.


1. Easy to use

2. Extended coverage

3. Durable and sturdy

4. Stable tripod base

5. Lightweight


1. The tripod is a bit flimsy

6. Orbit Heavy-Duty Brass Lawn Impact Sprinkler On Tripod Base 58308D (Best For Easy Hose Connection)

The Orbit Heavy-duty Sprinkler 58308D is an effective and functional sprinkler for the watering of large areas. Made for reliability and dependability, the heavy-duty brass impact head provides an uninterrupted flow of water. The sprinkler is clog-resistant even if the water is from a dirty source like canals or ponds. The sprinkler is capable of spraying up to 80 feet in diameter. You can easily adjust the spray from partial to full circle to cover more areas. The tripod base can be adjusted from 25 to 48 inches to cover the watering of growing plants. Connect the impact to any standard garden hose to handle other chores or water areas where the sprinkler cannot reach by hand. The anti-backsplash allows for the smooth rotation of the sprinkler for even watering. It features a deflector shield for distance coverage. Twisting the diffuser screw breaks up the water stream for larger or smaller water sprays. The all-metal construction means the sprinkler will be able to withstand wear and tear and serve you for a long time.


1. Wide coverage – The sprinkler can cover up to 80 feet in diameter which is more than 6,000 square feet to water plants of different heights.

2. Brass construction – The sprinkler head is made of brass to withstand water pressures and harsh weather conditions without worrying about it falling apart or failing to function

3. Anti-backslash arm – With the anti-backslash arm, the sprinkler can spray water in a consistent pattern or in a pattern that suits you.

4. All metal tripod –The tripod is made with metal for strength and durability. The metal construction helps it to resist tipping or falling. It can be adjusted to 48 inches to cover the watering of growing plants.

5. Easy hose connection –With the gooseneck connection, it is easy to connect your garden hose with ease.


1. 360 degrees full watering

2. Resistant to clogs

3. Ease of use

4. Heavy-duty construction

5. Durable and sturdy


1. The tripod is not very high

7. Orbit H2O-Six Gear Drive Sprinkler (Best Telescopic Sprinkler Tripod)

The Orbit H2O-Six Sprinkler is one of the flexible sprinklers you can find in the market. It is ideal for different sizes of lawns and gardens. The sprinkler is easy to operate and offers a lot of versatility in spray patterns. The six spray patterns allow you to water your property smoothly and conveniently. Choosing a pattern is a matter of rotating the head to click into position. No tools are needed to choose a pattern of spraying your yard. Choose a watering distance between 25 to 360 degrees with ease. It comes with four-position diffusers that give complete spray control. The sprinkler’s head is firmly attached to a solid metal tripod that is adjustable from 25 to 48 inches. The tripod has well-weighted legs for balance and stability. You can easily attach a hose to the sprinkler’s inlet to handle other chores or water areas the sprinkler is unable to reach.


1. Six patterns – There is a luxury of spraying patterns. With six patterns of spray, you can choose the pattern that suits you best. Choose from small, medium, large, shower, vertical, and flat for a thorough watering of your property.

2. Durable construction – Made from quality plastic materials, the garden tool is made to last for seasons without corrosion or rust.

3. Telescopic tripod – With a telescopic tripod, you can adjust the legs to a perfect height to water your garden or yard.

4. Wide coverage – The adjustable spray coverage helps you to reach more areas. Use the collar tab to adjust the spraying range from partial to 360 degrees full circle coverage.

5. No tool required –The garden tool is ready to use straight from the box without any tools.


1. Sturdy construction

2. Ease of use

3. Whisper-quiet operation

4. Works well with 15 to 65 PSI water pressure

5. Prevents corrosion and rust


1. The sprinkler’s head may start to leak after sometime

8. Strongway Tripod Sprinkler With Round Base (Best Sprinkler For Most PSI)

The Strongway Tripod Sprinkler comes with a round base for balance and stability. The sprinkler is suitable for watering small and large areas. With a full circle or partial spray pattern, you can choose to water a large area or a small part of a large lawn or garden. At the full circle, the sprinkler can cover up to 20,000 feet in diameter or 11,000 square feet. It is fitted with three nozzles to deliver water separately with a flow rate that is between 7 to 14 GPM to make the job of spraying a large area easier. The round base is made solid to avoid tipping when spraying at a high pressure of above 60 psi.


1. Sturdy construction – The sprinkler’s head is made tough and sturdy. It is strong enough to support a water pressure of between 22 to 60 psi making it safe and convenient to use with a standard water hose.

2. Solid round base – The round base of the tripod is sturdy and durable. The base has three spikes for extra stability

3. Adjustable spray pattern – With the adjustable spray pattern, you can go full circle or do a partial spray to target just a small area.


1. Rugged tripod with a round base

2. Supports water pressure up to 60 PSI

3. Advantage of three nozzles

4. Ease of operation

5. Easy to setup


1. It requires high-pressure water to work well.

Buyer’s Guide off Best Tripod Sprinklers

Manually watering your garden can take a toll on you especially if you are doing it alone without any help. This is why a tripod sprinkler is ideal for the hydration of the garden. Choosing a dependable tripod sprinkler can be such a tough job. We want you to make a good choice. This is why this buyer’s guide is appropriate. Here are the things you have to consider before choosing the best tripod sprinkler.


What are the features you are looking for in a tripod sprinkler? Tripod sprinklers come with different features. There are motion-activated sprinklers. These types of sprinklers help to deter straying animals and pests from destroying your garden. Other sprinklers can be programmed to function at a set time. Choosing a tripod sprinkler based on the right features is crucial to making a choice that suits your needs.


Coverage is another important consideration before choosing a tripod sprinkler. First, you have to measure your garden or yard to know how wide it is. This will determine the coverage of the sprinkler you want to buy. You can increase or decrease the flow of water as needed depending on how you want to water the property.

Telescopic tripod

Choosing a telescopic tripod makes it super easy to adjust the height of the tripod to reach a wider area. It is advised you choose a tripod made from aluminum because of its durability and stability on the ground.


Going for a cheap tripod sprinkler that will fall apart in a short time amounts to penny wise; pound foolish. Look for a heavy-duty sprinkler. Such equipment can cost more but it is better to buy peace of mind.

Design and aesthetics

If you are a person of style, you will like your tripod sprinkler to be beautifully designed. You will like it to have an aesthetic look. Design and aesthetics are worth considering when purchasing this garden tool to enhance the look of your property.

5 Tips on Using & Maintaining Your New Tripod Sprinkler System

Having a good tripod sprinkler system is very important for your garden. If you want to maximize your watering time, you need to take preventative steps to ensure that it is in good shape.

The 5 tips on using and maintaining your new tripod sprinkler system in this article are:

1) Inspect the entire system before every spring

2) Check the operation of each component

3) Clean off any debris or dirt that may be present

4) Rotate all the components with a hose or spray nozzle once every year

5) Have a professional service technician come and inspect and maintain your sprinkler system once every year

How to install a tripod sprinkler in your garden

Installing a tripod sprinkler is easy if you have a few tools on hand.

  1. The first step is to look for a flat spot in your garden. This is where the sprinkler will be placed.
  2. The next step is to put the sprinkler base on the ground, and attach it to the base using screws or bolts. Next, you should find some screws that can be used for attaching arms to the base of your tripod.
  3. After this, you should fill up your tripod with water before going to bed and making sure that it has enough relief in it so as not to spill over while you sleep.
  4. Then come back in the morning and test how well it works by filling up its reservoir with water again before placing it properly around your garden and setting up any other parts that are needed for it to work properly.


Watering your garden or yard is an important daily ritual especially during summer. As such, having a tripod sprinkler will help to make the job a lot easier and convenient. After our 50 hours of researching the best tripod sprinkler, we are delighted to make some recommendations that will help you to make a good choice. This is why we recommend the Orbit 62120 Garden Enforcer Motion Activated Sprinkler or the Orbit Heavy-Duty Brass Lawn Impact Sprinkler on Tripod Base 58308D for their great functionality, durability, and design.

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