How to Soundproof a Door (5 DIY Methods)

how to soundproof a door

Last Updated on May 15, 2022 By Emma W. Thomas

Getting home means being in a harmonious space where comfort should be your best friend, but what if your neighbors make noise? so today we will learn how to soundproof a door.

How to Soundproof a Door

Do you want to learn how to soundproof the entrance door? Here we tell you how. Thinking of you, that you like silence and that at the same time you enjoy remodeling your home, we bring some steps so that you can recover that space of harmony that you need so much.

The best solution is to buy an acoustic door, without forgetting the frame, this is because if the door we have does not close completely, the noise will also enter your home. Now it is important that you know that, the value of these is quite high. If you want to end such noise but have no budget you can run some cheaper options:

As with the windows, you can place some insulation such as rock wool, lining the door with this material can drown out the sound, however, it will not eliminate it at all, to fix it you must use a good glue, and then you must place weather-strips in the frame to try to make the sound as little as possible.


  • Dement the door and measure it
  • Cut the rock wool so that it is on the edge of the door.
  • Fix the insulator with extra strong glue
  • Install the gaskets on the frame with screws.
  • Mount the door again.
  • Enjoy your home without annoying sounds.

How to soundproof a sliding door

Imagine that the door you want to isolate is located at the back of the house and is sliding, although it may not seem like it, this is a fairly simple job, you will only need your creativity and some materials, so let’s not waste any more time and let’s start soundproofing a sliding door.

The first thing you should do is eliminate the spaces that are created between the frames of these doors and the wall, for this, you will need some insulation, the most recommended by experts is rubber since it works well and is quite cheap. To glue it you must use glue since if you drill it, you would allow the sound to penetrate the work.

Once you finish this step, it is important that you replace the crystals you have with ones that are double, since the space that is created between them works like a kind of air chamber, especially to cancel the sound.

How to soundproof an armored door

Having an armored door is a good choice to cancel the sound. Something that many people do not know, is that the noise even when you have doors of this material can be cast by the frames, there is the importance of placing good material that helps us isolate the sound in a way that does not get into our homes.

Therefore, to soundproof an armored door, we must use weatherstrips or any other material that eliminates these spaces that are created in most door frames.

Getting them is very simple, you can find them in any works shop and to paste it you only need a good tail. During the bonding process, make sure you don’t have any spaces left, if so, seal them with silicone or putty.

How to soundproof a home door

In the current market, there are many materials that you can use to soundproof a home door, there are even companies that are responsible for doing this type of work, leaving impeccable finishes, now if you want to do it with your own hands then you can consider some of these options:

Place rubber to catch the sound. The rubber absorbs the noise which makes it not so intense, for this you must measure the entire perimeter of the door and buy enough meters that allow you to finish completely covering it.

To paste it use some powerful adhesive, and avoid using nails or screws.

Do not forget to place rubber on the frame or acoustic gaskets.

If you want to add a decorative element, buy synthetic leather of a color that goes hand in hand with your decoration and have a second lined, this will not only help you with the noise but at the same time, it will look fabulous.

Now, if you want a much cheaper option, you could place cork sheets all over the door, you can get them in the construction shops, or you can do them, with bottle corks cut in the middle.

The plasterboard can also help you, for this you must place rock wool on the entire door and on top of this, adhere sheets of this material, using glue and silicone to seal the spaces.


  • Remove the door carefully.
  • Measure the space it occupies.
  • Cut the polyurethane rubber, taking care that it is inside the door structure.
  • Fix it using the paste.
  • Place the gaskets on the door frame with the same glue.
  • Mount the door again and voila.

How to soundproof an aluminum door

The procedure to soundproof a cheap aluminum door is simple, you just have to have various materials such as an insulator such as rock wool or some polyurethane rubber, you must also have strong glue, acoustic putty, or acoustic silicone and weatherstripping.

With this at hand, you should start by sticking the rock wool, taking care that it is well fixed and can be maintained on its own, then seal the spaces that you think were left with the silicone, and finally place the weatherstrips around the entire frame.

How to soundproof a door at home

At this point, we will learn how to soundproof a door in a homemade way.  This form is ideal for those people who do not have huge budgets to buy another door, but at the same time they also deserve to enjoy a place free of scandals, also do not forget that they have the most powerful weapon of all … creativity.

The easiest way to soundproof without spending so much money is to place rubber on the polyurethane door, along with some weather strips to prevent sound from entering the spaces between the door and the frame. For this, you need to have the amount of rubber that you are going to use, in addition to some glue or powerful adhesive and the gaskets that isolate in sound.