How to get Blood out of Sheets (6 Easy Steps

How to get Blood out of Sheets

Last Updated on May 15, 2022 By Emma W. Thomas

Looking for how to get blood out of sheets? You arrived at the right place! Sometimes we forget how important it is to change the bedsheets.

It is essential to create the habit of, one day a week, removing the sheets that we have been using those seven days, washing them, and putting other clean ones. It seems a lie, but most times, lazily, we are postponing it and a week becomes two, three, or more let’s stop counting better!

Let us think that, to a greater or lesser extent, we spend a lot of time in bed a day. In the best case, we will sleep freshly showered, and other people prefer to reserve the moment of cleaning in the early hours of the morning. Be that as it may, the sheets get dirty by rubbing against the body and other impurities.

Let’s go over there. Accidents also occur between the sheets. Surely some morning you have risen and have seen a spot of blood already dry: nocturnal nosebleed, leaks during menstruation, the wound band has moved, a cut that seemed healed has opened.

There are as many reasons for spots, but they all have something in common, the moment you wonder how to remove dried blood from the sheet because we all think it’s very difficult. We teach you to remove the dreaded spots of dried blood (even the rule blood) so that you never break your head again.

Ways Of How to get Blood out of Sheets

Getting up early is hard, but the best thing for a bloodstain to come out is to try to remove it as soon as possible. If in the morning you realize, rinse the sheet with cold water as soon as possible.

Even if the blood is dry, if it has not been long the water will be more than enough. In fact, you can let it soak for a few hours to make sure there is no trace left.


The detergent is holy hand for stains of dried blood on the sheets. Take a bucket or a bowl and fill it with cold water. Add a good stream of your usual detergent and a portion of powdered detergent. Dip the stained sheet well and let it soak for a few hours. Then you have to wash it as you usually do.

The effectiveness of ammonia

Once again, we turn to ammonia as a cleaning chemical par excellence. Seriously, if you still don’t have a bottle of this house cleaner, stop reading, go down to the store, buy one, and run-up. We will wait for you.

Removing stains of dried blood from a sheet with ammonia is the simplest. Fill a bucket of water and add a stream of ammonia to the eye (or the measure indicated by the manufacturer, usually calculated in caps). Put the dirty sheet in this mixture and let it act for a few hours. When you look again, there will be no stain so put it in the washing machine, and voila!

Bleach for white and colored fabrics

How to remove stains of dried blood on white sheets? The product for the white fabric has always been bleach. We are currently lucky to also have special bleach for colored fabrics, so there is no excuse.

Step by step is as simple as repeating any of the above processes. Add a jet of bleach in a bucket or bowl full of cold water. Wait a few hours with the sheets to soak for the stain to dissolve. Rinse the bleach well, drain and wash normally with your detergent and fabric softener to make them look like new.

Aspirin: the medicine that cleans

Does acetylsalicylic acid clean? Of course, it cleans! Not only is it able to dissolve cold symptoms, but it also dissolves dried blood stains on bedding or almost any tissue. Its effervescent effect will get you out of trouble.

Put an aspirin in a glass of water and let it dissolve as if you were going to drink it. Apply the result on the stain you want to treat and let it sit for at least half an hour, although if you leave it longer, the better.

When it has taken effect, you will only have to rinse with cold water and the red spot will gradually disappear and the problem solved!

Whiten with lemon and salt

Lemon bleaching power is known to all. Same as the disinfectant power of salt. What happens if we mix both ingredients.

Mix lemon juice and salt in equal parts and apply it on the stain. Let it act for a while, about 15 minutes, and rinse with plenty of water.

We advise you to use this method and this mixture only with white sheets. Precisely the bleaching power that we highlight of the lemon can damage the colors of the tissues and change a bloodstain for an attenuated color fence. 

Instead of salt, you can also mix the lemon with baking soda. In contact with the lemon acid, a reaction will be created that will release all the dried blood from the tissue.

How to get Blood out of Sheets A Short Video

Vinegar solution

Similar to the lemon juice we have seen before, we have apple cider vinegar, white wine or, directly, cleaning. Acid enzymes are able to remove all dirt from the tissues and dissolve the stains.

Spray some vinegar directly on the stain and let stand a few minutes. Then rinse and wash normally.

Another option is to squirt vinegar in a bucket of water and leave the sheet stained with blood to soak or add a little vinegar next to the detergent in the washing machine.